Mark Shea on Climate Change


After the issuance of the Green Encyclical today I assume that Catholics will be debating global warming.  I thought we would kick off the debate here on TAC with Mark Shea representing both sides:


As you probably know, I’m skeptical of the Global Warming hype, not least because its marketers and packagers keep changing the name. First, it was “Global Warming,” then “Climate Change” (as if climate does anything besides change) and lately it’s “Global Climate Disruption.” I’m also skeptical that it is man made, and I think the dishonesty of some of the scientists in the field, not to mention the packagers and marketers, leaves me cold (clever pun, eh?). So, for instance, when I see evidence of rising sea levels that doesn’t always refer me back to the same remote island nobody knows anything about except that it might be a case of erosion and not rising sea levels, I will begin to take our melting ice caps more seriously.

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I have always expressed ignorance of the science for the very good reason that I am not a scientist. I have always granted the premise that there is climate change for the very good reason that change is what climate does. Beyond that, I have always left the matter in the hands of experts to hash out because what do I know?

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  1. “Then again I asked him: ‘Supposing the Pope looked up and saw a cloud and said ‘It’s going to rain’, would that be bound to happen?’ ‘Oh, yes, Father.’ ‘But supposing it didn’t?’ He thought a moment and said, “I suppose it would be sort of raining spiritually, only we were too sinful to see it.'”

  2. Even IF the globe was warming (which probably, since temperature has only 2 directions).

    Even IF humans have a role in it (which we do, it’s whether it’s substantial or not).

    It does NOT follow that global warming would actually harm or be bad for humans. Considering the historical record of many modern day nations unlivable due to ice and the observable fact that our food prefers heat and carbon dioxide, it seems that contrary to the predictions, global warming would be a good thing for humanity.

  3. Mark Shea is absolutely sure he’s right, no matter how many times he changes his mind! (Or what passes for a mind in his skull.)

  4. As we all know, a foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds.

    I guess Shea thinks it’s foolish to be consistent when his selective ultramontanism is on the line.

  5. Thanks. I was hoping someone would get around to this before Mark disappeared his prior inconvenient truths.
    “Go here to read the rest.” Nope.

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