Whining-Defeatism Open Thread


I have little tolerance for whining and defeatism.  However, I suspect that many of our commenters and readers are doubtless distressed by recent events, as am I.  Thus, on this open thread you may, to your hearts content state:   that America is finished, the Church is finished, the anti-Christ is arriving by 6:00 AM CST on Tuesday in Pittsburg, Our Lady told a nun in Kenosha back in 1973 that the world would end in 2020, that the GOP is under the control of the cattle-mutilating Elvis impersonating Masons from Pluto, that secession is our only hope, that acting like Amish is our only hope, that we have no hope, that the barbarians are within the gate, that we have been sold out, that defeat is inevitable, that it is all (insert blank) fault, that pessimists are just too darn optimistic and any other manifestation of gloom, doom, despair and agony that you wish to give vent to.  This is your opportunity on this blog to do so.  The rest of the blog will be for people who have analysis, information and useful suggestions to give, along with the usual humorous asides, and share with John Paul Jones the sentiment:  “I have not yet begun to fight!”

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  1. I would just say: pray for all seriously Christian bakers, photographers, and wedding related occupation workers who, varying with their concept of cooperation in sin, may have to sell their business rather than e.g. photographing a gay wedding. Television first made fornication humorous for young people…21/2 Men etc….then it made sodomy humorous.
    For those wondering if God strikes such nations in wrath….not til their sin is ” filled up” or “complete”. That’s why Christ said to the Jewish leaders, ” Now fill up the sins of your ancestors .. ” Matt.23:32. Thirty seven years later in 70AD, 1.1 million were killed in Jerusalem ( Josephus…Tacitus gives 600,000) That was the most frightening thing Christ said and I suspect He shouted it. The concept goes back to Gen.15:16 wherein God tells Abraham that the Canaanites will not be driven from Canaan for four hundred years…why?….because God says, ” the wickedness of the Amorites is not yet complete”. Once it is complete or ” filled up” in Christ’s words, wrath approaches but only God knows that completed time span. It could be quick or it could be centuries. He allowed the Amorites to cannabilize their own children for centuries before mandating the Jews to kill them. He gave the Jews over a thousand years of infidelities in idolatry etc. before Christ announces enough….” fill up the sins of your ancestors”.

  2. Long ago when faced with similar circumstance, three men refused to bow down before an idolatrous golden image in spite of the fact that everyone else from all nations and languages did so. As I recall, the dear leader who commanded those three men to be executed by immolation declared at the end of this whole episode:
    “Blessed be the God of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, who has sent his angel and delivered his servants, who trusted in him, and set at nought the king’s command, and yielded up their bodies rather than serve and worship any god except their own God. Therefore I make a decree: Any people, nation, or language that speaks anything against the God of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego shall be torn limb from limb, and their houses laid in ruins; for there is no other god who is able to deliver in this way.”
    Sodomites, lesbians, baby-murders, adulterers, fornicators, thieves, and liars did not win then in spite of the fiery furnace into which they had thrown those who rejected their idolatry, and will not win now.

  3. IN the Department of Justice, the Justices, called “Justices” because they are the personification of God’s perfect Justice, these men and women who are compensated to exemplify and deliver EQUAL JUSTICE have incorporated sodomy as sexual intercourse and delivered “marriage equality” for one man because he has a Fourteenth Amendment right to be free and equal. We, the people asked The Supreme Court for a loaf of bread and were handed a stone.
    The Supreme Court denied the Person of God voice in the public square because the atheist was offended. 60,000,000 souls were scratched for the womb because the Supreme Court redefined the human being as having no rational, immortal human soul with free will, and that the human being was born equal, not created equal. The homosexual sodomite was left out of legitimate sexual intercourse until the Supreme Court redefined sodomy as sexual intercourse, sodomy as the marital act and the anus as a vagina. The Supreme Court gave the sodomite a marriage license but he cannot marry because he cannot perform the marital act.
    The business proprietor was assaulted by the same sex wedding proponents in her presence, but she cannot be offended or assaulted or defend herself or employ self preservation measures because she is owned by the government and their regulations. The Christian business proprietor may not employ self preservation because the Supreme Court runs surety for the same sex couple. The same Supreme Court that says that the anus is a vagina and sodomy is sexual intercourse. Hermaphrodites must decide for themselves, without the Supreme Court. So, if the person’s soul is male, the gender change denies, steals, the maleness from the soul.
    Actually the Supreme Court did not ban the Person of God from the public square, the mass media did bannering PRAYER BAN, when in fact all the Court said was that the atheist “could go her own way”. Red Skelton said : “She is not going to take me with her.” Without God, people are killing, murdering one another. 60,000,000 souls, human souls scratched from the womb, was next on the agenda of EQUAL JUSTICE for the human being from The Supreme Court. Sodomy as sexual intercourse is no big deal, not really. All the judges on the bench deciding “equal marriage” in their total lack of any wisdom for it is the virtue of wisdom that is lacking in their thought. Wisdom is a virtue empowered by grace, and both grace and wisdom are banned for the public square. The judges deciding “equal marriage of sodomy and sexual intercourse” and denying “EQUAL JUSTICE” TO THE PEOPLE, are the epitome of ignorance in their quintessential perjury. Anuses are not vaginas no matter how many 14th Amendments the people may have. Perjury is an untruth in a court of law. (Censored and deleted) probably came into this world through some woman’s anus. It is no small fact that we are here talking about anuses and squatting before tent pegs.
    ACA, the HHS Mandate was added after, AFTER, Congress passed Obamacare, leaving the people without a voice in government. imposing tyranny. Next is not polygamy. Next is worshipping Satan as a goat, the true God as a golden calf and the chicken as a vessel of wisdom. Hillary Clinton has already told us that “Deep seated Cultural Codes, Religious beliefs …have to be changed” and speaking of witches, some years ago the town of Red Bank, New Jersey paid a witch $5,000 to cast a good spell on the town for prosperity. The individual person is empowered by the Holy Spirit to bless and invoke and petition Divine Providence on all and for free. From The Preamble: “to secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our posterity” and for free.
    If the Supreme Court can change perjury into truth, sodomy into the marriage act, the Justices certainly can change tyranny into freedom. We are waiting. Maybe the Supreme Court can change hell into heaven?

  4. Whining defeatism?

    Nay – I will not go softly. But we need not be defeatist to be realist, even if we plan to stand defiant. Where I see this going, relatively quickly:

    1. The plural marriage case steaming through the courts will hold in favor of the “big love” family, using reasoning from Windsor and Obergefell.

    2. The ACLU will withdraw reli….wait..they’ve done it – http://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/congress-should-amend-the-abused-religious-freedom-restoration-act/2015/06/25/ee6aaa46-19d8-11e5-ab92-c75ae6ab94b5_story.html

    3. Any organization, religious or other, with current nonprofit status will be audited to see if they “comply” with Obergefell. The IRS will begin denying tax exemptions religious non-profits from Catholic, Muslim, or Jewish provenance which may refuse to hire, or fire, individuals who are in a gay marriage. Racial non-discrimination norms will be extended to gay marriage.

    4. Relatedly, the definition of “freedom of religion” will continue to be circumscribed to “freedom of worship.”

    5. All public schools, and likely, private schools, religious or not, will be under still more pressure, including legal, to teach that all adult consenting relationships are the same.

    6. Claims that Obergefell is now “settled law” and the “debate is over” will be extremely common; claims that McDonald and Hobby Lobby are similarly “settled” will be ignored or dismissed.

  5. In the Department of Justice some members have committed perjury in their pride and in their prejudice. God is the Truth, the whole Truth and nothing but the Truth.
    Perjury is finite and will cease because perjury has no foundation in the Truth. The court redefined marriage without sexual intercourse. Sodomy is not sexual intercourse. Perjury is not equal Justice.

  6. First of all Maister McC, very many thanks for the laughter your post provoked. 🙂

    More and more these days I find comfort in St Thomas More’s, “Dialogue of Comfort Against Tribulation” (1553).

    “And when the devil hath seen that they have set so little by him, after certain essays, made in such times as he thought most fitting, he hath given that temptation quite over. And this he doth not only because the proud spirit cannot endure to be mocked, but also lest, with much tempting the man to the sin to which he could not in conclusion bring him, he should much increase his merit.”

    As you are aware, the dialogue in question is between a young Hungarian and his aged uncle. It takes place between the battle of Mohacs in 1526, the latest of many such dreadful days, and the 1529 siege of Vienna. Christendom is riven by division and will not form a united front against the Ottomans. The younger of the two men is close to despair. His uncle advises that such temptation must be resisted by prayer, the exercise of willpower and by mocking the enemy as described above.

    Second time in twenty-four hours that I have cited this passage…

    Thanks again for the gift of laughter.

    God bless.

  7. Neither defeatism nor optimism…..but realism and even hope from Cardinal George

    ““I expect to die in bed, my successor will die in prison and his successor will die a martyr in the public square,” as George once told a group of priests in a speech on what he saw as the likely fate of religious freedom in the modern, secular world.

    What was often omitted from that rather stark assessment was George’s follow-up line, which expressed the confidence that the successor of that bishop-martyr “will pick up the shards of a ruined society and slowly help rebuild civilization, as the church has done so often in human history.”

    The foundation of that hope was George’s belief that a Catholic Church inspired by the turn to tradition represented by John Paul and Benedict — and to no small degree himself — would endure.

    The only thing preventing such a restoration was an internal threat, namely “liberal Catholicism,” which in a famous 1998 speech he called “an exhausted project” that “has shown itself unable to pass on the faith in its integrity and (is) inadequate, therefore, in fostering the joyful self-surrender called for in Christian marriage, in consecrated life, in ordained priesthood.”

    “It no longer gives life,” he said of the church’s left wing.”

  8. With regard to Dixie, American jurisprudence, traditional marriage, and pretty much everything else, what existed yesterday must be completely wiped from our memories. That’s why the archetype Democratic Party voter is the glue-sniffer. This makes me suspicious. I’ve heard about new regulations for just about every industry but glue manufacturing. The Dems support small local farms, a potential source of glue ingredients. Could it be that their claim of being “uniters” is a dog-whistle reference to adhesives? I think we’ve seen the future, and we’ve already forgotten about it.

  9. I think I now know why every year there has been scriptural reading on the martyrdom of Eleazer and the martyrdom of the seven brothers [sons of a mother especially admirable and worthy of honourable remembrance] from 2 Maccabees.
    All you holy martyrs, pray for us.

  10. There is cause for hope. They have not yet made same-sex marriage mandatory. We have time to head that one off…

  11. Hello Mr. McClarey,

    Would you be able explain to me or point me in the direction of an explanation as to why Supreme Court acted bond their original powers?

    I live in a house where it’s just common knowledge that what the Supreme Court did was right. Because it’s wrong to not allow gays and lesbians to marry. Everyone is just so happy about it. But something, to me, seems off with this.

    And there’s really no arguing with my mom about it (and dad isn’t the type to want any drama). My older sister would think I’m a Nazi if I even questioned what they decided for us.

    So, after some searching I found your blog and some others where I posted essentially th same question. What did the Supreme Court do wrong?

    Thank you

  12. UGH!
    That sentence should read “why the Supreme Court acted beyond”.

    Also, I’m a ‘male’ Skyler, not a ‘female’ Skyler.

  13. If I were a baker or photographer attacked by a gay gestapo couple to test my “purity,” I would take the job and then use buttermilk and salt instead of cream and sugar and photo-shop their gaymentos with images of weeping angels. Then, they can sue me for doing a crappy job not discrimination.

  14. Agree with Scalia’s dissent to the gay marriage decision. You have become a nation ruled by five unelected judges.
    Tyrany is upon you.

  15. “So, after some searching I found your blog and some others where I posted essentially th same question. What did the Supreme Court do wrong?”

    They made up a right under the Constitution that has no basis in the Constitution and that no one would have dreamed of 15 years ago. This is a betrayal of the judicial function and a usurpation of the right of Americans to rule themselves.

    Read the dissents and they will give you all the ammunition you need in debate as to why the decision was legally an obscenity. Of course many people are results oriented and only see that their side won, uncaring that the same raw usurpation of judicial power could be used against them in the future.

  16. Thank you Mr. McClarey.
    I did try reading the dissents, but, some of it was over my ability to understand.
    But, with what you just replied with I’m going to read them again. Maybe that will help shed some light.

    I just want to say though; something about this cheering on of another’s sexual actions seems so odd to me. I mean, it makes sense to me that sex has the function of creating babies. And what a crazily important function that is when a person is being honest with themselves. My mom will FLIP out over a person’s diet (carbs are evil! Monsanto is evil!!). Get caught eating a f’n cupcake at my house and that’s a 10 minute yelling about how irresponsible I am. But if it’s that important what goes into a body…. how is it not even more important that sexual actions beheld under the same focus???? Govts busy themselves with diets but not sexual appetites??!!! And, from my own experience with what pornography can do to a young guys mind and behavior… as well as seeing my friends that are sexually active in every sense of the word and how crappy of an attitude that they seem to develop…. it just seems to me that sexual libertinism (I think that’s the word I mean…. a word I picked from another blog… so If I’m wrong, blame them) corrupts everything.
    I’m ranting…. like my mom now.

    Take care

  17. Keep reading the blog Skyler and asking questions, and I will be happy to answer as best I can. I have summarized the major points in Justice Scalia’s brilliant dissent at the link below:


    Sex within marriage, binding a man and a woman together in love to bring children into this world, is the basis of every civilization that has ever existed. You understand this when so many have forgotten this basic fact of human existence.

  18. In order to understand what must be done one must clearly and realistically understand the challenge. Far too few priests are willing to speak the truth from the pulpit. Attached is a link to the homily given at the recent Fortnight for Freedom mass in Raleigh, NC. Finally, a priest willing to identify the clear and present danger.

  19. Skyler, it isn’t just sexual libertinism, any kind of libertinism is in principle an abuse of a good. ‘Ordered liberty’ should be our goal, wherein we rule ourselves in such a way that no one else need do it for us. A people who cannot say ‘no’ to themselves once in awhile over something more consequential than cupcakes will eventually look to someone to say ‘no’ for them.

  20. Skyler wrote “I just want to say though; something about this cheering on of another’s sexual actions seems so odd to me.”

    I have always agreed with this. The gays respond “But everyone gets cheered on in straight marriage”. No, I see very little cheering. Truth be told, there are a fair number of traditional marriages where health problems preclude sex, and not just among the elderly. Are they justified in ‘trading in for the new model”? Some do of course, but many take their marriage vows serious and stay, as sad as that sounds. Which is odder, cheering on sex, or abandoning a person for it? And if the least-odd thing were to stay in such circumstances, how many gays would?

  21. ISIS is murdering and torturing Christian families and wiping out ancient communities, while Ireland overwhelmingly voted in Sodomy and the U.S. Imposed it upon our nation. Universal health care is imposed upon us with Catholic support which imposes participation in abortion funding on us all. And then there is the issue of crumbling Catholic doctrine from the top down, persecution of the most faithful. Nary a peep of opposition from the Pope or any Bishops. And you are opening a thread for all the whiners and defeatists?

    I guess my question to you is where your glimmer of hope is, (and I do recognize that history belongs to Almighty God). But in the short term, where? John Paul Jones was a great figure from the books; heroic, Nice to read about him 200 years after his death. Do you see another like him, and a military / political culture within which such a one can perform similar deeds? Do tell. Don’t see him on the secular side, and I certainly don’t see anyone remotely like him in the Church in response to our more current threats. Do you?

  22. Skyler, thanks for joining the conversation on this blog. You give me hope for the younger generation. Never stop searching for the Truth.

  23. Maybe this time in history is our Thermopylae. With the help of God and the Blessed Virgin let us make the best of it and be thankful for the opportunity, because, after all, we will win if we hang in there, if not now, later.

  24. “I guess my question to you is where your glimmer of hope is”

    In God and in us, His instruments in this Vale of Tears. Additionally from History. Struggles such as the one we are engaged in over the hearts and minds of a people are rarely straight line progressions. If they were, the abortion debate would have ended in 1973 with Roe. Giving way to panic and despair is precisely what our enemies wish us to do. Always refuse to play their game, or to fight on their terms.

  25. Skyler: The rational part of your soul is functioning. Now, this is the time for cheering. Same sex “marriage” denies the rational, immortal human soul. This is right in line with one world government under a godless regime. making of persons units of work, denying their sovereign personhood and their image of God in their soul, their free will. When the gays come for their recompense, the regime will laugh them out as “useful idiots” as Lenin did his Bolshevics.
    Same sex marriage is just another crowbar in the door of your privacy, and your personal freedom. Hillary Clinton said that : “Deep Seated Cultural Codes, Religious beliefs…have to be changed”. There will be no First Amendment. The Supreme Court has already seen to that by imposing atheism as a religion, human sacrifice as a right and sodomy as a form of sexual intercourse. America will cease to be a sovereign nation constituted by the sovereign personhood of its citizens when the Supreme Court and Hillary Clinton sells our sovereignty to the highest bidder under one world government.
    Donald McClarey said that the biggest crime the Supreme Court committed was against self-government, that is, for the citizens to be self-determining and free. When the same sex couple come into your bakery for a same sex wedding cake, tell them to come back when you stop laughing. Tell them you cannot work while you are laughing. Tell them that your laughing is resounding through all eternity. Still laughing. When the same sex couple want sodomy taught in public schools tell them as soon as the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth is taught.

  26. The human being has an innate human right to self-preservation and a civil right to self-defense. When a proprietor of a business feels intuitively that he or she is threatened by an hostile customer, the business proprietor has a right to self-defense, to call the police and ask that the hostile customer be remove from the premises. Feeling threatened is a valid claim on civil servants. The Preamble states: “to secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our posterity.” The business proprietor is a citizen and not owned by the state. He is entitled to the same protection that all other persons are entitled to…to be free from trespassing on personal privacy and free from physical and verbal assault, which the same sex couple inveigh against him and his freedom.

  27. “I guess my question to you is where your glimmer of hope is”
    First, there is no crying in baseball.
    Second, be optimistic. “If it doesn’t kill you, it will make you stronger.”
    Third, our Hope is Jesus Christ and The Kingdom, which is not of this world nor is it of this carnal, craven body.
    Fourth, pray for the conversions of democrats, progressives (their god is the state), and sodomites (their god is in their gonads). For all persons will face death, judgment and either Heaven or Hell. If the evil-doers don’t repent, forever they will suffer in the fire of Hell.
    Fifth, do not be silent when they slander and libel you or when they utter hate-filled lies about you.

  28. Obergefell was no more an exercise of raw judicial power than was Roe — if I remember correctly, it was one of the dissenting Justices in Roe who coined the phrase “raw judicial power”. And from a Christian moral point of view, abortion (which involves killing an innocent third party, the unborn child) is a far worse evil than two men or two women contracting a civil marriage of their own free will. If the Republic is dead because of that decision, it’s been dead for at least the past 40 years, if not longer.

    As for those convinced that churches will be compelled to perform same-sex weddings: it is, I think, possible (but by no means certain) that non-discrimination against same-sex couples could become a condition of being granted authority to officiate CIVIL weddings or to sign off on civil marriage licenses. If that happens, the obvious solution for observant Catholic, Evangelical, etc. clergy would be to offer religious ceremonies only and leave the civil/legal wedding to the civil officials. This has already been the case for centuries in certain countries that do not recognize religious wedding ceremonies — observant Catholic couples simply have two wedding ceremonies, one at a government office and another at church. Already some very orthodox Catholics and Evangelicals endorse this approach as one way to get around the problem.

  29. I have just been told the day of Supreme Court decision is the anniversary — on this day more than 500 years before Christ, is the day that Jerusalem fell to Babylon Jeremiah 39
    This supreme court decision will encourage more people to accept this sin and to actually sin themselves— has eternal consequences for many many souls. The supreme court gives legitimacy to this sin. Angels help us and our children/grandchildren

  30. Let us not forget that for those of us who have been confirmed we received the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

  31. “Already some very orthodox Catholics and Evangelicals endorse this approach as one way to get around the problem.”

    How would that get around the problem Elaine? Priests under the statutes of every state have the ability to marry people civilly. That they choose not to exercise that power would make little difference in a law suit by two homosexual Catholics who wish to marry. I assume such a law suit would be thrown out on First Amendment grounds. However, a Supreme Court that could find in the Constitution a right to gay marriage, could find in it anything they wish to insert in it.

    These type of retreat from the world tricks are worse than useless.

  32. While attending a Gabriel Richard seminar on how to be visible Catholic some thirty years ago, stage fright took my voice away and I could not even say my name. (and if you think, I was bad, the guy standing next to me couldn’t remember his name). I cannot function under duress. I suffer from acrophobia, (can’t cross a bridge) claustrophobia, (can’t go through a tunnel or an elevator) and homophobia (the reasonable rejection of what is not understood). The Supreme Court said that I was not allowed to suffer from homophobia. I am wondering if the Supreme Court will outlaw my claustrophobia, my acrophobia, my chemical sensitivity, my hay fever, my asthma, my allergies and my stage fright, as well. I would be glad to live a normal life again.
    Saul Alinsky asked God to send him to hell. But now, Alinsky is taking the whole population to hell with him. Hell no, I will not go. When a gay couple enters your business establishment and orders a gay wedding cake, tell them you cannot function under duress or threats of legal action. Tell the gay couple that you are uncomfortable in their presence and offended by their demands and would they kindly leave as you call the police for help in your disadvantaged position of having to suffer threats of business foreclosure and panic attacks needing an ambulance. You are threatened by the cruel and unusual punishment being done to Baronnelle Stutzman and Melissa’s Sweet Cakes for suffering homophobia. Since the court has done nothing to alleviate your homophobia, nothing can be done.
    A little Christian Charity on the part of the gay couple will go along way or will the fact that they have no rational soul lead to mob mentality? I still cannot get over the fact that Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg gave informed sexual consent to fourteen year old girls. That’s a mind buster.

  33. Elaine Krewer: There is no such thing as a Catholic sodomite. If they are asked to leave the Catholic Church, the sodomite cannot sue . Coming before a judge who can perform the same sex wedding ceremony, to sue the Catholic priest, without employing the judge to do the ceremony is duplicity, fraud and discrimination, religious discrimination…making up situations that are not real before a judge in a court of law. It is similar to a gay couple going to a baker who employs both a Christian and a sodomite baker and demanding that the Christian bake the same sex wedding cake instead of the sodomite. To create a situation is disturbing the peace and is legal harassment. Before a judge who can perform the ceremony, to sue a Catholic priest, is a frivolous lawsuit. Any judge who finds against the priest is abdicating his position on the bench. The judge has stepped down from the bench and he needs to keep going.

  34. To address Hillary Clinton’s intent to confine freedom of religion to the worship of God in the privacy of one’s own home, hearts and church, let it be known that God is omnipresent, everywhere and in every thing as creation. The atheist may separate the citizen from God but Hillary cannot separate God from his people, everywhere. God is …everywhere. God is especialy in the human being. To remove God from the human being, many human beings have been murdered. That glow around Obama’s head, that is not holiness. That is 60,000,000 million innocent holy souls who have been murdered before birth and scratched from their mother’s wombs. That glow around Hillary Clinton is 60,000,000 aborted souls. That glow around Jane Fonda’s head are the souls of the GIs Jane had beaten, tortured and starved to death at the Hanoi Hilton. Obama, Hillary and Jane are walking testimonials to their victims, God’s children.

  35. God is in hell. God is not in the spirit of the devil, Lucifer, Satan at the devil’s request. The sovereign personhood of the devil refuses to allow God to enter into his spirit and so the only place where God is not is in the devil. So, when God is removed from the public square, the devil fills up the space. When all the demons are in the public square all the space is left over for you and me and the Nativity scene. Every public square without a Nativity scene at Christmas is a tribute to the devil. The chief form of worship of the devil is human sacrifice…abortion. We have that, now what?

  36. I like the picture. Every Christian baker needs a watchdog. If the watchdog is incited, the potential customer needs to leave as the dog has sensed something evil cometh.

  37. In a political, economic and ecclesial sense, we are in a period of chastisement. For how long this goes on is known only to God.

    For far too many, their worldview is shaped by Hollywood. Gay is cool in Hollywood. Religion is bad in Hollywood. The political left is good and conservatives are intolerant, bad and evil.

    The economic doldrums that now exist and that led to the last recession were brought about by government, The US Government started the subprime mortgage mess by requiring banks to give mortgages to people who could not afford them. This sounds like something the Roman Pontiff came up with.

    Pope Benedict said that the Second Vatican Council must be viewed in the light of the entire teaching of the Church. Too many of our Church leaders see it as a complete break with the past and act that way. Well, if everyone is good and goes to heaven when they die and Confession is de-emphasized, then what’s the reason for going to Mass and learning the Faith?

    I’ve been felling a little down. My house and my car are both old and I have run into unexpected expenses. This happens to just about everyone so I’m not unique in this regard. I get a new boss when I return to work next week and I have no idea how things will work out. She is coming from public accounting and I haven’t got along with those types in the past. I feel a little jealous for my best friend who retired when the Air Marshal office in Pittsburgh was shut down last week. He was able to retire. Most of his coworkers were forced to move or find other jobs. I have ten years to go. Oh, and the rain just won’t quit either.

    So there’s my whining. St. John Paul II said “Be not afraid”, and I’ve felt afraid.

  38. Good summary Penguins Fan. You have described your road to heaven. And it is probably only on this and similar web sites you can let it hang out a little. You are fighting the good fight. Keep it up and may God Bless your good work and joyous attitude.

  39. Thank you, Mr. Dowd. I should take myself to Confession, do better in my own domestic Church and not get myself so concerned about things I can’t control.

    My seven year old has been a handful for us lately. I believe I have spoiled him and there’s nobody to blame for that but me. I used to get upset at my parents, mostly my dad, for indulging in my oldest brother’s sports activities. My brother grew out of control in high school and really hasn’t learned that he isn’t king of the world in the 29 years since graduation from high school. I need to be more careful.

  40. Penquins Fan: You Can Handle Them All: A Discipline Model for Handling 124 Student Behaviors at School and at Homel: by Robert L. Debruyn and Jack L Larson. It’s available on Amazon and http://www.abebooks.com. Also The Strong-Willed Child by Dr. James C. Dobson. The former was especially helpful with my older precocious son. Sometimes children act out at home because of what’s happening at school, or at this time of year because of situations at day camp, T ball practice or with their neighborhood pals. They can also be empathetic and pick up on our emotions as my younger son did. Today our late bloomer son’s, 35 and 32, are successful, decent men, though I’m still praying the Memorare for practicing Catholic wives who will lead them back to the Faith.
    From your previous postings you and your wife sound like really good people and loving parents. Parenting is the toughest job you’ll ever have. Have heart.

  41. Mary de Voe: Your commentary is always of interest to me. Sadly our canine meeter an greeter died last year. Our final career is agro-tourism. We are asked frequently if our vineyard is a wedding venue. It would be very lucrative to rent out the grounds for a ceremony and reception. We haven’t done it and now will not do it because we know we will be approached by an “engaged” same sex couple. “So sue me” won’t work because most small businesses do not have the money to fight it out in court and in many locales the justice system sides with the gay agenda. The use of social media by same sex marriage activists can close down a private business. These tactics are similar to organized crime. Where is Elliot Ness?

  42. CAM: I hope that some of my thoughts become useful if you are ever under duress. The gay’s are useful idiots. Obama is going to take your vineyard through Executive Order 13575 Rural Councils. No one is allowed on your private property without an invitation or a search warrant. Obama will criminalize your possession of your own private property, but Obama cannot take your private property because you owned it before He (Obama) passed the law to confiscate your property. Making a law to criminalize an act after the fact is called ex post facto and is unconstitutional. One of my little prayers is: Dear God, don’t let them get away with this evil. or “deliver us from evil.”
    Also, if anyone comes onto your property without an invitation or a search warrant and they break their neck, they cannot sue you, because they were there illegally, trespassing. Where is Eliott Ness when you need him?

  43. Well. This is an open thread and I’d like to whine about False Premises.
    We have talked recently about the possibility of a pope being heretical, and about the changing meaning of words (like marriage, like State, how about “heretical”).
    I am whining because false premises have become a new orthodoxy. … such as gays can’t help themselves, they are born that way- like race. But we who dissent are the new heretics.
    Words are now empty boxes, and can be filled with whatever either the author or the hearer decides.
    “Marriage” can be redefined, because the Person is redefined. That is the real target of the devil. the Person.
    People say “I AM gay! That is who I am. That is my core identity”
    Misled by that Liar. They define themselves down. America defines itself down.
    The courts call for fairness! “born that way” they can’t help it and so it would be unfair to deny them the comforts of “marriage”. But it is a false premise. No science whatsoever to support it.. Just a heart felt response by families and friends who want to be kind.
    Also no science about global warming. False premises widely accepted as truth.
    “etcetera, etcetera, etcetera” (Yul Brynner)
    “belief or opinion contrary to orthodox religious (especially Christian) doctrine.
    synonyms: dissension, dissent, nonconformity,…..
    … opinion profoundly at odds with what is generally accepted.”

  44. @Anzlyne: Do we inherit original sin? If the answer is yes, is that inheritance via genetics? If not, via what mechanism do we get to be born with it?

  45. Catechism #404 How did the sin of Adam become the sin of all his descendants? the whole human race is in Adam “as one body of one man”.293 By this “unity of the human race” all men are implicated in Adam’s sin, as all are implicated in Christ’s justice. Still, the transmission of original sin is a mystery that we cannot fully understand. But we do know by Revelation that Adam had received original holiness and justice not for himself alone, but for all human nature. By yielding to the tempter, Adam and Eve committed a personal sin, but this sin affected the human nature that they would then transmit in a fallen state.
    It is a sin which will be transmitted by propagation to all mankind, that is, by the transmission of a human nature deprived of original holiness and justice. and that is why original sin is called “sin” only in an analogical sense: it is a sin “contracted” and not “committed” – a state and not an act.

    405 Although it is proper to each individual,original sin does not have the character of a personal fault in any of Adam’s descendants. It is a deprivation of original holiness and justice, but human nature has not been totally corrupted: it is wounded in the natural powers proper to it, subject to ignorance, suffering and the dominion of death, and inclined to sin – an inclination to evil that is called concupiscence”. Baptism, by imparting the life of Christ’s grace, erases original sin and turns a man back towards God, but the consequences for nature, weakened and inclined to evil, persist in man and summon him to spiritual battle.

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