PopeWatch: The Encyclical

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PopeWatch: Subtle

From the General Audience of the Pope yesterday:   Dear brothers and sisters: In our catechesis on the Acts of the Apostles,

The Value of Work

Glorious St. Joseph, model of all who are devoted to labor, obtain for me the grace to work in the spirit of

Like a Crucifix to Vampires

News that I missed courtesy of The Babylon Bee: U.S.—Antifa factions nationwide had planned a “deface Columbus day,” on which they intended


  1. This is more a parody, than a compilation of fact and science. I particularly point to the idiotic attempt in here that Al Gore and the leftist politics used to scare the ignorant into thinking the glaciers are melting (we did this?) by showing a calving glacier, which means (as my fourth graders knew) the exact opposite–that the ice was so heavy from the cold as to force the glacier to move down and outward to the seas and break off. (they’re called icebergs)
    Any child knows that melting ice recedes–it doesn’t grow.
    What an embarrassing piece of propaganda.

  2. The video is stupid and I would say childish except for Dan L’s comment below. Perhaps a child would know better.
    No electricity kills.
    Coal kills but less than no electricity.
    Oil kills but less than coal.
    Gas kills but less than oil.
    Wind, solar and hydro kill, but less than gas.
    Nuclear kills, but least of all.
    No one except for Enoch, Elijah, the Blessed Virgin Mary, and a handful of astronauts and cosmonauts is getting off the planet alive.
    And according to St. Peter’s second epistle, God – NOT man – will destroy heaven and earth with fervent heat, making the elements melt, to prepare for a new heaven and a new earth. Anthropogenic global warming will have nothing to do with it.

  3. The dance bit reminds me of the final scene in Bergman’a “The Seventh Seal” where Death dances with the victims he has claimed. BTW, I wonder if this is how Francis sees himself?

  4. John Muer, I had heard, was in Glacier Bay at the turn of the twentieth century. He asked, where did the glaciers go? Where indeed!
    It must of been the co² produced by the Canadian Mounties from 1830 thru 1900.
    You know those Mounties… Always burping up a storm.

  5. Don L: “What an embarrassing piece of propaganda”.

    “To change everything, we need everyone.” Could it be a statement against abortion and the declining birth numbers?

  6. The video is absurd. Without coal and oil, the world would be a far less prosperous place. without the commerce enabled by affordable sources of energy there would not be seven billion people alive in the world today. Nuclear energy is for the foreseeable future the only affordable alternative to fossil fuel. Yet, the Left opposes it. What would the Luddite-Left have us do? Are there poor and hungry among the many? Yes, and due for the most part to politics and persecution.

  7. Thank you, William P Walsh. Upwards of 4 million people die annually in 3rd world countries from not having electricity, that is to say, from the after effects of burning biomass (i.e., wood, straw, hay, twigs, grass, leaves, etc.).
    No electriciity kills, folks, and the damnable greenie eco-wacko nutty fruit cake dope smoking hippie yippie left wing liberal progressive Democrat dropouts know that because THEY don’t surrender use of THEIR fossil fueled vehicles nor do they refuse to buy electricity from fossil fuel generators for THEIR homes. When was the last time a liberal refused to buy electrical power from Consolidated Edison for his rich home in Westchester County, NY, or gasoline for his fuel-guzzling SUV, all the while whining about the dangers of coal and fracking and nuclear and the war for oil that he says Bush started?
    The Pope is stupid to buy into this excrement.

  8. Of course, we have yet to see the content of the encyclical, and I am loath to criticize a Pope. Yet, when I see the typical greenie kids with their no coal/no oil signs, I am amused. Most of them are probably from affluent families who became so due to the opportunities rendered possible by the very things the kids purport to oppose. How many would rather not have their technical toys, their automobiles, their education, and comfortable lifestyles’ How many would rather hoe corn, slop the hogs, and shovel manure? For that matter, how can career politicians such as Al Gore and Obama ignore the obvious implications of their green agenda. They say that we who are skeptical of the alarmist position doubt the truth of “science”. I wonder if they have any scientific knowledge at all.

  9. Needless to say, that very video would have been impossible to make without the coal, oil and gas it decries.

    I would love to come up with a parody of this thing, but you can’t make it look any more ridiculous.

  10. Taken as sarcasm or tongue in cheek, it is a funny parody. That people actually believe it is frightening.

  11. “There is a very good reason why Christ said that His Kingdom is not of this world, and would that His present Vicar would take that statement to heart, rather than taking sides in this buffoonish obsession of eco-fanatics, power hungry governments and scientists peddling politicized junk science.” When I read this impudent commentary from you, I felt hurt by the diminishing attitude toward the Holy Father. How you dare to try to teach him how to take the Lord’s words…? He is the Pope and if you present yourself as a member of a Catholic publication, it is your duty to respect the Holy Father. mainly when this issue has been a concern of the previous Popes as well. In my opinion your bias against Pope Francis is so obvious that you have lost all respect and credibility.

  12. “When I read this impudent commentary from you, I felt hurt by the diminishing attitude toward the Holy Father.”

    Popes are to be judged by their deeds like all men. Faithful Catholics do no good to Popes or the Faith by falsely elevating them to demi-God status.

    “How you dare to try to teach him how to take the Lord’s words…?”

    A Pope is above being corrected when he is wrong? That has never been the teaching of the Church.

    “He is the Pope and if you present yourself as a member of a Catholic publication, it is your duty to respect the Holy Father.”

    Yep, and part of that respect is to tell a Pope bluntly when he has made a bone-headed mistake.

    “In my opinion your bias against Pope Francis is so obvious that you have lost all respect and credibility.”

    There is no bias against the Pope. Rather a belief that the Pope has made a tragic mistake.

  13. There are statements in the encyclical that are from the standpoint of science and engineering wrong. For the Pope to use his august office to advance leftist propaganda like anthropogenic gloal warming shows his disrespect for his own office. The Church exists to save souls from hell, not to save the environment from man.

  14. What would the Luddite-Left have us do?

    I think they’d like for us to go away. Details, as always, to be worked out later by the most ruthless amongst them.
    As always.

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