Father James Schall, SJ, at The Catholic Thing, takes a look at one of the more popular modern buzzwords:  sustainability:


The root of the “sustainability mission,” I suspect, is the practical denial of eternal life. “Sustainability” is an alternative to lost transcendence. It is what happens when suddenly no future but the present one exists. The only “future” of mankind is an on-going planet orbiting down the ages. It always does the exact same, boring thing. This view is actually a form of despair. Our end is the preservation of the race down the ages, not personal eternal life.

“Sustainability” implies strict population control, usually set at about two or three billion (current global population is around 7.3 billion, so many of us will simply have to disappear for sustainability’s sake). Sin and evil imply misusing the earth, not our wills. What we personally do makes little difference. Since children are rationed or even produced artificially as needed, whatever we do sexually is irrelevant. It has no real consequences in this life, the only one that exists.

Some talk of saving the race by fleeing to other planets. This leaves existing billions stuck here. The planet will disappear as the Sun cools. So the final “meaning” of the human race was that it “sustained” itself as long as possible. What is missing from this whole scenario is the notion of man’s “dominion.”

The earth and its resources, including its chief resource, the human mind, are given for the purposes for which each individual was created. Enough resources, including human mind and enterprise, are given for man to accomplish his purpose. When this purpose is accomplished, no more “resources” are needed. In this sense, the revealed doctrine that this world will end is the one that frees us from the dismal “sustaining” cycle that, presumably, goes on and on.

No doubt, while here, we should ”sustain” the world as a “garden” the best we can. But, as in the “beginning,” our key problems will not arise from the abundant Garden itself. They originate in our wills. The Garden does not exist for its own sake but for what goes on in it. This confusion is what is wrong with “sustainability.”

Go here to read the rest.  This grows out of the ecology movement that wishes to transform Earth into some never-never pristine green utopia and preserve it forever in amber.  It is no wonder that the more extreme environmentalists look upon man as some sort of foreign infestation to be eradicated to preserve Nature.  This of course is what happens when worship of the Creator is forgotten and worship, for we all are hard-wired to worship something, is given to Nature instead.  The goals of the greens can never be met, but this does not deter them from attempting to enlist government coercion to produce their utopia of stasis.  All of this overlooks of course that Man is part of Creation, and is the most important part, having an immortal soul.  The idea of protecting Nature of course is a solely human concept, something completely foreign to a colony of ants, a pack of hyenas or a solitary spider.  Using natural resources wisely is only simple prudence, as is leaving some areas relatively untouched by Man.  The problem, as always, is human hubris.  Man turns Nature into a false God and believes that he can determine what Nature should be and then transform the Earth into this archetype that exists only in fevered human imaginations.  If anyone ever doubts that Man is a fallen creature, one only has to survey the endless Tower of Babel projects that litter human history and the disasters they have wrought.  Sustainability is merely the latest of endless vain attempts by Man to transform either himself or an idol into God.  These attempts always end in tears and blood.

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  1. Humanity does NOT have a sustainability problem. There is enough thorium and uranium in Earth’s crust to fuel civilization for 100 thousand years or more, by which time we will have colonized the planets in our solar, finding and extracting other reserves of uranium and thorium. Read on:
    Humanity has a moral problem:

    (1) Greed that constricts the energy supply to enrich the few
    (2) Lust that sanctifies sexual filth as normal and right
    (3) Pride that stupidifies education to produce moral and intellectual imbeciles
    When we finally stand before the Almighty, we will weep for our sins and it will be too late. Sadly however the liberal ecomodernists will remain defiant to the end.

  2. They..progressives..preach sustainability and honor the unsustainable womb.
    China’s failure with abortions has created a white slavery market that thrives on whom? Children…young girls.
    Would progressives take notice to this altering Gods plan with mans plan…no?

    Instead let’s hear the vomit of Hillary Clinton telling feminist that “religions must change” to fit her and other demons agenda. Lifesite blog has her speech..I’ll find it from last week and post the link.

    They worship other Gods!
    This article from Fr. Schall is believable.

  3. https.//

    Oh boy….this is one sick woman.

  4. My those cunning serpents certainly have mastered dictionary reform 101.
    Let’s see just a few others they play with : homophobe, climate change, pastoral, compromise, rights, gay marriage, inequality, fairness, intolerance, insensitivity, transparency, diversity, inclusiveness, biodiversity, …even the simple definition of “science” has been diabolically altered.

  5. “The only ‘future’ of mankind is an on-going planet orbiting down the ages.” Hey man, what’s so wrong with that? That’s like, awesome man. It’s the Cosmic Tortoise wedded to the Emergent Ragnarok; it’s the Space-Worm of that Götterdämmerung philosopher Martin Heidegger, who gave a Nazi salute in front of all his students. And when we die and ol’ Sol goes nova, then we’ll all turn into stardust and become One with each other and with the Universe. That’s just way cool, man. Already I can hear the Cosmic Valkyries singing. Just what kind of Jesuit does Fr. Schall think he is, anyway?

  6. Paul, man was not meant to live on the other planets. There’s no earth like environments on them. Nope, I think the Scriptures and science points to man being made to live on the earth, not the other planets.

  7. Steven,
    I do not wish to get side-tracked down the rabbit hole of debating whether or not man should colonize the planets. Rather, if the good Lord decides to tarry for a sufficient amount of time, man will colonize the planets, perhaps terraforming Mars, and erecting enclosed habitats on the moons of Jupiter and Saturn. Nuclear energy makes all this possible, ecomodernist cries for self-sustaining notwithstanding. Nevertheless, wherever man goes – in enclosed cities on the ocean floor or on the surfaces of Mars and the moons of the gas giants – man will bring with him his concupiscence, his immorality, his sin.
    Now it may be that the Lord will elect to NOT tarry and will return to Earth soon. That would make all this speculation a moot point, and all the cries for self-sustaining ridiculous. Indeed, people should remember what St. Peter wrote in one of his epistles: that the elements would be destroyed with fire, and this Heaven and Earth will pass away. That means that even if we colonize the planets, God still wins in the end for He will destroy everything to make way for the new Heaven and the new Earth.
    In conclusion, you may be correct, Steven, but it doesn’t matter for man will extend his reach to the stars. It is after all the lust of the flush, the lust of the eyes and the pride of life against which one of the Catholic epistles in the New Testament warns us.

  8. “Sustainability” as used in the present day is nothing but an empty buzzword thrown about by “watermelons” (green on the outside, red on the inside).

    It means whatever the greenie weenie who uses it wants it to mean.

    I am sick of enviornmentalism. It is nauseating. I see as much litter in streets and alongside roads as I did when I was a kid. These enviro-Nazis want to control where people live (suburban development is “sprawl”), in what they live in (“McMansions”) and what they drive (“gas-guzzling SUVs”). To hell with them.

  9. Sustainability never can be objectively defined. It is simply an excuse for an expansion of the state and an increase in its control over individual decision making. The fact that certain Church leaders seem to be falling for it is beyond troubling.

  10. Father od Seven,
    It must be asked, why so many “higher church leaders” are so focused on the things of this earth, rather than their mission of bringing souls to heaven. I fear the answer might be a question of their weak, waning, or woeful faith….which also explains the rupture in catechesis, and lay Catholic lax morality,

  11. I encourage the interested reader to please review the wealth of information at the Go Nuclear web site located here – there are lots of videos by a nuclear engineer retired from a Candu heavy water reactor:
    I also encourage the reader to read about the economics of nuclear energy located here:
    At that last web site you can find information on:
    (1) Energy Density (a kilogram of uranium can supply up to a million times more energy than a kilogram of coal)
    (2) Longevity (nuclear power plants can last for 60 years)
    (3) Numbers (it takes 5000 acres of land for solar to do what one 1000 MW nuke can do, and unlike solar, the nuke has a 90+% capacity factor, working at night when there is no sun)
    (4) Environmental Record (39 million tons of Duke Energy coal ash from single plant dumped to the North Carolina River System versus one football field of canisters containing the spent fuel from all 100 of the reactors in the US)
    (5) Safety Record (guess which has the best! NUCLEAR! Even including Fukushima, Chernobyl and TMI, it has less deaths per terawatt hour than any other energy source, including so-called renewables)
    We do NOT have a sustainability problem. We do NOT have an energy problem. We do NOT have an environmental problem. God has given us enough uranium and thorium to go to the planets and beyond. Rather, we have a SIN problem. Fix the SIN problem and all the rest of the problems will get resolved.
    But that fix requires what no one wants – the Cross.

  12. Paul, there are none so blind as those who WILL NOT SEE. The entire enviromnental movement (akin to a bowel movement) needs to be examined, questioned, critiqued and criticized. Their empty claims of protecting the earth are the wrapping of the totalitarian state the enviornmentalists seek to impose upon everyone else.

    To hell with them.

  13. Paul has put a round right into the ten ring with his “Pride that stupidifies education to produce moral and intellectual imbeciles”. We have a “Water’s World” of moral and intellectual imbeciles who are fawned upon by the political class that seeks to transform them into subservient socialist serfs.

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