Bear Growls: Her Hotness

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  1. The “hot chick” looks like Poison Ivy from Batman. Poison Ivy is an enviornmentalist, too.

  2. . They’d need on that value scale …Olga Kurylenko from November Man…minimum …to sell that encyclical. He should have done ten pages and detailed a real life corporate offender and it would have had more effect than generalities festooning 184 pages that no real world ceo or pol has time to read.

  3. “… were wondering for a moment, weren’t you?”

    Very good Donald.

    I’m in eager expectation awaiting the mug of our Holy Father to be plastered on recycling containers everywhere! ” Go to Heaven the Green Way!” could be a catch phrase for the campaign.

  4. Thank you for the clarification. In all candor, we must be careful to make these things plain lest we plop ourselves into the sin of slander. This is especially true after that “bimbo video” this past year. I will be posting this comment on the Bear’s site as well.

  5. And, as on the Bear’s blog, “Hot step sister?”

    Poe’s Law strikes again. The Bergoglio Papacy is oparody-proof if a short blurb about a “hot step-sister” reminding us of global warming needs a disclaimer.

    Nonetheless, the fraternal correction is appreciated and I shall make sure all future satire receives the appropriate tag, beyond which I’m not sure what to do.

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