Historical Truth and the Crusades


Hatttip to John Hinderacker at  Powerline for the above video by Dr. Bill Warner in which he states a fact that is obvious from the historical record:  the Crusades were a tardy, and defensive, reaction to an ongoing Islamic Jihad that would continue against Christendom until the technological gap in the nineteenth century rendered Islamic states, for the moment, largely militarily impotent:


It has been a couple of months since Barack Obama suggested that the Crusades were somehow on a par with, or even a justification for, 21st-century Islamic terrorism. I objected to Obama’s casual slur at the link, saying, among other things:

There was nothing wrong, in principle, with the Crusades. They were an appropriate (if belated and badly managed) response to the conquest of the Holy Land by Islam. Did marauding 11th century armies inevitably commit outrages? They certainly did. In fact, that still happens today. But the most unfortunate thing about the Crusades is that they failed.

I have been hanging on to this video by Dr. Bill Warner of the Center for the Study of Political Islam for a while now, waiting for the Crusades to come back into the news. Which hasn’t happened. So here it is. Dr. Warner’s point, which he makes persuasively, is that the Crusades were a mere blip compared to the centuries-long, and nearly successful, assault on Christendom by Islamic armies bent on conquest.

It is frankly ludicrous for contemporary Muslims to whine about the Crusades.

If our history is properly understood, and just not about the Crusades, the politically correct rubbish trafficked in by leftists would usually appear laughable.  Hence history is distorted today by fables and outright lies.  All Americans and all Catholics need to understand history.  It definitely is not merely history, but rather gives us a very good description of how we arrived at the modern world, and often has  some hints of the best ways to proceed in the future by telling us what has worked, and failed, in the past.  There is little new under the sun in regard to mankind, but if we are ignorant of our true history we are ignorant of that all-important fact.


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  1. T. Shaw, truth comes from God. What advances the nightmarish agenda are lies.

    Sadly, Spain and Portugal, the two nations who freed themselves from 800 years of Islam, not 400 as stated in the video, have abandoned their Catholic past. By the 13th century the Moors had been occupying Granada but not much else of Spain.

    Before Vatican II the Church knew how to deal with Islam. After Vatican II, we are stuck with nonsense. Pelayo, Charles Martel, King Alfonso the Avenger, King San Fernando, Queen Isabel the Catholic and Servant of God, Don Juan of Austria and King John Sobieski knew how to deal with Islam. Turn the jihadists into a big red spot on the ground.

  2. The really successful Crusades were the Northern or Baltic Crusades, beginning with the Wendish and Livonian Crusades in the 12th century and culminating in the Prussian and Lithuanian Crusades from the end of the 12th to the end of the 14th century.

    They were chiefly organised by the greatest of the military orders, the Brethren of the German House of Saint Mary in Jerusalem, commonly called the Teutonic Knights.

  3. More amusing, until recently the same groups were claiming the Crusades showed what a great victory they’d had– after all, the Christians didn’t get all of their land back.

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