Bernie Sanders and the Pope

You know that you are living in odd times when a socialist Senator from Vermont and the Pope seem to have similar deranged economic ideas.  From Saint Corbinian’s Bear:


When it comes to spending, what thing in the world comes after food, clothing and medicine? The fourth is cosmetics and the fifth are pets. That is serious. Pet care is like love that is somewhat programmed; that is, I can program the loving response of a dog or a little cat, and I do not need to have the experience of love with human reciprocity. I am exaggerating, so do not take it literally, but it is to make you think.

Sorry boys, Pope said you gotta go.


By the way, you shall not be surprised to learn that the Pope’s rankings are bogus.


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  1. This is where I stop being a doctrinaire conservative and admit that he’s right in general if not in specific economic detail. We shouldn’t have our economic choices limited in terms of pets or deodorant or whatever, but it does say something about our culture and society that we spend spend spend on stupid pets, while our families rot.

    Francis has “gone off” on the pet issue before… a while back he criticized couples with “two cats and a dog,” but no kids. Well, as a millennial, I know dozens and dozens of couples like this, even family members. It’s bizarre to see so many people obsess over their dogs but remain childless for years.

    Francis isn’t very smart, but we can give him credit when he’s generally in the ballpark.

  2. First it is reported the Pope said pets go to Heaven. Then it is reported the Pope said don’t have pets. I believe nothing that is reported.
    As for Bernie Sanders, he is a drop out dope smoking commie pinko hippie nit wit who is largely responsible for the premature decommissioning of a perfectly well functioning nuclear power plant – Vermont Yankee – where I once taught training courses a life time ago. I despise, loathe, abhor, detest and hold in utter contempt and disdain that piece of godless liberal progressive eco-wacko anti-nuclear secular humanist asininity.

  3. I found his pets comment understandable in a certain perspective. There are some couples substituting raising children with raising pets. Pets can give a programmed love, and some people are taken to that vs. the sometimes unpredictability of raising a child.
    This comment is not what I found worrisome in Pope Francis’ dialogue. It’s all the other stuff (if translated accurately).
    Poverty the center of the Gospel? (John 3:16;12:3,7-8)
    Loving to be loved by the people and known as the good guy? (John 15:18-22)

  4. This is very odd. Not long ago Bergoglio was complaining
    that Catholic families were breeding like rabbits. Now,
    he complains that people are spending too much of
    their resources on pets.

  5. People accused of spending too much money on pets at the expense of having children are people who do not want children. Therefore they substitute pets for children.

    Those of us at the end of the baby boom years (generally speaking the baby boom ended in 1964) and I am almost 52, do not know how much radical enviornmental junk science has been shoved down the throats of Gen X, Gen Y and the millenials.

    Many (not all, but a lot) of teen boys used to argue about Ford versus Chevy versus Dodge. Think that happens anymore? I heard it a lot. Northeast Ohio had factories for all three companies and boys argued about that almost unceasingly. Since the Exxon Valdez, the enviro-terrorists have been relentless. Cars are bad. Too many people are bad. Factories are bad. New housing subdivisions are labeled “McMansions” just like the media attacked SUVs 10 years ago. One never heard “SUV” without hearing “gas-guzzling” in front of it.

    Meanwhile, Al Gore flies all over the world ranting and raving about enviro-doom and the media never calls him out on his lack of credentials or his hypocrisy. Hollywood types told us that we had ten years to clean the oceans or we would all die. That was 11 or 12 years ago.

    We have endured more than two years of the current pontificate and if anything is certain, we Catholics who take our faith seriously (and let me add that I am a sinner who needs the Sacrament of Confession) realize that the current Roman Pontiff talks about things that are outside of his circle of knowledge, talks without thinking things through or bothering to consider the effect his words have and has surrounded himself with others who share his narrow worldview.

    The Roman Pontiff criticizes what he thinks is capitalism. Free market economics do not exist in his native country and he has shown no interest in learning anything about them, even though the Acton Institute could straighten him out. I suspect the Acton Institute could do nothing to educate +Rodriguez Maradiaga.

    The Church hierarchy has long misunderstood economics, usually favoring government intervention in order to “give preferential treatment to the poor”, without doing a damned thing to end poverty.

  6. Here is my concern. Bergoglio is a stubborn leftist who supports
    the commie left’s position on climate control. This radical environmental
    movement advocates, in the name of the environment or the planet, population
    control and restricting the use of limited resources through massive
    taxation, which will severely restrict people’s spending habits – in this
    case on pets and cosmetics. The commie left’s goal is to have people
    wearing Mao jackets, living in a small 200 square foot room, consuming
    one bowl of gruel with one piece of stale bread, riding bikes for
    transportation, and having one child. In my opinion that is the goal,
    or something like it.

  7. Really, the amount someone spends on something tells us nothing about the relative importance he attaches to it.

    The fact that I spend five or six times more on my horses than I do on food does not mean my horses are more important to me than food; it simply means my appetite for food is not insatiable and that food is rather cheap, leaving me with sufficient disposable income to satisfy my tastes for other things.

    Again, I spend about £3 a week on bread and about £40 a month on a bottle of single malt. Nevertheless, if it were a question of going without bread altogether or whiskey altogether, I should probably forego the whiskey.

    I once heard a conversation between a mother and daughter at Royal Ascot. The daughter, obviously an earnest young woman, said reproachfully, “What you spent on that hat would keep a poor family for a week.”
    “Yes, darling and it probably did” replied the mother.

  8. Penguins Fan-the bill of particulars for this Pope grows almost daily. What I find annoying is the imprudent and undisciplined expressions of what we use to call prudential judgment. It is an irony lost on His Holiness that by stating ignorance as knowledge, or worse as truth, he lacks the humility he so esteems.

    Franco–you will soon see that the Pope’s leftist proclamations will enter the American political battleground. Someone like Santorum won’t stand a chance as he tries to explain why Catholics don’t have to listen to leftist pablum pouring forth from the Occupy Vatican crowd.

    Michael—what are you drinking these days…always looking for a good recommendation under triple digits of course— I don’t want to offend anyone by spending too much on the good nectar.

  9. Cthemfly25 asks, “Michael—what are you drinking these days…always looking for a good recommendation under triple digits of course…”

    I am very partial to the Islay malts, like Bowmore, Lagavulin and Laphroaig, with their rich, peaty flavours.
    By way of variety, I like some of the Speyside malts, the light ones like Glenlivet or the sweet,sherried ones, like the Macallan.
    In my opinion, they should all be sipped neat, at room temperature. Whiskey and soda is an English abomination, but hardly surprising, considering the industrial-grade grain alcohol that enterprising Scots have induced them to buy in large quantities, under the denomination of “whiskey.”

  10. Just found your website and read some of these comments. Have to get off asap as I have rarely seen such UGLINESS associated with a Catholic publication— . Perhaps you should submit your entire enterprise to the Vatican Exorcist. But then the flag waving icons………and their typical pea brain connotations should have been a clue.

  11. Flag waving … pea brain connotations…?
    Mary. Have you no experience of love and pride in our country ?
    I know you say it’s pea brained, but there Is a certain intellectual appreciation for what binds us together. But, more than intellect , there is LOVE. Not just love of liberty, or love of philosophical ideals, or love of Virtue…but just Love.
    You speak of hatred here in these posts, but you have misunderstood. It is Love that corrects and reprimands and hopes to reform.
    Sometimes there are hard words here, true. I have had to write to Donald and say please take down what I just wrote. I was angry and hurt. but that kind of bad acting is not typical of what happens on this blog. I think you should continue to explore and discuss and learn and love with the rest of us. But keep your mind open – it is the only way communication>growth happens.

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