Victims of Communism Day: Ronald Reagan

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  1. Ronald Reagan was the best President of the 20th Century and one of the best Presidents in the history of the Republic. Tax revenues nearly doubled, inflation was whipped, unemployment was drastically reduced and less than one year after leaving office, Communism collapsed in the old Warsaw Pact. Meanwhile, Barry Soetero Dunham Obama was not attending class at Columbia, smoking pot and doing God knows what else.

    Many conservatives loathe Woodrow Wilson. I cut Wilson a break because he stressed the reestablishment of the Republic of Poland at the conclusion of WWI, while David Lloyd George wanted nothing of it and didn’t want to lift a finger to assist Poland as it fought the Red Army in 1920. FDR’s administrations were infested with Stalinist spies and Alger Hiss negotiated for the USA at Yalta – or so I’ve read (I do not have the source). FDR knew that it was the NKVD who murdered Poles at Katyn. FDR gave Stalin whatever Stalin wanted.

    The association that awards the Pulitzer Prize has twice not seen fit to revoke the award won by Walter Duranty for his lies about the Ukrainian Holodomor. While the New York times has repudiated Duranty they have done no such thing I can find regarding the Castro bootlicker Herbert Matthews.

    Reagan set out to right the wrong done to Poland. The book by Paul Kengor, “The Last Crusader” details the steps taken to assist Solidarity and confront Communism worldwide. I will go to my grave as Ronald Reagan being my favorite President.

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