All Gay! All the Time!

The impact of a non-stop propaganda campaign in the entertainment industry and in “education”:

Fifty-three percent think gays compose at least 20 percent of the population. Huh. I don’t know what’s odder, the fact that this number has grown as the public’s paid more attention to gays over the past 13 years or the fact that guesstimates were already wildly inflated in 2002, before gay marriage had picked up national momentum. Logically, you would think the estimates would have been sharply lower as you go further back in time, when more gays were in the closet. Or, alternatively, you could argue that the estimates should be sharply lower now, as better information about gays has become more widely available. Instead ignorance abides — although maybe the source of the ignorance has changed. Maybe it used to be that people overestimated how many gays there were precisely because they didn’t know much about them and thought “20 percent” seemed like a reasonble-ish number, small enough to comport with gays’ status as a minority but large enough to comport with their visibility in celebrity culture. Now, Americans may have heard here and there that the actual number of gays is under five percent but they’re having trouble processing that figure because gays and gay-rights issues seem to be everywhere in media and on the news. Increased visibility may be overwhelming better information, ironically “confirming” the earlier 20-25 percent guesstimate.

Go here to Hot Air to read the rest.  The actual number of Americans who self-identify as homosexuals is approximately 1.6% according to a recent Center for Disease Control survey.  It is truly remarkable that such a small sliver of the population have so dominated entertainment, academia and government in the West for the past generation that they have succeeded in uprooting sexual mores that go back to the dawn of time for humanity and have convinced most of the population that they are many times their size in numbers.  A testament to the power of propaganda, the importance of being granted official victim status by the Left and the ability of so many people to believe utter rot.  We live in a time where reason and evidence are forsaken and emotion and propaganda reign.

Hitler’s propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels in 1928 gave a speech with the following passage:

Although I must hold unshakably and unalterably to the idea, propaganda adjusts itself to the prevailing conditions. Propaganda is always flexible. It says different things here than it does there. It cannot be polished, laminated and stuffed; rather it must occupy the space between the one and the many. I talk differently on the streetcar with the conductor than I do with a businessman. If I did not, the businessman would think I was crazy and the streetcar conductor would not understand me. That means propaganda cannot be limited. It changes according to whom I am trying to reach. Let me tell a good story about a party member in Berlin who since 1919 has promoted the National Socialist idea. At first, he beat his head bloody against a wall that we want to avoid. He began by distributing the wildest anti-Semitic publications on the street. He knew it was bad stuff, but there was nothing better, so he read these books or newspapers in the subway. Everyone could see that he was a harmless crank, and when he stood up and left his newspapers behind, someone regularly would say: “Sir, take your newspaper along with you.” He would angrily take his paper and leave it with the conductor, saying: “Here, German brother.” And the conductor certainly thought he came from the nuthouse. He gradually realized that the methods that worked with friends and comrades do not work with strangers.

The homosexual movement, representing something near universally despised a half century ago, has put together an unremitting and successful propaganda campaign that has worked a revolution.  Those who oppose this movement must do the same and it will be a long term struggle.  They will be helped by the fact that the forces behind the homosexual movement are highly intolerant, do not know when to stop and are at war with human nature.

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  1. Why is the world so obsessed with the sodomy of less than 3% of the population? What is it about sodomy the requires my applause (hat tip to the silly New York Cardinal)? What is so amazing about the man who engages in sodomy and…wait for it, can also shoot a basketball?!!! I didn’t even know such a feat was possible.

  2. Because ideology trumps Truth.
    Sodomy is solely for and about those engaging in it (mutual masturbation). It is illicit, sterile, and separated from God. It denies God as Creator. It denies the purpose of God’s creation and His participation with us in the procreation of children. To put forth this foul abomination as equivalent to fecund marriage denies the barrenness of sodomy, which likely is the goal of all this immoral nonsense.
    Gay marriage is solely about the gays getting “married.” This narcissism is a main difference with valid marriage.

  3. I had a conversation recently where I said that 1.6% of the pop. self-identified as “gay.” I was met with a lot of hostility. They quickly answered with, “Everyone has a gay uncle” or “cousin,” chimed in the other. The ridiculous thing about it was that these were my siblings, so we all knew that none of us had a single gay cousin or uncle; they knew I knew they were intentionally lying. But the truth is irrelevant to these discussions. They laughed out loud as the CDC as a source, which was weird.
    I said gays were massively over represented on TV, and my sister screamed (literally) in protest. I asked her to name a show made in the last ten years not aimed at children under 15 that was not preaching pro-gay and did not have 1 gay recurring character. For every show she named, I could easily produce several gay characters, and at least two preachy pro-gay episodes. As their frustration grew, my brother almost became violent.
    The problem with kids today is that they live in fantasy. Real life does not influence their opinion of what real life is like, as much as TV and social media does…which is tragic.

  4. Lust is a many sickening thing!

    The lust happy prideful minority only rule for a short time. The fire will rain down on the unrighteous as well as the righteous.

    Prepare yourselves.
    Pray the Holy Rosary Daily.

  5. I truly do not care if a person is gay or not. It is none of my business. So please, let them not flaunt their gayness in my face, or that of my family.
    We had one sailor on our submarine back in 78 to 82 who was gay. In port we all drank and caroused together. At sea we all worked together. No one cared about this sailor’s gayness one way or the other, and he had the decency not to shove his life style down our throats. I respected him and did so without agreeing to his life style. We all did on my submarine. No one wanted any trouble.
    After my stint in the Navy I rented a home with a gay person (different man). He had his room and I had mine. We divided the bills (electric, water, etc) between us, and we sometimes ate dinner together. He was a theatre director and invited me to some of the plays he would direct. I disagreed with his life style choice, but again, he had the decency and common sense not to shove his gayness down my throat. I respected him also. He was my friend.
    But today’s pro-sodomy, pro-baby-murdering liberal progressive Democrats I despise, abhor, detest and loathe with all the fabric of my being because they demand that I not just give silent assent to what they promote, but that I heap on it praise and honor as well. I shall not do that. I am perfectly happy to let gays live their life style in peace privately, but I shall never agree that their life style is anything but immoral and depraved. I simply refuse to sit in judgment of their persons – their souls (that’s different than the behavior) – because I know darn well where I deserve to go for all my particular immoralities and depravities that I had done as a submarine sailor.
    Why can’t popular society understand that? I do NOT condemn a gay person’s soul but I can recognize that homosexual behavior is just as immoral and depraved as adultery and fornication? I do NOT hate gay people nor am I a homophobe. But I do love Jesus Christ and His Holy Church, and they come first. That’s the difference.

  6. Lighten up, folks. Eventually, those people will be gone with the wind.
    With apologies to Elsa the Lion.
    “Born Gay”
    Born gay, as gay as the wind blows
    s gay as the grass grows
    Born gay to follow your heart
    Live gay and beauty surrounds you
    The world still astounds you
    Each time you look at a star
    Stay gay where no walls divide you
    You’re gay as the roaring tide
    So there’s no need to hide
    Born gay and life is worth living
    But only worth living
    ‘Cause you’re born gay

  7. It is curious why so many overestimate the number of gays and lesbians in society when accurate numbers are available. I once had a series of email exchanges with a local newspaper columnist who repeatedly and inaccurately used the 20% figure in her advocacy columns. She stubbornly refused to acknowledge the data, that the true number was around 2%, and continued to use the erroneous 20% figure in her columns. She even said to me that about 20% of her friends/acquaintances were gay/lesbian, implying that her personal experience somehow represented the broader reality. I then discussed it with her editor, who never acknowledged the more accurate numbers.

    Some of it is willful deceit, some of it, I assume, is ignorance based on the preponderance of gay/lesbian characters in modern culture. Based on so many TV shows and movies, coupled with the obsession in our modern culture to normalize homosexuality, one would assume that every social situation has a gay/lesbian presence.

    I finally concluded that it is based on willful deceit, being intentionally misled by our cultural gatekeepers.

  8. Sodomy is the neutron bomb of civilization. It leaves institutions standings, but devoid of life. Homosexual priests (not pedophile) destroyed the moral authority of the Church. They were, in turn, protected by a not insignificant cabal of other homosexual clerics up to the rank of bishops. A “gay lobby” if you will. The Church is now being “rehabilitated” by downplaying Church condemnation of sodomy, something that it really has no power of turning into a bargaining chip. Now the Germans are scheming over, among other items, sodomy, with word today of a new V2-style Rhine alliance. Once again the Rhine Flows into the Tiber. And since sodomy is becoming a civil right, it will easily be used to tear down whatever elements of the Church that won’t roll over, through litigation or shaming campaigns. In other words, they will be marginalized. Those that do cooperate with, say UN interests, will be permitted to carry on much as China’s Patriotic Church. All this from sodomy, or, rather, the Homo Voodoo Doll anyone with the spirit of antichrist can shake at the Christian faith. It is a brilliant scheme that is probably too far advanced to thwart now.

  9. “that is probably too far advanced to thwart now.”

    I think it is beginning to be thwarted now. The homosexual movement has gained a large deal of its success due to people who take a live and let live attitude. They are beginning to learn that live and let live is the last thing the gay activists wish.

  10. Sense and nonsense.
    Elsa (‘best’ book award) and Simba (minus the pure humor).
    Morality and immorality.
    Natural and unnatural.
    Love and lust.
    Health and illness.
    Innocence and adultery.
    Unknown and known.
    Eternity and temporality.
    Private and public.
    Educate and dumb down.
    Virtue and meanness.
    God’s will and Satan’s will.
    Saintly and demonic.
    Selfless and selfish.

  11. It is truly remarkable that such a small sliver of the population have so dominated entertainment, academia and government in the West for the past generation that they have succeeded in uprooting sexual mores that go back to the dawn of time for humanity and have convinced most of the population that they are many times their size in numbers.

    Might that be because gays are overrrepresented in the fields of entertainment, academia and government? Particularly in enterntainment (including infotainment) and academia?

  12. The news media and entertainment have been unrelenting in shoving the homosexualist movement down our throats. Big business buys into it too. Look at how many big corporations support “Pride” festivals. My employer does it and I hate it.

    Due to the near collapse of the Christian churches in the West and the tendency for young people to treat pop culture as a replacement for it, their views have been shaped by Hollywood. Dads are jerks in most commercials Homosexual characters almost always garner sympathy. Even our Catholic church is silent about it all, just like the hierarchy is silent about abortion. There are all pro-illegal immigrant.

    Things will get worse before they get better. I have to make sure my sons are ready for it.
    Hollywood is a garbage factory. More people need to realize that.

  13. reading about exorcisms has convinced me that gender confusion or sexual perversion are favorite tools of the Beast. Especially he relishes humankind calling deviant sex “love”. Blasphemy on top of it all.

  14. I was born inclined to sin. I have chosen to sin many times. I try not to. I was born in the image and likeness of God. He wants me back with Him – he dearly wants me to choose-freely-to be back with Him forever. I try to choose Him, I try to turn to Him, I am trying to get back to be with Him for all eternity. My inclination to sin is not of Him-it is of man. The inclination -with me as made – does not make any sin good. I can freely choose driving down the road to ignore the center line and to ignore the curb-I am so wondrously made I can freely choose to cross the center line and choose to freely drive over the curb – and this means I do not get down the road to my destination, or at the very least I am delayed, and possibly injured. God’s voice in us, our conscience, is the center line and the curb-put there not to inhibit our joy of the road, but to get us, straightway as possible and without detour, back to Him. Being born inclined to sin does not make me sin – I make me sin, I choose sin. It would be easy to say “Since I was inclined to that, I am not responsible for that, I did not act freely.” But between the inclination and the act is my free will – which makes me like God. Guy McClung, San Antonio

  15. Everyone, including myself, probably does “know someone who is gay” in the sense of being acquainted with at least one person who identifies as such. I can think of at least four people that I either worked with or attended school with that I know for sure are gay, and another person I am presently acquainted with whom I strongly suspect is gay. But, if I stop and think about how many people I’ve ever had any acquaintance with in my lifetime, that list would probably be in the hundreds, and I’m not exactly a social butterfly. That probably also leads people to overestimate the percentage of gays/lesbians in the population. Even if only 1 or 2 people out of every 100 is gay, that’s enough for most people to say they “know” several people who are.

  16. Shawn Marshall: “reading about exorcisms has convinced me that gender confusion or sexual perversion are favorite tools of the Beast. Especially he relishes humankind calling deviant sex “love”. ”
    Love desires that the loved one be given offspring, a legacy, a posterity. To love someone means to want more of them, to care for them spiritually and physically. Denying their eternal life and the immortal soul of the partner cannot be called love. If anything, it is mutual survival, a desperation, without hope, and certainly without endurance. Friendship is a gift from God and sodomy destroys friendship.

  17. Early reports, which could be wrong, say Ireland is voting for same sex “marriage.” A hit for civilization and a huge hit for the Church. Very sad times.

  18. Maybe part of it is that the tactics used to mainstream active homosexuality are the same as that used for “normalizing” black Americans?
    (Open tactical statement, not an observation about the equivalence– there’s a reason the moronic claims that sex is the same as ancestry are so popular, even though logically that would mean that the racists were right, there is a huge biological difference between black and white, if objecting to male/male vs male/female pairings is an equivalent wrong.)

    The self-identified African American population is a bit under 20% of the population. Bet that a number of the storylines are flat-out cut-and-pastes from when they were “teaching” us with The Cosby Show.

    It’s not going to work out because it’s not the same, though; I know several people who have no moral objection to homosexuality who are not against “gay rights” because the activists are showing their colors as nasty bullies.

  19. “Early reports, which could be wrong, say Ireland is voting for same sex “marriage.” A hit for civilization and a huge hit for the Church. Very sad times.”

    Sad, but no surprise. Catholic bashing is now the national sport of the Republic of Ireland, with the Church in complete collapse and much of the leadership of the Church eager to go the Anglican path to becoming the Church of the Zeitgeist of the chattering classes.

  20. Pope Francis enjoys an interactive role with the public and in current affairs. What level of persuasiveness did Pope Francis have on this issue with church members and the worshiping left? I wonder how many voters pulled the lever for same sex “marriage” with the words “Who am I to judge?” echoing in their head.
    I guess Malta is next?

  21. NPR is interviewing a Dubliner right now. What a sad day…but the Holy Spirit and the Birthday of Our Holy Church will not be saddened, because Grace will trump sin.

  22. Since as the Irish have shown us we can determine by vote what is an act of virtue and what is a sin, we will soon be voting on whether or not we have rights to bestiality and necrophilia in America – rights hidden in the penumbras of the Bill Of Rights so long ago by our wise forefathers. If yo think this is ludicrous or unreal, think back to the USA in 1960 and how you would be laughed out of the room if you had said abortion on demand would be the law of the land or that one day the Supreme Court would hear a case about two men or two women “getting married.” No doubt new constitutional bestiality rights and necrophilia rights are there just waiting to be discovered and promulgated. Once these virtuous acts are established by vote [or by divine wise judges if the vote happens to go he wrong way] – the question will be if laws are unconstitutional that prohibit pubic sexual intercourse with my favorite goat and my dead grandmother’s corpse in public, and on a float during the NY City St Pats Day Parade led by the Cardinal Archbishop of NY. The ACLU will win these lawsuits. Meanwhile others will be in jail for saying in an email that this or that is a sin-because that will be a hate crime. And if you want more silliness, consider the right to incest. Guy McClung, San Antonio

  23. I am overjoyed that I am not Irish. This news simply provides additional support for my hypothesis that the majority of Irish that failed to emigrate were useless, low-life scum.
    And, who am I to judge?

  24. Patrick is my Confirmation and Patron Saint’s name. (And is Walsh Irish?) The news from the Old Sod is troubling indeed but we rather reflect on the following excerpt of our patron’s story as it concerns his last prayer for the Irish:

    In the far west of Connaught there is a range of tall mountains, which, arrayed in rugged majesty, bid defiance to the waves and storms of the Atlantic. At the head of this range arises a stately cone in solitary grandeur, about 4000 feet in height, facing Clew Bay, and casting its shadow over the adjoining districts of Aghagower and Westport. This mountain was known in pagan times as the Eagle Mountain, but ever since Ireland was enlightened with the light of Faith it is known as Croagh Patrick, i.e. St. Patrick’s mountain, and is honoured as the Holy Hill, the Mount Sinai, of Ireland.

    St. Patrick, in obedience to his guardian angel, made this mountain his hallowed place of retreat. In imitation of the great Jewish legislator on Sinai, he spent forty days on its summit in fasting and prayer, and other penitential exercises. His only shelter from the fury of the elements, the wind and rain, the hail and snow, was a cave, or recess, in the solid rock; and the flagstone on which he rested his weary limbs at night is still pointed out. The whole purpose of his prayer was to obtain special blessings and mercy for the Irish race, whom he evangelized. The demons that made Ireland their battlefield mustered all their strength to tempt the saint and disturb him in his solitude, and turn him away, if possible, from his pious purpose. They gathered around the hill in the form of vast flocks of hideous birds of prey. So dense were their ranks that they seemed to cover the whole mountain, like a cloud, and they so filled the air that Patrick could see neither sky nor earth nor ocean. St. Patrick besought God to scatter the demons, but for a time it would seem as if his prayers and tears were in vain. At length he rang his sweet-sounding bell, symbol of his preaching of the Divine truths. Its sound was heard all over the valleys and hills of Erin, everywhere bringing peace and joy. The flocks of demons began to scatter. He flung his bell among them; they took to precipitate flight, and cast themselves into the ocean. So complete was the saint’s victory over them that, as the ancient narrative adds, “for seven years no evil thing was to be found in Ireland.”

    The saint, however, would not, as yet, descend from the mountain. He had vanquished the demons, but he would now wrestle with God Himself, like Jacob of old, to secure the spiritual interests of his people. The angel had announced to him that, to reward his fidelity in prayer and penance, as many of his people would be gathered into heaven as would cover the land and sea as far as his vision could reach. Far more ample, however, were the aspirations of the saint, and he resolved to persevere in fasting and prayer until the fullest measure of his petition was granted. Again and again the angel came to comfort him, announcing new concessions; but all these would not suffice. He would not relinquish his post on the mountain, or relax his penance, until all were granted. At length the message came that his prayers were heard:
    •many souls would be free from the pains of purgatory through his intercession;
    •whoever in the spirit of penance would recite his hymn before death would attain the heavenly reward;
    •barbarian hordes would never obtain sway in his Church;
    •seven years before the Judgment Day, the sea would spread over Ireland to save its people from the temptations and terrors of the Antichrist; and
    •greatest blessing of all, Patrick himself should be deputed to judge the whole Irish race on the last day.

    Such were the extraordinary favors which St. Patrick, with his wrestling with the Most High, his unceasing prayers, his unconquerable love of heavenly things, and his unremitting penitential deeds, obtained for the people whom he evangelized.

    Hmmmn!! Seven years before Judgment Day!! ~wpw

  25. William P. Walsh.

    My mothers family are from County Armagh. You brought much happiness in your retelling this Great Story.
    God bless you.

  26. Now, if the vote in Ireland for same-sex marriage can remove hell from the truths of eternity, let them vote again and again. In hell, these same-sex marriage fellows will be blaming the Catholic Church for letting them go there. except that Michelangelo’s Last Judgement Is showing them how it is going to be for them without a single word. The same-sex marriage supporters have not voted God out of heaven. They have voted themselves into hell. The Catholic Church has no say over who goes to hell and who goes to heaven. It is a free will choice.

  27. The Leprechauns have fled from Ireland, taking the metaphysical world of imagination, creativity and abstract thought with them and away from those who dredge truth into the filth of another person’s a$$hole. The only vote against same-sex marriage came from the assaulted and victimized colon who was not queried as to how he felt about it. The a$$hole voted “NO”. The colonoscopy performed by homosexuals without a medical license is impersonating a medical doctor and fraud. It may even be medical malpractice. Torn rectums may be entitled to indemnity. Lawsuit alert.

  28. Philip, you are welcome. The excerpt is from the Catholic Encyclopedia at New Advent. org where one may read the entire article. My family is from County Cavan to which I have not been but one of our sons has and reports as quite nice. God Bless you too.

  29. Donald R McClarey wrote “Catholic bashing is now the national sport of the Republic of Ireland, with the Church in complete collapse and much of the leadership of the Church eager to go the Anglican path to becoming the Church of the Zeitgeist of the chattering classes.”

    Religion in Ireland has always been more a matter of tribal identity that personal conviction. Here in Ayrshire and throughout the West of Scotland, where we have a large Irish Diaspora, public houses are commonly described as being “Orange” or “Fenian” respectively, these terms being used interchangeably with “Protestant” and “Catholic.”

    As for “the leadership of the Church,” one suspects that, for many, the clerical profession was simply a moyen de parvenir in a country where other opportunities for advancement were very limited; pedestrian or worse in point of learning, devoid of the social graces and whose fabled Irish eloquence deserts them in the pulpit.

  30. Wow- very impressed with Ted Cruz! AND through his mother he has Irish ancestry.

    Mary DeVoe -: “They have voted themselves into hell” very strong and frightening statement. True too.
    Appreciate William Patrick Walsh’s contribution to comments!

  31. Thank you Guy McClung and Anzlyne. I am afraid I got out of line with my following comment and still it is the ugly truth. Even my brain stops working when I am infuriated. William P. Walsh : “•barbarian hordes would never obtain sway in his Church;.

    The following comment is posted over at TEN THOUGHTS ON THE IRISH DEBACLE:
    The Catholic Church grants annulments to a married couple, a man and a wife who do not consummate the marital act. An annulment means that there never was a marriage. This defines marriage as the consummation of the marital act. Sodomy does not constitute the consummation of the marital act. Ireland has lost its mind.
    The man and the woman consummate the marital act and consummate the marriage. The court, the voting public, the majority of voters do not a marriage make. Only the man and the woman who consummate the marital act make marriage. No decree by the courts, or legislation can make marriage. Only the man and the woman who consummate the marital act make marriage. I said that already.
    Thank you Donald McClarey for Simba. Only marital instinct could get him through the door.
    Now, we all are to become closet Christians. Our freedom of conscience is denied us and usurped by the Court. The Court will tell us what to believe and how to worship. if or when the court acknowledges our conscience. The soul has been denied its existence since atheism has removed the Person of God from the public square. Denied sovereign personhood and freedom, what is there left to be considered citizenship? The state is prohibited from establishing atheism as a state religion. One world government under the devil….

  32. Mary De Voe; “One world government under the Devil…”

    Then the terrible & great day will arrive.

    Mary. Your comments are, as always, dead on. Have a blessed holiday.

  33. Have no fear, truth will out and Truth (yep-capital “T” – you know who He is) wins all battles. Someone-maybe ABe Lincoln, said something like”If you call a dog’s tail a leg, does it have 5 legs? No, calling a tail a leg doesn’t make it a leg.” Governments (and that always means a group of people, be they demonic or not) may try all they like to change nature and to change human nature simply by saying so, but it never works. Just ask those who lived under the former atheist communist Soviet Russia regime and how it tried to make via law and proclamation a “new” nature for man. And so re: Obama’s Reich. All such efforts fail – I just wish the current ones would fail sooner than later. All-have a full of wonder weekend. Guy McClung

  34. Guy McClung, how interesting is your reference to “Obama’s Reich”. F.A. Hayek, in “The Road to Serfdom” observes that after the delusion of socialism is inevitably manifest, the subsequent phase is Corporatism/Fascism. We have long dabbled in Socialism. It has failed. What Obama presides over is Fascism. Pray that all those who we honor today shall not have died in vain.

  35. Pray that all those who we honor today shall not have died in vain.

    No matter what stage we’re at, they bought us time— so it can’t have been in vain.

  36. Ted Cruz.



    (excuse the cap’s, but son-of-a-gun…That’s the way you Do It!)

  37. The Left has convinced me it is pro-death: They support abortion, euthanasia and the sterile couplings of homosexuals. God told us we had to choose between life and death. It is clear to me what the Left has chosen and continues to chose despite the truth being told to them daily by Christianity.

  38. @Catholic Dan: well spoken. Their foolishness is incomprehensible to me. Only the father of lies can weave such a veil [of darkness]. You wonder how they think they will survive[live] and stay in power when they murder themselves [abortion, euthanasia, contraception, etc.] and contract as you aptly called it, sterile “unions”. Makes no sense to me whatsoever.
    Then you realise it is not about them, but about hatred for God and what follows from it: the hatred of those in his image [humans especially Jews and Christians] and seeking their destruction.

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