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  1. A walk through the local Wal-Mart has convinced me that this humble cadre of progressive men of the cloth has recognized that the human pieces has many varieties (one dogmatic truth doesn’t fit all)hence, pastoral care requires different doctrines rules for each….

  2. Don L.

    Is it that “one dogmatic truth doesn’t fit all” is based on timing, more than absolute? The recipient must be able to absorb the truths and if they are not capable at a given time it doesn’t mean they will never be receptive.

    It’s frustrating to watch dogmatic twisters ready to conform to errors instead of explaining, teaching and upholding dogmatic truth.

  3. Philip, I was making an attempt a satire–to a degree- but as to your point, I’m far more concerned with the “teachers/definers”” of doctrine than the recipient these days. There Is very little sophistication or intellect required to comprehend, “Thou shall not!”

  4. Don L.

    Your satire wasn’t lost, it’s only my lack of humor in this ongoing assault on Catholicism. Catholic Universities- Catholic Identity in general having been manipulated and twisted to fit the sinners consciences, instead of the conscience being formed by authentic Catholic teaching.

    Your correct regarding the most important concerns…true Catholic teaching and leadership.

    I’ll try to lighten up…it’s Saturday!!

  5. NOW HEAR THIS!!!…..UPI | Jun 05, 2015
    The Air Force announced a policy Thursday that makes it more difficult to discharge transgender service men and women, offering greater protections against discrimination based on gender identity.

    If a man were to say, “I am Napoleon” he would be considered mentally unfit to serve and given a Section 8 discharge. If he were to say,” I am Josephine”, they might give him a medal.

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