PopeWatch: Reading the Green Encyclical

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  1. Will he ever provide guidelines for his global audience waiting to hear some truth about that for which he serves as the pope? Heretical activity is leaping and bounding into its own kind of global warming, too.

  2. His 180 page encyclical is about 30 pages short of being half as long as the New Testament.

  3. Mr. McClarey, you should feel honored that Eye of the Tiber made fun of YOU, specifically and blatantly. Good work.

  4. If I was the target, then they missed the part where I have not only read the encyclical but prepared a translation of it, shorn of the excess verbiage. I hope in any future forays, assuming that I was the target, they will include some details of my biography:

    “I was actually born in 1796, taught that whippersnapper Abe Lincoln how to prepare writs, saved the Union by not enlisting in the Union army, taught Theodore Roosevelt dirty fighting, slept through both of Wilson’s inaugural addresses, ended a brilliant political career when I challenged the wheel chair bound FDR to a footrace, served in World War II as fifth assistant briefcase holder to Douglas MacArthur, forgot to vote for Wendell Wilkie in 48, didn’t like Ike, thought that Nixon was more photogenic than Kennedy, got into a fist fight with Barry Goldwater over a parking space, ran the White House “Carpenters” under Nixon, voted for Billy Carter, instead of Jimmy, appointed Secretary of Historical Oddities under Reagan, got George Bush senior to wear a Ross Perot mask to a Skull and Bones reunion, lost a fortune in Whitewater, and then got into blogging.”

  5. “His 180 page encyclical is about 30 pages short of being half as long as the New Testament.”

    See, Francis is humble.

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