PopeWatch: Irish Snakes

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  1. he said; “snakes have had a bad rap in the past. They have good points ya know. I believe an open dialogue and open mind is essential to building a community where snakes, abortion, self-mutilation, incest and bestiality can be harmonized into a island of love. Afterall, who are we to judge?”

  2. I’m stealing this from Instapundit. The mere (former Saxon terminology) Irish have been “fundamentally transformed.”
    They can go to Hell.

  3. I watch the toxic ascent & acceptance of homosexual sin, socialism, paganism and pray that much more. And when I feel discouraged I remember that such times were foretold and we will survive. Maybe not as individuals but as a church. JMJ

  4. @FMShyanguya : “@Mary De Voe …Er…the Irish have asked for [a] snake[s] … correction, invited in the snakes.”
    Yes,@FMShyanguya , you are correct.

  5. The State cannot pass laws that are “ex post facto”, laws that are made after the act is done. Article I section 3.
    To redefine marriage, to redefine the human being, to alter sovereign personhood, to interpose the state into the privacy of conscience, informed consent and inter personal relationships with God, burdens the free exercise of religion and is “ex post facto” , unconstitutional. Hopefully, Ireland will remember truth.

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