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From those twisted folks at The Lutheran Satire:


Well, it makes as much sense as real Papal overtures to the Orthodox!

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  1. Thanks, Don, love the Lutheran Satire! I hope Pastor Fiene crosses the Tiber.

    Here’s my favorite:

  2. Although I find these “Lutheran Satire” videos funny, I’m somewhat uneasy about them. The Lutheran Church(s) are officially Anti-Catholic and call the Pope “very Anti-Christ” in their creeds. And frankly (no pun intended) I think the video is ridiculing the Papal office (and not just criticizing Pope Francis’s unicorn theology) in a very underhanded way, by using the Orthodox patriarch as a proxy for Lutheran criticism of the Papacy.

  3. I understand that “the Pope is the Anti-Christ” is the official position but I’ve never met a Lutheran mention just as we Catholics generally avoid “no salvation outside that Church”.

    Lutheran Satire spends most of its time on issues that afflict the Catholic Church as well, like liturgical abuse, making fun of crackpot notions like Jesus =Horus &c. so I take the good & ignore the bad.

  4. I’m just thinking that Pope Francis doesn’t need to get too close to a dude with a funny hat and beard, and that drinks his bath water.

  5. Uhhhh,
    I don’t have a problem with the song at all. It does sound like something that the current Roman Pontiff would utter.

    As for not liking Lutheranism – I consider Martin Luther to be a crackpot, a heretic and a hateful, nasty man. In the mid 17th century, the Lutheran Swedish Army invaded and smashed Poland in the event known as the Deluge. Lutheran Swedes desecrated cathedrals and graves, destroyed castles, stole library books and made off with private and public collections of art as well as all the loot they could carry. Poland eventually drove the Swedes out but Poland never got back any of its things. Then in the 18th century the Lutheran Prussian King Frederick led the conspiracy to carve up Poland with the native German Russian Czarina Catherine the (not so) Great and the Tradistionalist-adored Hapsburgs. The Prussians took the Polish crown jewels and sold them off. In the 19th century the Germans kicked Poles off of their land and suppressed the Polish language. Not to be outdone, the Lutheran Kaiser instituted the Kulturkampf to make German Catholics second class citizens in their own country. Orthodox Russians did similar things in the part of Poland they took.

    The Holy See has this crazy desire to visit Moscow, but won’t do it without the invite of the Moscow Patriarch. The MP hates the existence of the Ukrainian Catholic Church and wants those people forcibly “returned” to the Russian Orthodox Church.

    At least the video didn’t call the Pope the anti-Christ like the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod says he is.

    As for the Orthodox, just a couple of things. In the first millenium Constantinople had no problem recognizing the Pope of Rome. Second, it is the Orthodox who came up with the practice of remarriage after divorce and this was post-schism. Orthodox finger pointing at Rome for changing the Creed (filioque) and criticizing the Assumption are strawmen arguments to me.

    I occasionally browse byzcath.org, a board that was originally Byzantine Catholic but over the years has become rather anti-Rome and pro-Orthodox. They argue and argue over the same things. Rome is bad, the Congregation of the Eastern Churches is bad, Archbishop Ireland was bad (he was, but the dead horse being beaten comes to mind).

    $&%t on ecumenism. We Catholics should be what Christ called us to be. Protestantism can continue to split and fade away and Orthodoxy can point their fingers at everybody but themselves. I care not.

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