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Saint Corbinian’s Bear discusses something that PopeWatch has been musing about:  the Green Encyclical may be the high water mark of Pope Francis:


We may be witnessing the high water mark of Pope Francis. The Bear has a feeling it’s downhill from here.

Why would the Bear say such a ridiculous thing now, of all times? The whole world has turned its gaze toward the Man in White.

First of all, what does he bring to the party, if it is permissible to put it like that? The only so-called science will be second-hand. Nothing new here. It’s not like he’s an expert in the field. The people who have been impressed with the climate change pseudologia fantastica thus far will continue to believe, and those who don’t, won’t. How many people do you think will really say, “Oh the Pope has come out on the subject of global warming, so I’m going to change my mind! Honestly, the Bear doesn’t think it will be very many.

The Bear does not expect many to actually read a 200-page encyclical. Sorry, but that’s the price you pay for writing a 200-page encyclical. The juiciest parts will be cherry-picked by talking heads. The shelf-life will be mercilessly short. The Bear does not expect this to have legs.

The release of the encyclical gives those playing along with global warming an opportunity to talk about it, and even do so in moral terms, which the encyclical will certainly include. And the climate realists will also get to sound off. Again, no big change. In order to be impressed by the moral implications of a scientific theory, one must be persuaded by the science.

Catholics will not change their minds. Expect liberal Catholics to bring up Humanae Vitae inappropriately, and type the phrase “cafeteria Catholic” a lot. The Bear does not recommend engaging them because they’re not really listening to your reasoned explanation.

The Bear believes it is unfortunate for a pope who is already suspect in some ways in the minds of many, to so unambiguously align himself with a goofy political fad and all its hangers on. The Bear’s theory is that global warming “ticks all the right boxes” for the Pope, economically and politically. He was powerless to resist. That’s about the most you can say.

Go here to read the rest.  When any leader takes a very controversial action, prestige and popularity are usually used up.  That is certainly the case with the Green Encyclical where Catholics who should be among the loyalest supporters of the Pope find themselves at odds with him.  The Pope will receive a lot of praise from sources usually highly critical of the Church, but at the end of the day what he is doing will weaken rather than strengthen the Church and build up a hard core of opposition to the Pope within the Church.



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  1. The question remains; is he not aware of all this fallout? How many souls will be brought to salvation by all this–or does such a thing matter in this post-modern church, as much as it did when a handful of men faced martyrdom for it?
    Who will give their lives for climate change?
    Who will give their lives for over-population?
    Step forward, please.

  2. . I couldn’t get past paragraph 2 that totally …totally abused Romans 8:22 concerning creation groaning in travail. The passage is mystical ( and was written prior to man using oil for cars) and concerns fallen nature and its less than ideal quality since the Fall…..you know…things like lions eating young springboks for lunch…whales eating whole schools of small fish for supper…hurricanes destroying venerable hundred year old trees….forest fires started by drought and killing bears before they could kill salmon. Nature is violent daily and wounded by the Fall but will be redone gloriously by God after history ends. Pope Francis uses Rom.8:22 instead to blame mankind…saying the earth groans in travail due to man. The two previous Popes cafeteria fashion skipped biblical passages on the death penalty and Benedict subverted the massacres ordered by God in a violent dispensation ( Verbum Domini 42) by attributing them to man not God…but Pope Francis keeps Romans 8:22 but uses it morally by ignoring its mystical context. In context, it has zero to do with man abusing nature and was written prior to modern machines and chemicals. Why don’t we just announce that Popes now use scripture however they see fit in documents….skip it, transmute it, sculpt it…anything but encounter it as to their issue.

  3. Teeeechnically, it’s Man who sinned and fell, and it was Man whose job was to guard and cultivate the Garden and hence all Creation. So it really is Man’s fault that all Creation is groaning for redemption like a woman in labor, and it’s the Second Adam (and in lesser, cooperative part, the Second Eve) who started doing something about it.

    But yeah, if that’s what the Pope meant to say, he didn’t actually say it.

  4. Please insert: “and hence all Creation, as well as being the Head of all creatures; and so it was Eve and Adam’s fall that made Creation fall right along with them. So it really is Man’s fault….”

  5. Suburbanetc
    How did the second Adam improve creation if that second Adam in Matt.24 said there would be earthquakes and famines in various places and such would be the beginning of birth pangs. If He is improving the earth, why is He destroying it by fire finally….to create a new heavens and a new earth. Do you see any predators switching to a vegetarian diet after Christ rose….or are predators still eating others unabated?

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