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  1. Honoring for immigrants? It is ignored that the real issue in communist Cuba in emigration–they won’t allow it for fear of an exodus.
    Open the prisons and watch the floodgates of souls rushing to be free in America. They could take those planes back here that are now filed with our morally corrupt politicians and financial speculators rushing to the fools’ paradise to gain power and wealth.
    Castro a Jesuit? Is God on vacation?

  2. As someone who suffered at a Jesuit school – perfect. Yes, yes Raul – you are indeed a Jesuit.

    Does someone need to make a list of all the dictators who were trained by the Jesuits? Wasn’t Robert Mugabe trained by Jesuits?

  3. He was educated by Jesuits and became a bloody, evil Communist. That about says it all when it comes to the Society of Jesus in Latin America.

  4. It just keeps getting more and more bizarre. My poor, poor grandchildren and their parents. What a world. All the clarity of myopia minus the corrective lenses. This is Francis’ Gospel.

  5. What is it with American Catholic and its true hate on Pope Francis… This is SIN, as I hope you all would know… Jesuits are a wonderful order. They have traveled the earth seeking souls for Almighty God.. Francis is seated in Peters Chair..HE deserves that respect. And woe unto your souls in speaking so evil of him…….

  6. Popes are the Vicar of Christ and not Christ Marie. Criticism of Popes is as Catholic as veneration of Mary and goes back to the first Pope. As for the Jesuits, they have a wonderful past and a really crummy present. If you are concerned about criticism of Popes, I would assume that you are shocked, shocked, by how most Jesuits have talked about modern Popes, prior to the current one.

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