Back to the Future Open Thread


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  1. It’s the movie Groundhog Day, except unlike Bill Murray, we haven’t learned a thing.

  2. Well there was this previous booing of a pope in Nicaragua (JPII)…..except that time, it was led and encouraged by Jesuits in the name of the “preferential option for the poor,” and unlike hating the evil gun industry, Uzis and guns were a good– for use on behalf of the poor in those days

  3. Beautiful mid-winter day in Tauarnga in Godzone – little -1 C. frost last night, expecting 13 C. today.
    We have a classic El Nino weather pattern at this time – wet and windy on the west coast, dry and fine on the east coast. Last wee there were heavy snow dumps in the South Island, then the worst flooding in the southern part of the North Island for 80 years. then last night, there was the coldest teperature recorded in NZ since 1902.
    That’s Global Warming for ya ! 😉

  4. . At least back then with the first Clinton, a Catholic could be a wedding photographer, a baker, a gun maker, an air conditioner retailer without being harassed by the gay lobby or by the Pope. We’re running out of employment areas….and fracking oil and gas is not hiring with oil prices down. There’s day trading but less stocks that are moral….defense industry is the new papal Playboy magazine as immoral stock. Anti hacking companies are the near future anyway for daytraders…check charts on panw, ftnt, cybr, vdsi. Anyone in the market, seriously check those but be careful mid to late July on earnings day for each when it can get irrational nowadays temporarily.

  5. ( substitute I for we. )

    “When we get to the bottom
    we go back to the top
    then we slide, then we stop,
    then we turn,
    then we go for a ride,
    till we get to the bottom
    and we SEE YOU AGAIN…. Yah yah yah..yah.”

    Helter Skelter.

    That about sums it up for me.
    Back to the future.

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