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From the only reliable source of Catholic news on the net, Eye of the Tiber:


New Haven, CT––The Knights of Columbus, which are made up of wealthy white men and organized into Jurisdictions, Districts, and Councils boasting of over 14,000 local units in America alone, were founded by Fr. Michael J. McGivney, who was totally a real person and whose real name was, no joke, “McGivney,” with the mission, “to prevent Catholic men from entering secret societies whose membership was antithetical to Church teaching.” Upon entrance, a new Knight is given the title “First Degree” during a ceremony to which no one who is not a member is invited. After serving in the Knights for a certain un-specified amount of time and attending their meetings (which are not closed off except to those who have not gained membership in the Knights), the member enters the “Second Degree” by partaking in a ritual service which is entirely open to all who are members of the Knights of Columbus. Similar events happen during the “Third” and “Fourth” degree ceremonies. “Joining the Knights of Columbus is quite simple,” said Second Degree Knight Robert Burkens. “One simply must be a male, over 18, and Catholic, and current Knights will seek him out and badger him to join, treating him as somehow not truly Catholic until he does. The Insurance policy is completely optional, but recommended, since soon-to-be St. John Paul II was once quoted as saying ‘The Knights of Columbus Insurance Policy is the right hand of the Catholic Church.’”

When asked to comment Pope Francis said, If I comment will they make me wash potatoes for the fish fry again?

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  1. I love them.

    They stand in 26 degree below freezing weather to man the drop off station for food pantry’s. (Feb. Food drive campaign because the shelves were getting thin.)

    They provided a modest financial gift for a family who lost their home to a fire.

    They washed potatoes and fried the fish so an ultrasound machine might save the life of an unborn child in the womb of a scared mother considering abortion.

    They visit the sick and aged in nursing homes and hospitals, praying at their bedside.

    They teach young men honor and devotion through their actions and prayers.

    They are the spine in a spineless society, picking the crawling culture up and proudly getting it to stand on its own feet, unafraid and resolute in its mission to Serve.

    I love the Knights of Columbus.

    I’m a better man because of it.

    Philip Nachazel
    Third degree
    Council number 11664
    Lake Leelanau Michigan.

  2. I am a third degree Knight Philip. I pay my dues faithfully although I am ashamed to say that is the extent of my involvement. In many parishes they are the unsung heroes of the Church.

  3. Nothing to be ashamed about Donald.
    Your dues help the brothers in the trenches.
    Also. Our service to our neighbors comes in many ways. One of yours is this site.

  4. The American Catholic is a great work. I must agree with Philip. The knights in New Jersey collect $4,000 for the mentally disabled on Saturdays in front of supermarkets. The knights have their official appointments in church. In church, all are included.

  5. 4th Degree here. Other than becoming Catholic in 2008 joining the Knights was probably the best thing I’ve done in my life. I have met some of the finest men in the world. Just wish I had became Catholic earlier so I could have been a Knight longer. God speed to you Donald and all my fellow Knights of Columbus.

  6. Knights-Please either rehabiitate or kick out office holders, esp at tne national level, esp Democrats [although there are such whited sepulchres in all parties] who say the are prolife, “personally opposed” to abortion, etc., but who continue to support the Party Of Death Democrats. And for that matter, kick out any priest or bishop who is Democrat or who is proDemocrat. I hope you all don’t go the way of the BSA. Guy McClung, San Antonio

  7. Guy.

    Understood and strongly agree with you.

    Not long ago a council was reprimanded for straying away from Holy Church doctrine. Thank God the local Bishop acted and matters were resolved.

    BSA is going to suffer much for following the blind.

  8. I consider myself privileged to be a 4th degree Knight, though I spent 31 years, until 2008 as a first degree Knight. Our local council is over 400 Knights and our two year old 4th degree Assembly is well over 100. Both complimentary, and occasionally competitive, organizations seem to have adopted a mission “to make every other ministry at the parish successful.” I applaud what they do, and I am grateful to occasionally add my small talents to their projects,

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