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Well this should agitate some of the Pope’s fans on the Left:



Pope Francis said during his homily he wanted to discuss three aspect of the life of Blessed Serra – his missionary zeal, his Marian devotion, and his witness of holiness.

Pope Francis said it was “that heartfelt impulse which seeks to share with those farthest away the gift of encountering Christ: a gift that he had first received and experienced in all its truth and beauty” which drove the Franciscan Missionary to leave everything he knew and go to the ends of the earth.

The Holy Father said this a challenge to us today, and asked if are able “to respond with the same generosity and courage to the call of God, who invites us to leave everything in order to worship him, to follow him, to rediscover him in the face of the poor, to proclaim him to those who have not known Christ and, therefore, have not experienced the embrace of his mercy.”

Pope Francis noted Blessed Junipero wanted to consecrate his life to Our Lady of Guadalupe and to ask her for the grace to open the hearts of the colonizers and indigenous peoples, for the mission he was about to begin.  The Pope said you cannot  “separate her from the hearts of the American people.”

And finally, Pope Francis pointed out he was one of the founding fathers of the United States, a saintly example of the Church’s universality and special patron of the Hispanic people of the country. 

He said this zeal was also true for the many missionaries who brought the Gospel to the New World and, at the same time, defended the indigenous peoples against abuses by the colonizers.

Go here to read the rest.  Leftists by and large hate Christianity and adore racial identity politics.   This makes Junipero Serra an obvious target of the Left and the Pope’s defense of him maddening to them.

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  1. “I get really tired of folks just accepting the lies.” -Foxfier

    They hate the light.
    The power of darkness is satisfying and ultimately gratifying so any sources of true light must be conquered as to not inhibit the conscience.

    Seems that this age old fight is front and center these days. Years ago it seemed lurking in the shadows. Could be just my perspective. Age thing.

  2. Heard Fr. Serra would be the first person canonized on American soil. Kind of rubs me the wrong way — he wasn’t an American or a Founding Father.

  3. He is certainly considered a Founding Father of California. During the American Revolution in 1778 Serra prayed for the success of George Washington and sent off $137.00 to him collected in donations from his missions.

  4. Senator Lara (D) from California wants to boot statue of Fr. Serra out of Washington D.C. Yes…The senator is openly homosexual.

    Sodomites will bend their knees and beg for forgiveness. Question is when?

  5. “The Catholic Church’s first Latino pope is on the verge of canonizing Junipero Serra, the 18th century Spanish missionary who brought Christianity to California and built the first of the state’s famed missions.

    Figuratively, however, the state Senate’s Latino leadership, including President Pro Tem Kevin de León, is thumbing its collective nose at Pope Francis and Serra by voting to remove the missionary priest’s statue from the U.S. Capitol.

    The squabble over ethnicity, sexual orientation, revisionist history and political symbolism is making global headlines and is another emotion-tinged conflict for a Legislature already in turmoil over right-to-die and mandatory vaccination bills.

    Each state can have statues of two historic figures in the U.S. Capitol, and California’s are Serra, since 1931, and former President Ronald Reagan, who in 2009 replaced 19th century anti-slavery minister Thomas Starr King.

    A resolution to replace Serra with astronaut Sally Ride, who died of cancer in 2013, passed the Senate on April 13 on a 22-10 vote, with Democrats, including de León, voting for it, Republicans opposed and seven senators refusing to vote.

    The debate was animated, with the resolution’s author, Sen. Ricardo Lara, D-Bell Gardens, and other supporters praising Ride as an inspiration to women and to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Californians.

    “For the first time ever, LGBT youth will see themselves in Statuary Hall,” said Lara, who is gay.

    While Democrats said little about Serra, Republicans said much. “Removing his statue would be an affront to the people of California,” Sen. Jeff Stone, R-Temecula, said, “and it would be an insult to the tens of millions of Catholics who call California home.”

    Underlying the debate was mounting criticism of Serra by Indian groups that he personifies the subjugation of native peoples by Spanish explorers and missionaries.

    The Indians have opposed canonization for Serra, which is now scheduled for Pope Francis’ visit to Washington in September. But the Vatican is mounting a campaign to defend Serra’s actions as a missionary and celebrate his saintly accomplishments.

    The Vatican and the archdiocese of Los Angeles are sponsoring a May 2 event at the North American College in Rome to honor Serra, with Pope Francis celebrating Mass in his honor.

    Guzman Carriquiry, a friend of Pope Francis and the No. 2 on the papal commission for South America, has publicly denounced the resolution aimed at removing Serra’s statute from the U.S. Capitol.

    “They want to remove him from the Capitol precisely when the first Hispanic pope is planning to canonize him,” Carriquiry told the Associated Press. “Let’s say that it would not be an extraordinary welcome from a country that claims to be an example of multicultural welcomes.””

    Read more here: http://www.sacbee.com/news/politics-government/dan-walters/article19345233.html#storylink=cpy

    Identity politics at its worst.

  6. Mac, Based on your informative post, I bet Father Serra (in HEaven) considers himself more blessed to not be included in the satanic statuary hovel.

  7. it seems quite disingenuous for native American groups to go around claiming Europeans made the stone age lives of the native Americans’ ancestors worse than before the Europeans arrived.

  8. Eddie, as I’ve told some folks— might want to look at what kind of a life their ancestors were giving to their ancestors.

    Part of why there’s so many “my great-grandma was an Indian” stories is because a lot of women looked around their options inside of the tribe, compared it to living in a dirt-floored cabin with a man of a totally foreign culture, and chose the cabin.

    My mom’s family knew a lady who left her “traditional” style family, with the kids, when she figured out that being a single, uneducated Indian woman with three kids in a logging town in the middle of nowhere was a better deal. Last I knew the lady’s daughter was still alive, and ripping stripes out of idealistic folks who took to telling her how delightful the traditional ways were. (She probably would’ve died if her mom hadn’t left the tribe, from her health problems; instead she made it into her 90s, at least, and was selling nature paintings.)

    They’ve been actively suppressing how nasty a lot of stuff was for at least thirty years, I can remember the local outrage when the gov’t insisted the pit river Indians dug the pits for hunting and that the stories of them putting those who were a burden at the bottom were just stories. (Depending on what witnesses you asked, they either put a log in the bottom to help people crawl out, or that was only for good years.) Oddly, nobody that I heard of ever saw a deer that actually got caught at the bottom of one of the pits…..

  9. It’s good for us to realize that a lot of pressure groups are tiny, far left, and anti-Catholic and represent few of the people they claim to represent. All kinds of the descendants of the Mission Indians and the Spanish and Mexican settlers of Upper California remain Catholic today and love Padre Serra, Padre Fermin Lasuen and the rest of the padres who sacrificed so much to bring them Jesus, the Faith and the Sacraments. The pressure groups want us to swallow lies about the Church. There was no genocide in the Mission period. There was disease, which killed Spanish and Mexican settlers as well as Native Americans; germs are not racist. Note that the pressure groups never criticize the actual genocide of California indigenous persons, such as Ishi the Yahi’s people, committed by racist Anglo Protestant settlers decades later in northern California.

  10. Funny that most critics of Serra’s canonization are neither native Americans nor Catholics.

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