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The long Memorial Day Weekend gave me time to look at statistics of the blogs I am involved with.  Here are the top ten most popular posts for Almost Chosen People, the American history blog that I and Paul Zummo run:


Magna Carta  9,548
Jefferson and Rousseau – On Democracy  7,378
Washington at Prayer  7,085
Edmund Burke and the American Revolution  6,590
Sam Houston and Secession  4,468
Top Ten Movies for the Fourth of July  3,939
Federalist 51 – Madison 3,438
July 5th, 1775: The Olive Branch Petition  3,192
Battle of Bunker Hill  2,570
John Adams Meets King George III 2,553

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  1. Glad you posted this. I didn’t know y’all had this history blog. Gives me a chance to post more good history stuff. Boy do we need it.

  2. Micha Elyi said:
    “Consider revising that to “Paul Zummo and I”.

    Micha, Twitter has a “Grammar Fanatic.” You might consider following them. ;-D

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