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Obama the Jew

  “For generations to come, all will be told of the miracle of the immense planes from the United States bringing in the materiel that meant life to our people.”

Golda Meir, Prime Minister of Israel during the Yom Kippur War


Well, if Bill Clinton could claim to be our first black president…  Ben Shapiro at Breitbart gives us this latest example of identity politics run amok:

On Tuesday, former Obama advisor David Axelrod informed an Israeli television channel that President Obama considers himself “the closet thing to a Jew that has ever sat in this office.” Obama’s deep and abiding connection to Jewish identity is obviously rooted in his ethnic background, connected to Jews via (?); his ideological ties to Jews, such as (?); and a profound connection with the state of Israel as evidenced by (?).

In actuality, Obama is about as Jewish as George Wallace was black.

But Obama spouted this drivel in order to whine about his treatment at the hands of commentators who, not having undergone full frontal lobotomies, can identify his animus for the Jewish state. “You know,” he allegedly told Axelrod, “I think I am the closest thing to a Jew that has ever sat in this office. For people to say that I am anti-Israel, or, even worse, anti-Semitic, it hurts.”

Go here to read the rest.  I am old enough to recall when some presidents attempted to be thought of as presidents of all the people and that what they wanted to be regarded as was that they were competent presidents.  Old fashioned, I know.

Richard Nixon who resigned in disgrace was known for making anti-Semitic remarks in private, but here is how he acted during the Yom Kippur War crisis for Israel per Front Page:

Nixon’s Day of Judgment

If two-thirds of American Jewish voters had had their way, the man sitting in the White House at that critical moment would have been George McGovern. Though Nixon in 1972 doubled his share of the Jewish vote from the paltry 17 percent he received four years earlier, his Democratic opponent – an isolationist who spoke of drastic military cutbacks, had stated that Israel should not be allowed to use U.S.-supplied planes over Arab territory, and whose closest political allies were not exactly known for holding staunchly pro-Israel views – received the support of 65 percent of Jewish voters.

Fortunately for Israel, Nixon crushed McGovern among non-Jewish voters and easily won a second term. Now, a year after the election, Israel’s fate was very much in Nixon’s hands.

Precise details of what transpired in Washington during the first week of the Yom Kippur War are hard to come by, due mainly to conflicting accounts given by Kissinger and Secretary of Defense James Schlesinger regarding their respective roles.

What is clear, from the preponderance of information provided by those who witnessed or were involved with the unfolding events, is that Nixon – overriding inter-administration objections and bureaucratic inertia – implemented a breathtaking transfer of arms. During a 32-day period beginning October 14, jumbo U.S. military aircraft touched down in Israel 567 times, delivering some 22,300 tons of material. This enabled Israel to reverse its earlier setbacks, surround the Egyptians in the Sinai, and advance deep into Syrian territory.

This was accomplished, as Walter J. Boyne noted in an article in the December 1998 issue of Air Force Magazine, while “Washington was in the throes of not only post-Vietnam moralizing on Capitol Hill but also the agony of Watergate, both of which impaired the leadership of Richard M. Nixon. Four days into the war, Washington was blindsided again by another political disaster – the forced resignation of Vice President Spiro Agnew.”

According to those with firsthand knowledge, it was Nixon’s stubborn insistence that propelled the massive arms transfer, code-named Operation Nickel Grass.

“Both Kissinger and Nixon wanted to do [the airlift],” said former CIA deputy director Vernon Walters, “but Nixon gave it the greater sense of urgency. He said, ‘You get the stuff to Israel. Now. Now.'”

Boyne, in his book The Two O`Clock War, describes a high-level White House meeting on October 9:

As preoccupied as he was with Watergate, Nixon came straight to the point, announcing that Israel must not lose the war. He ordered that the deliveries of supplies, including aircraft, be sped up and that Israel be told that it could freely expend all of its consumables – ammunition, spare parts, fuel, and so forth – in the certain knowledge that these would be completely replenished by the United States without any delay.

Alexander Haig, who at the time was White House chief of staff, writes in his memoir Inner Circles:

As soon as the scope and pattern of Israeli battle losses emerged, Nixon ordered that all destroyed equipment be made up out of U.S. stockpiles, using the very best weapons America possessed….Whatever it takes, he told Kissinger…save Israel.

Leonard Garment recalled:

It was Nixon who did it. I was there. As [bureaucratic bickering between the State and Defense departments] was going back and forth, Nixon said, This is insane….He just ordered Kissinger, Get your [behind] out of here and tell those people to move. “

When Schlesinger initially wanted to send just three transports to Israel because he feared anything more would alarm the Arabs and the Soviets, Nixon snapped: “We are going to get blamed just as much for three as for 300…Get them in the air, now.”

Haig recalls that Nixon, frustrated with the initial delays in implementing the airlift and aware that the Soviets had begun airlifting supplies to Egypt and Syria, summoned Kissinger and Schlesinger to the Oval Office on October 12 and “banished all excuses.” The president asked Kissinger for a precise accounting of Israel`s military needs, and Kissinger proceeded to read aloud from an itemized list.

“Double it,” Nixon ordered. “Now get the hell out of here and get the job done.”

Go here to read the rest.  We live in a time of deep mendacity when words substitute for deeds.  Words can be as empty as the hot air that propels them, but our deeds, usually, remain behind after we are gone as our true legacy.

Did his (Nixon’s) personal attitudes have any effect on his dealing with Israel and with Jews? None. He supplied arms and unflinching support when our very existence would have been in danger without them. Let his comments be set against his actions. And I`ll choose actions over words any day of the week.

Chaim Herzog, President of Israel


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  1. I see no reason why Odumber shouldn’t be called our first “Jewish” president. Most of his advisors and financial backers were Jews, and 60% of the Jews in this country voted for him. It’s a pity he didn’t run for president of Israel, he never would have been elected there!

  2. Collateral damage: by analogizing his anti-Americanism and Marxism to Judaism, the zero is giving ammunition to the anti-Semite rabble.

  3. I have never understood why Jews in America generally take the suicidal path and vote Democrat. How very odd.

  4. Paul: I suspect it is because the “Jews” in the US are in fact socialists, and it has been my observation that socialists are socialists first before they are anything else–be it Jews, or Catholics or Pro-Life Democrats, or whatever.

  5. Hm, I start to see why my dad still thinks fairly highly of Nixon, AKA the guy who got caught.
    Paul– to support DJ’s statement, it’s the same reason that “Catholics” in the US frequently vote pro-abort. We just don’t have as many generations of cultural-Catholics as there are cultural-Jews.

  6. Nixon was a true friend of Israel.
    I couldn’t vote for President Nixon in 1968 b/c I was 17 years old. I voted him in in 1972. He opened up China and started détente with Russia. He got us out of Vietnam. The reds and the vietcongress needed him out of office or he would have enforced the Paris Peace Accords and bombed NV back into the stone age in the Spring 1975.
    Watergate was one-tenth as horrid a tyrannical act as was the IRS tea party clampdown, Fast and Furious, and about 50 executive orders that Obama committed. The idiot plumbers thought (I imagine) they could find a “smoking gun” in the commie-sympathizer DNC office. Clinton and Obama and their media protectors would have buried such a third-rate burglary on page D-13, and you’d never have heard of it.
    I was in the military at the time. Nixon was a great man. He had us, including USAF/SAC, up on DEFCON 3 (this is not an exercise) real time alert during the Yom Kippur b/c the Russians threatened to drop a couple divisions of paras into the Sinai to stop the IDF.

  7. Re: Why Jews vote Democratic

    Among Orthodox Jews, who make up about 10% of the Jewish population in the US, approximately 80% vote Republican. Among non-Orthodox Jews, who make up the other 90%, approximately 75-80% vote Democratic. As a general rule, the more traditional the religious belief, the more likely Jews are to vote Republican. Since these make up a small percentage of the Jewish vote, most Jews vote Democratic. Secularism has a long history among Jews in America; only 15% of Jews say that being Jewish is mainly about religion, rather than culture or ancestry.

    From most likely to vote Democratic to least likely: No denomination (30% of Jews), Reform (35% of Jews), Conservative (18% of Jews) and Orthodox (10% of Jews). The less that religion is considered central to one’s Jewishness, the more likely one is to vote Democratic.

    In 2008, 78% of Jews voted for Obama. In 2012, 69% did.

  8. I am a traditional Catholic with an interesting family dynamic: 50% of us are staunch to C&E Catholics, 30% are Jewish (both cultural & religious) 10% are Protestant & 10% are agnostic/atheist/pagan. The liberal Hew often votes for the Dems because of the (false!) “advertising” that Dems are “tolerant” of the minority. However, I believe in using the tools at our disposal and I frequently illustrate to family and friends that the greatest threats to Israel are on liberal college campuses with the bigotry of the divestment movement, the unwarranted sympathy for radical Palestinians, the fraud of the West Bank-is-occupied sentiment, etc. A sister-in-law who WAS a huge Hillionaire supporter, recently became a Republican when I showed her the true Dem colors regarding Israel. Barack Obamba is a petulant little fraud w/ too much power … and it shows. But shining a light on cockroaches makes them run for cover.

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