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If any pro-lifers ever get tired or discouraged, please remember that the fate of “Baby Francis”, tossed away at the dawn of life like so much used garbage, is what we are fighting against:

In a simple, but dignified ceremony this morning in a section of Gate of Heaven Cemetery set aside for the repose of babies, Bishop Thomas J. Tobin presided over a Christian burial service for the unborn child he named “Francis,” fulfilling a commitment he made to officials five months ago after a fetus was found floating amid the sewage at a nearby wastewater treatment facility.

A tiny white casket, with “Baby Francis 2015” inscribed on a gold plaque affixed to one end, and flanked by flowers and a small teddy bear, rested upon a portable pine altar as the burial service was conducted under a brilliant blue sky.

“Now, we must entrust the soul of Baby Francis to the abundant mercy of God so that this beloved child may find finally a home in his kingdom,” Bishop Tobin prayed before a gathering of about 20 individuals representing the diocese and its active Respect Life Office and Human Life Guild.

Despite a five-month investigation into the case, not much is known about the circumstances in which the unborn child ended up at the Bucklin Wastewater Treatment Facility on January 12, when a worker saw what at first appeared to be a doll floating amid the slurry in a collection area of the plant’s Screen and Grit Building, according to the East Providence Police Department.

At the time, the Bishop offered a “decent and proper burial” for the unborn child, also offering prayers for his parents and the situation that led them to dispose of a child in such a tragic way. The State Medical Examiner’s Office indicated the child was a male, about 19-20 weeks gestation, but could not release the body while its investigation was ongoing.

Go here to read the rest.  This is what all the pro-abort arguments come down to:  a dead child floating in sewage.  May God forgive us for the contempt with which so many of us treat His gracious gift of life.

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  1. A causality of War Donald, collateral damage from the imposters in public offices as political leaders. The liars like Hillary Clinton, Barrack Obama, Joe Biden et al. They cherish this act.
    They have no formed conscience. They have no courage. No. None!
    To them this innocent life represents a victory for women!

    To all political officers a mandate should be imposed that requires each of them to have a 26 x 48 framed poster in their offices depicting an image of baby Francis floating in a cesspool, as to remind them of their own destination as they suppress the truth of abortions and wax on about the “war on women.”

    I’m upset!
    I’m pissed and I do cry for these babies.

    To supporter’s of abortions on demand…go to hell!

  2. Strike the last comment.

    I wish no one to hell.

    I’m praying for those supporter’s of death. God have Mercy.

  3. I thought legalized abortion meant no back alley abortions. This looks very back alley to me.

    I’ll be praying for you today Baby Francis.

    Phillip, I know how you feel. I am mad and sad to read this kind of stuff. We are supposed to come to the defense of the defenseless. Isn’t that the big moral of the story in “A Few Good Men” was? The Hollywood which preaches such morals supports behavior exhibiting the very opposite. But, I digress.

  4. Kyle,

    It is Philip that posted and not me. We are two different people – he with one “l” and me with two.

    That being said, I respect his posts which in general very well thought out and well written. I can appreciate his anger in this matter.

  5. Jesus Christ one day will return to Earth riding that great white horse. He will then show His mercy for baby Francis and His mercy ain’t a’gonna be pretty.

  6. Phillip.

    Your message to Kyle included a kindness towards me. Your very gracious with your words and I thank you.

    @ Paul Primavera….. Amen!

  7. Traditionally, stillborn children, being unbaptized, were buried without ceremony in unconsecrated ground. Often a small, unconsecrated plot was left in the churchyard, on the north side of the church to receive their remains.
    In some parts of Scotland, along with unbaptized infants, their remains were considered unchancy and were buried at the boundary where three lairds’ lands met. So were suicides. I have never learned the origin of this custom.

  8. God bless Bishop Tobin for conducting a very beautiful public service for Baby Francis and at the same remindng all what an ugly and sinful act abortion is. In 2009 he wrote a public letter to Rep Patrick Kennedy, RI (D) admonishing him for his pro abort stance and instructing him that a Catholic politician cannot ignore Catholic moral teaching when he votes. The bishop went head to head with Chris Matthews on abortion and the law, and led the rosary in front of a Planned Parenthood clinic. We need more of our bishops to be brave.

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