Tantum Ergo

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Saint of the Day Quote: Saint John the Dwarf

Humility and the fear of God are above all virtues. Saint John the Dwarf

PopeWatch: Subtle

From the General Audience of the Pope yesterday:   Dear brothers and sisters: In our catechesis on the Acts of the Apostles,

The Value of Work

Glorious St. Joseph, model of all who are devoted to labor, obtain for me the grace to work in the spirit of


  1. Thank you for posting this, Mr. McClarey. The Daughters of Mary have beautiful voices.
    While this is not my favorite version, it remains a beautiful version to listen to. I find it sad that the treasure trove of Catholic music that was written and performed in Latin is almost never sung or heard anymore unless it is at a Tridentine High Mass.

    There are many versions of the Kyrie Eleison as well. The following link is my favorite version (from the Missa de Angelis)

  2. I really do miss the beauty of the Latin Gregorian hymns. We have them occasionally during Benediction, and there is a slowly growing revival by some of the younger priests, who introduce some of the brief greeting in Latin – “The Loerd be with you.” – “Dominus vobiscum.”
    , “Ite, Missa est”. etc. and the Kyrie in the original Greek.
    Our previous assistant priest who has had his own parish now for four years, taught himself Latin, spent one of his 2 week holiday breaks with the FSSP priests in Australia, and now comes back to Tauranga once a month to say the TLM.
    Our new bishop, Steve Lowe, has also required that the TLM be said in the Cathedral Parish every week, and has recommended the three priests in our diocese who say the TLM to say it wherever it is asked for, at least once a month.
    There is a parish of Transalpine Redemptorists in the Christchurch diocese where the TLM is said regularly in a number of parishes, and I believe that the FSSP are seeking a place to set up here, from Australia. There is also a couple of parishes in the Palmerston North diocese where the FSSP have set up shop.

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