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Father Z brings to our attention this plea for help:



I received this note today.

I am writing to you this morning to request your help. Mike and Nikki Rogan of Wausau, WI were on their way to the hospital early yesterday morning with their seven children in anticipation of welcoming the eighth child into their beautiful family. [Did you get that?  On the way to the hospital because she was having a baby!]

On the way, their car was struck by a deer, and Mike was killed. Their children are recovering and baby Blaize was born later the same day. Please help us reach out and support this family in their time of profound loss. Prayers are also much appreciated.

Support the family by making a donation


View the news report HERE

Okay folks. When I have put ACTION ITEMS on line, you have always stepped up. Step up again. Let’s have several thousand of you, no, every one of you, chip in. This is important.

Prayers for them as well, right after you donate.  I went through the process.  It’s easy and take very little time.

Just do it.  Don’t waffle.

Go here to read the comments.  In this Vale of Tears terrible tragedies often occur.  That is the bad news.  The good news is that God taught us to love each other and we can give each other a hand.  If you have a few extra bucks this seems like a good way to help a family in need.

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  1. “….who ever comes to me will never hunger and who ever believes in me will never thirst.” -todays Gospel reading from John chapter 6.

    I’m in.

  2. Thanks Donald McClarey. I was happily surprised by the generosity of my work-mates who shared treasure today to the brokenhearted family. Without you and Fr. Z, the support would of been less.
    God bless you both.

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