Bill O’Reilly: Ted Baxter Come to Life


Faithful readers of this blog know that I have little use for Bill O’Reilly who I view as someone who gives  pompous airheads a bad name.  Ace of Ace of Spades gives O’Reilly a memorable spanking today:


O’Reilly, who wrote the book on murdering the Savior, claims that Jesus would not have sponsored this cartoon-drawing contest.

First of all, this is as stupid a hypothetical as asking if Memories Pizza would cater a gay wedding. With pizza.

Because gays are all about avoiding campy pomp and circumstance in favor of fratty bro-casual chillaxitude.

Anyway, is is true that Jesus — who is, according to Christians, to which group O’Reilly claims to belong, the actual living Deity and Son of God, would abide by the forbiddances of a false (per this hypothetical) religion, thereby championing that false religion over the true one (to wit, His own)?

This makes no sense. O’Reilly is actually arguing here that the real historical and divine Jesus would bow to the religious claims of a religion which would be, per all this absurd hypothetical, patently false and ergo a seduction towards Mortal Error as regards salvation.

Sometimes, swear to God, when I hear “religious” people talk about their alleged “religion,” it sounds to me like they do not actually believe a blessed word of it, and are chiefly using their “religion” to win arguments.

Oh, and O’Reilly also says we shouldn’t draw Mohammad because we need to Win Wars and Kill Jihadis.

You know, like Jesus was always talking about. Jesus was all about Some People Just Need Some Killin’.

What a horse’s ass.

And the attempt to play the I Love Our Troops Card?


I love the troops too, Billy, but I don’t think our troops are fighting over there so that we can impose shariah law for them for their homecoming.


In better times O’Reilly would have enjoyed great success as a side show barker in a freak show.  That his half-baked commentaries, usually dotted with historically illiterate references, are taken seriously by a large audience is a matter of amusement to those who think and despair to those who feel.


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  1. Mr. O’Reilly wearing his WWJD wristband, strikes out in this rant.
    The folks that wore the wristbands are reminded to ask themselves in every daily encounter, what would Jesus do?

    As O’Reilly demonstrates, it doesn’t mean “they” know what Jesus would do, but at the very least they might give pause to consider the Lord. O’Reilly would serve others well if he silently reflected on Jesus’ words instead of blaspheming Him in public.

    Bill needs to get himself off of the Spin cycle, and go through another Rinse.

  2. I am glad I am not the only one who finds O’Reilly often foolish. Don’t really watch him and a friend gave me Killing Jesus. Calling it a “history book” is false advertising, nor could it rise to adult reading.
    Another annoyer when speaking from his supposed religion is Hannity. He misleads some on abortion and much on sexuality.

  3. O’Reilly is a homophile who supports gay rights and gay marriage
    age. Male feminist, O’Reilly, also surrounds himself with long legged
    voluptuous young women in tight clothes. O’Reilly is not a serious
    Catholic nor is he a serious journalist. Like an adolescent child, he
    needs to be the center of attention.

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