Gee, I Wonder Why Army Morale Stinks?


Faithful readers of this blog will recall a recent post about low morale in the Army.  Go here to read about it.  Now we have this story which succinctly demonstrates why the morale is plummeting.


On Monday, Army ROTC cadets at an Arizona State University campus were reportedly pressured into participating in an event allegedly designed to promote awareness of sexual violence against women, the Washington Times reported. The event, according to reports, required cadets to walk around campus wearing red high heel shoes.

Last year, the Times said, the Army encouraged cadets to voluntarily participate in what was billed as “Walk A Mile in Her Shoes.” This year, however, cadets weren’t given much of a choice, according to many reports. Visitors to Temple University Army ROTC’s Facebook page and other social media sites made it clear the event wasn’t exactly voluntary.

“They were threatened with negative counselling (sic) statements and OERs if they didn’t participate,” one person said on Facebook. “It was pretty much ‘do this or we’ll kill your career before it even starts.’”

“Attendance is mandatory and if we miss it we get a negative counseling and a ‘does not support the battalion sharp/EO mission’ on our CDT OER for getting the branch we want,” one cadet said on social media. “So I just spent $16 on a pair of high heels that I have to spray paint red later on only to throw them in the trash after about 300 of us embarrass the U.S. Army tomorrow.”

Go here to read the rest.  Let’s run down the destroying morale checklist shall we?

1.  Political correctness run amok?  Check.

2.  Troops being used as pawns for political purposes?  Check.

3.  Officers currying favor with leftist powers that be?  Check.

4.  Officers demonstrating that they could care less about their troops?  Check.

5.  The Army demonstrating that whatever it is doing today has little to do with fighting wars?  Check.

My family has a long tradition of military service.  I would have to think long and hard about whether I would advise anyone to enter the military today with the current clown posse in charge.  These malevolent idiots are going to get a lot of good men and women killed before they are done.


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  1. There’s more:

    Multiple (career soldiers’ counts are four or five) deployments to Afghanistan where: 1) You can get killed; 2) you can get crippled for life; 3) you can experience serial chain-of-command denials of requests for air/artillery support; 4) you can get PTSD; 5) you can get sentenced to 20 years in Leavenworth for violating the rules of engagement; 6) you can get a less-than-honorable discharge for a battlefield mistake which was the responsibility of a higher-ranking officer; or 7) you can come marching home (after another year away from your wife and children) with your family and life intact, and with relative health in mind and body.

    Greet them ever with grateful hearts because the the Army and the regime will not.
    They also serve who only sit and wait. The moral courage of deployed soldiers’ wives, children, mothers et al cannot be overestimated.

    “A woman shall not wear man’s clothing, nor shall a man put on a woman’s clothing; for whoever does these things is an abomination to the LORD your God.”

    Unless one wears Ronda Rousey’s UFC gloves….she who could break most men’s arm with a flying armbar in less than a minute of fighting.

  3. My God, how much more are your children to be abused? The dishonor of young men at the hands of insolent perverts. Next week will they require cadets to tie an inflatable doll (male), around themselves to promote gay awareness? The week after that I pray that the fire from heaven consumes us All. Ready or not, this perversion must cease.

  4. 30 years ago, any man in the armed services wearing high heels would have been drummed out posthaste! Now they are told they are being sensitized to the issue of sexual violence against women. How about being sensitized to violence against common sense?!

  5. Under the Ancien Régime, « Les talons rouges » were worn by men as a badge of nobility. A pair of Le grand Condé’s survive and are about 10 cm or 4” high.
    Nowadays, the expression is used, often sarcastically (but not always), of elegant or ceremonious manners: « Il s’inclina, très talon rouge, et cérémonieusement me baisa la main » [He bowed, very talon rouge, and ceremoniously kissed my hand] – Hélène Jourdan-Morhange writing of the composer Ravel

  6. MPS. Your knowledge and impeccable timing is second to none. 🙂

    I still think this is a sick and demeaning exercise in pervert theology.
    They should shove the red heels up….well you know.

  7. Walking a mile in heels will make any man lose respect for women, realizing what some of them put themselves through out of vanity.

  8. This gay loving effeminate pervert of a President had better beware angering the legions.

    Gen. Petraeus doesn’t want the job of cleaning up after these clowns. He’s earned a 40% time teaching position, golf with buds, grandchildren, and Elderhostel with Holly.

  9. If a fraternity required their pledges to teeter in heels around campus with signs hanging from their necks, it would be called hazing. Demeaning, embarrassing, farcical, insulting to both men and women in uniform, polarizing and ineffective
    are words that come to mind. In the military respect should be a two way street; obviously the army brass doesn’t get it. So much for recruiting.
    To destroy a society, the most respected institutions must be held up to ridicule and destroyed: the Church, the family, and the military. Call it re-programming or re-education; we’re seen it happen elsewhere in the world and now it’s happening in the US.
    Signed, a Retired WAVE Officer

  10. Charlie, the Soviet Union was a brutal place dominated by diabolical deception. Nonetheless, the Devil was smart enough to exclude effeminate perversion from the mix. Even the Nazis kept that sort of thing under wraps. What is happening here defies all understanding. It is outrageous and disgusting. I pray we can turn these people out of office and expunge this loathsome new socialist anti-morality from our midst.

  11. Even the Nazis kept that sort of thing under wraps.

    Except for Ernst Roehm. There’s a disputed thesis that the Nazi policy on homosexuals was actually a campaign against femme homosexuals animated by butch homosexuals.

  12. I think I read that Hitler had Roehm shot to cover up the homosexual scandal, as much as for other reasons. A sorry lot to be sure.

  13. I’d like to know something: why don’t articles like this name names? Who gave these orders? Yes, I understand, the immediate issuers of the orders were probably given them from above. But still…we have to start the fight somewhere.

  14. “To destroy a society, the most respected institutions must be held up to ridicule and destroyed: the Church, the family, and the military.”
    Oh yes, very true.

    The Canadian writer Michael D. O’Brien wrote about this fifteen years ago:
    “There are no precise blueprints of totalitarianism, for by its nature, even in its exercise of power, it is a shifting mirage. It does not know what it is, because it has no real absolutes on which to stand still and to know itself. It is urgent, therefore, that we recognize it for what it is, wherever it takes on a new form and attempts to dominate the human community. But how are we to accurately identify a force which appears in pleasing shapes and absorbs institutions with hardly an indiscretion? There are some traits which are common to violent and nonviolent forms of totalitarianism alike. The former justifies its harsh measures in the name of a so-called greater good—usually “the good of the people.” Soft totalitarianism is not fundamentally different in this regard, although its invasion of the rights and duties of man are executed with somewhat more diplomacy. We must remember here that in the beginning most oppressive regimes do not begin with overt oppression; in their early stages they appear as liberators. But when the moral foundations have crumbled under the euphoric advance of theory, it is only a matter of time before the living reality works out its awful consequences in practice. It bears repeating that this form is in the long run more destructive of the family, for it preserves the illusion of freedom. It directs its subjects to many roads, but the roads do not lead anywhere. It creates an impression of a broader world, but it is a vast prison, on the borders of which are impenetrable walls—impenetrable most of all because its residents have come to believe that there is nothing beyond it. It maintains power by continuously shifting the ground on which its subjects stand. Right, wrong, good, evil, and the identity of persons and things are each re-examined in an ongoing inquisition.


  15. Tom D, thank you for the quote and the link. “Soft totalitarianism” is an apt description of what’s happening in the US. Nikita Kruchev, who practiced hard totalitarianism, said, “Russia does not have to destroy America with missles; America will destroy from within.”
    The upcoming Supreme Court decision of the definition of marriage could cause a major upheaval in our society,

  16. Tom D.

    Michael D. O’Brien’s explanations of totalitarianism are very insightful.
    Thank you for passing this along.

    The attacks on Church and family are full head on assaults in our day. They have been subverting these institutions for years, but now it’s a wave after wave of full frontal assaults. Trench warfare for those who will fight. Those who have chosen not to engage are going to have to pick sides soon.

  17. If the Supreme Court redefines the definition of marriage, it is possible that the religious institutions would have to perform same sex marriages or lose their tax free status. A less violent
    Dissolution than Henry VIII’s time….though legitimate religions would probably tighten their belts and keep their churchs open. Their outreach programs might have to fold. The case before the Court is not just about discrimination against gays. Soft totalinarianism at work.

  18. CAM

    No such consequences have ensued in Belgium, which introduced SSM in 2003. The state continues to pay the salaries and pensions of the clergy, under Art 181 of the Constitution and to fund the construction and renovation of church buildings.

    Belgium has mandatory civil marriage; Art 267 of the Code Pénal punishes ministers of religion who perform a marriage ceremony for unmarried couples. The religious ceremony is always referred to as the nuptial benediction [bénédiction nuptiale].

  19. Michael Paterson-Seymour, that may be true for Belgium but here in the United States, tax exemption will be taken away from churches who do not conform to the secular mores. The Bob Jones University v United States case will be used against every religious institution that does not cooperate. Bob Jones University v United States

  20. Hmmmmm wrote, “here in the United States, tax exemption will be taken away from churches who do not conform to the secular mores.”

    It has not happened elsewhere. In the Netherlands, the first country to introduce SSM in 2001, teachers in Church schools and institutes of higher learning continue to be public functionaries, their training, salaries and pensions paid for out of public funds. Many church buildings, too, are maintained and repaired by the state as part of the patrimony of the nation.

    Why do you suppose the United States will be so different to the European experience?

  21. MPS, Here’s the but…re The Netherlands, are the churches required to perform same sex marriages? Or like Belgium and some other of the European nations are only civil ceremonies recognized as marriages? Whether a man and a woman become husband and wife through a ceremony performed by a priest, rabbi, minister, justice of the peace or a captain of a ship, they still must obtain a marriage license from the local government beforehand which is then witnessed by whomever performed the ceremony and the license is then filed at the local courthouse. Some states may still require blood tests to screen for venereal deseases. The states individually, not the federal government, in addition set the minimum age and the degree of consanguinity permitted and maintain records and statistics. There have been and probably are situations in which religious orders/institutions by contract run a school, orphange, sanitorium or clinic for governments or on Native American reservations.
    The separation between church and state has worked well for us in these united states.

  22. Michael Paterson-Seymour writes,

    “Why do you suppose the United States will be so different to the European experience?”

    I believe there are three reasons Americans and Europeans diverge.

    1) The United States hasn’t the same history of Church/State relations that European countries have had. One can easily argue our founding (and our subsequent national character) has a hostility to state run churches. Perhaps more importantly, no one is calling for a change in this relationship to bring us more in line with Europe. And I don’t think Americans on either side are expecting the federal or state governments to intervene and protect the churches, synagogues and mosques.

    2) When Justice Alito raised this issue the other day, will allowing for gay marriage effect the tax exemption of religious run institutions, the Solicitor General said yes. While he attempted to temporize his answer to the Justice, he couldn’t get around that a very popular American sentiment is that racism and gay marriage are intertwined. There is no difference between a racial segregationist and someone who is opposed to same sex unions as marriages. This view is not just popular with the general public but in the legal schools and on our benches- see the Massachusetts ruling in favor of same sex unions, homosexual adoptions in that state and the closing of Catholic run orphanages. The Bob Jones case I linked to previously is already being raised by our intellectual classes as a way to further marginalize or end the perceived oppressions by the religious in America. As the Justice and the Solicitor General realized, the implication of allowing for same sex unions nation wide will make it impossible for religious run institutes from being exempt. We already have local governments warning pastors to marry homosexuals or face jail timeOverall, the argument in Europe has seemed to remain more specific to the topic than here in the US.

    3)A rising ideology in the United States is techno-libertarianism [or as Peter Lawler has called it, liberal-tarianism .] I like to think of it as the Californian school, since it is culturally an artifact of our western states; California particularly, with its post WWII rise to prominence. The old tensions between our democratic socialists on the left and classical liberals on the right is giving way to the political philosophy of those who built our computer industry and embraced or internalized the New Age cults that sprang up out west during the 60s.At it’s heart are convictions towards embracing transhumanism and applying hyperconsumerism to all aspects of life. Filiation is of no concern to them for they cannot grasp family formation as anything beyond a dna test. More importantly, gestational surrogacy (and perhaps soon, impersonalizing child birth) are very important to them, they are the first steps towards the coming technologically enhanced post-humanity people they seek to bring about. And they are hostile to Christians who seek to deny them of their wish to escape their biology through technology and consumption. Our proponents of same sex marriage have most successfully been these techno-libertarianism who are using this issue as a stalking-horse for their own ends.

    My experience amongst Europeans is that techno-libertarianism has not the cultural cachet it does here in the US. Perhaps because of Europeans being more historically skeptical of the type of liberal capitalism Americans embrace in general, and the techno-libertarians specifically. So we are already on divergent paths in how we approach the issue and why I’m not hopeful that European solutions are applicable to the US.

  23. Hmmmmm

    Thank you for your interesting exposition.

    The belief of most European élites is that Christianity is a moribund superstition, clung to by a few from mere tradition and by others from unresolved psychological need. They are perfectly content to allow it to fade away slowly and without shock. They are quite happy to support clergy, at a reasonable salary, to provide the consolations of religion to their mostly elderly congregations, in many places too few in numbers to fund a minister for themselves. To deprive believers of the ordinaces of religion, particularly in their declining years, would strike them as gratuitously cruel.

  24. CAM asked, “Or like Belgium and some other of the European nations are only civil ceremonies recognized as marriages? “

    The Netherlands has mandatory civil marriage.

    In England, by contrast, marriage in the Church of England may be performed after publication of banns, or with the bishop’s licence, without any civil marriage licence. The celebrant must make a quarterly return of marriages to the Registrar-General, but that is an administrative requirement that does not affect validity.

    The Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Act 2013 does not extend to marriage according to the rites of the Church of England, so clergy of the Church of England cannot perform same-sex ceremonies, even if they wish to. The reason for this was the possibility that the European Court of Human Rights might regard them as state officials and so governed by the anti-discrimination provisions of the Convention.

    In Scotland, the Church of Scotland Act 1921 is seen as sufficient protection for ministers: “This Church, as part of the Universal Church wherein the Lord Jesus Christ has appointed a government in the hands of Church office-bearers, receives from Him, its Divine King and Head, and from Him alone, the right and power subject to no civil authority to legislate, and to adjudicate finally, in all matters of doctrine, worship, government, and discipline in the Church… Recognition by civil authority of the separate and independent government and jurisdiction of this Church in matters spiritual, in whatever manner such recognition be expressed, does not in any way affect the character of this government and jurisdiction as derived from the Divine Head of the Church alone, or give to the civil authority any right of interference with the proceedings or judgments of the Church within the sphere of its spiritual government and jurisdiction.”

  25. “The belief of most European élites is that Christianity is a moribund superstition”

    This must cause endless hilarity to the home grown jihadists in Europe. Contemporary European elites are, in general, the most clueless ruling class in history. If they weren’t taking so many innocent people into the pit with them, I would take great humor from their blindness.

  26. Yes, MPS, what is it? Do the European elites see Islam as not moribund, not superstition, or neither? And, if not, why Christianity and not Islam? And if so, why trade one for another? Their whole approach seems irrational. What say you?

  27. TomD wrote, “Do the European elites see Islam as not moribund, not superstition, or neither?”

    Maurice Barbier, a political scientist, who has written extensively on Laïcité expresses the general view: “Islam is not only a religion, but contains a social and political dimension, and hence an ideology capable of inspiring a practice. Consequently, it is necessary to separate what is religious in it from what is not. This is a delicate operation, for which the state is not competent and which Muslims are loath to carry out.”

    Not all are so pessimistic for, as Robert Redeker suggests, after the Cold War, the French Left has replaced “sovietophilia” with “islamophilia,” and that “Palestinians and the contemporary Muslim masses replace the proletariat in the intellectuals’ imagination” as the pure, ideal alternative to Western capitalism. (Le Monde, 11/21/01). In other words, absolute anti-Zionism is post-colonial contrition coupled with a fetishisation of the ‘innocent’ Palestinians, which in turn results from the ideological need to fill the post-Soviet vacuum. This is by no means confined to France.

    It fits in very well with a certain world-view, very prevalent in Europe: on the one side stands the “Cosmopolitan Satan,” the Unholy Trinity of the United States/Israel/the West and, on the other, stand the “dominated and the oppressed.” Here, Islam as “an ideology capable of inspiring a practice,” is very welcome.

  28. Michael Paterson-Seymour writes, “The belief of most European élites is that Christianity is a moribund superstition, clung to by a few from mere tradition and by others from unresolved psychological need…To deprive believers of the ordinances of religion, particularly in their declining years, would strike them as gratuitously cruel.”
    Indeed, the Atlantic serves as a division between pity and scorn. Both are rooted in a contempt and disdain for the Christian religion; but whereas Christians are not a perceived threat to the political order in Europe, the American case is different. With our strong cultural martrix of radical protestant evangelism with their contextual “awakenings” this country goes through every few decades, Christianity is still conceived as an actual threat [the popular opinion] and convenient scapegoat [the elite opinion] to rally against.

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