Hattip to Instapundit.  The world divided into seven regions with a population of one billion each.  A few comments:


1.  Only two billion people live outside the Eurasian land mass.

2.  Both Americas still are under a billion people in total population.

3.  That almost a third of humanity lives in India and Southeast Asia.

4.  That all of Europe and the Middle East make up only a billion people.

5.  That dividing China up into three regions demonstrates how dominant the Chinese population is in size over the eastern half of the Eurasian land mass.

6.  It would be interesting to divide up the world into fourteen regions of half a billion each and compare and contrast with this map.

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  1. One thing that blows my mind is how underpopulated Africa is, compared to both its potential agricultural output and to the population of Asia. On a relate note, I once read that about half the world’s population lives in the runoff of the Himalayas.

  2. Another interesting split I saw, from back when there were 6 billion people, was by religion. Plus or minus a few hundred million, it was:

    1/6 Catholic
    1/6 Protestant
    1/6 Muslim
    1/6 Hinduism/Buddhism
    1/6 traditional
    1/6 atheistic/nonreligious

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