PopeWatch: The H Word

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Walter Cardinal Brandmuller has used the H word in regard to Catholics in adulterous marriages being granted Communion:

Can the Church deal with the topic of marriage in a pastoral manner that is different from the continual teaching of the Church? Can the Church at all change the teaching itself without falling herself into heresy?

It is evident that the pastoral practice of the Church cannot stand in opposition to the binding doctrine nor simply ignore it. In the same manner, an architect could perhaps build a most beautiful bridge. However, if he does not pay attention to the laws of structural engineering, he risks the collapse of his construction. In the same manner, every pastoral practice has to follow the Word of God if it does not want to fail. A change of the teaching, of the dogma, is unthinkable. Who nevertheless consciously does it, or insistently demands it, is a heretic – even if he wears the Roman Purple.

Go here to read the rest.  Heretics wearing the Roman purple.  If a Cardinal is using such blunt language, one can only imagine the furor and battle going on behind the scenes in preparation for the resumed Synod.

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  1. Christ told Pilate that He came “to bring the truth.” It now appears that many of His pretend followers seek but to “rearrange that truth” with their diabolical Scrabble games. Let’s not forget for the briefest of moments the infinite good that ultimately came from the betrayal of Christ by one of His own hand-picked disciples.
    As His Church crumbles near the very highest spires, not all of the peasants are crying out to “Give us Barabbas. I anticipate a new age of martyrdom is in the offing….that which may yet save the faith.

  2. Already, the hand (aces and eights) has been dealt.
    Now, the re-written, modernist Catechism of the Catholic Church lists only five – mostly ignored – precepts. The new (now objective truth is malleable, or God the Father Almighty changed His opinion), curtailed list removed the last two (they appear elsewhere in the Catechism but are no longer listed as precepts). They were equally important though officially deleted.
    Here are the last two original seven precepts of the Catholic Church.

    VI. To obey the laws of the Church concerning Matrimony.

    VII. To participate in the Church’s mission of Evangelization of Souls. (Missionary Spirit of the Church)

    Because VI – thou shalt not hurt the feelings of, nor teach unpleasant truths to, adulterers, lesbians, sodomites, transgenders, et al.
    And, because VII – thou shalt not be unaccepting of the quaint tenets of mass-murdering savages.

  3. I’m not exactly sure what T.Shaw was getting at but if you want to know what the current Catechism says about the Precepts of the Church, go to CCC 2-41 (See http://www.vatican.va/archive/ENG0015/_P75.HTM) . I wonder how many current “Catholics” know about these or have a Catechism or have opened it.
    The quantity of precepts seems to be a common question. While the CCC is clear that there are 5 precepts, a web search on the matter revealed that quite a few people remember being taught 6. It is sadly ironic (to me) that the “sixth” dealt with marriage. I wonder how things would be today if the CCC had included marriage in the list of Precepts.

  4. Dear fRED,
    I could be wrong.

    I guess my point was the to “air” the fact that for years the powers-that-be have quietly subverted “Christian marriage.”
    The current CCC has a different number, five, of Precepts than earlier iterations. Did objective truth change or sumpthin? Was it objective truth, or not?
    My copy of “The St. Paul Catechism of Christian Doctrine For Grade III Revised Baltimore Text”, with IMPRIMATUR, states that there are six Precepts. The fifth to contribute to the support of the Church’s material needs, and sixth “to observe the laws of the Church concerning marriage.”
    I do not have the long version CCC from 1959. I have the 1994 CCC version which somehow doesn’t cover “marriage” as a precept.
    I’d provide you with my definition of “irony,” but Mac, et al would be scandalized.


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