Jimmy Carter and the Mind of Christ

Hattip to Allahpundit at Hot Air.  Well, in addition to being an anti-Catholic bigot, the worst President not named James Buchanan or Barak Obama has now indicated that Christ would approve homosexual marriage.


“I don’t have any verse and scripture” to back that up, he allows, but he’s got a good feeling about it. And why not? “Jesus” is really just a stand-in in this question for morality writ large, right? If you support SSM you think the practice is moral (I should hope), and if you’re a Christian who believes something is moral, almost by definition you need to believe Jesus thinks so too. There’s nothing doctrinal about this, by Carter’s own admission. It’s just “I feel strongly this is right, ergo God must as well.”


None of this is surprising.  Carter has always viewed God as being in lockstep with his views, even as those views have changed during his life.  For Jimmy Carter Christianity has always been about worshiping a God who, mirable dictum!, always has the same beliefs as James Earl Carter, Jr.  If there is conversion in Carter Christianity, it involves God catching up with the views of Jimmy.

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  1. Would somebody please toss a gooey chunk of peanut butter into this old fool’s mouth to keep him from talking!?

  2. Denying the partner’s immortal soul is damaging enough. The homosexual partners abuse themselves and do so outside of religion by embracing atheism. Atheism is unconstitutional because atheism is totalitarianism against everything of freedom especially the conscience of man and his freedom to be free. The will of the people to constitute a free nation is being uprooted by senile old men and a really totalitarian Supreme Court which has embraced international law and has become a laughingstock of the world. No self-respecting Jivero cannibal would consume a practicing homosexual or atheist lesbian.Their fear and the fear of Christian bakers, and florists is that atheism will overtake their freedom and they are justified in their fears.
    The atheist must be tolerated and religious freedom must be protected against the day when the atheist chooses to follow truth. Atheism allows a +-zero scintilla of freedom. Totalitarianism, the grandchild of atheism must be nipped in the bud, before the concentration camps.
    Hillary Clinton has promised to expunge the First Amendment without the three quarters of the states ratifying the change: “Deep seated Cultural Codes, religious beliefs have to be change…to accommodate Women’s Health Care”, read abortion, further read human sacrifice. The person of faith will be totally disenfranchised from his human right to freedom to relate to his Creator in thought, word, deed and peaceable assembly. The man of faith will be disenfranchised of his freedom to direct his life in the wisdom of his conscience. The person who respects human life will not be allowed into the public square which he owns in joint and common tenancy with all other persons. He will be ostracized from social discourse, his possessions seized, his privacy violated and he will be persecuted.
    Hillary Clinton wrote Hillarycare when Bill Clinton swore to represent us as his constituents. Hillary prescribed two years in federal prison for any doctor who dared to heal a sick man without her permission. Hillary criminalized a vocation to heal people. Hillary owns ten healthcare providing corporations. The scene will not change much if Hillary assumes the presidency. “We, the people” will be forced to pay for all abortions, the scraping of the human soul from the womb, human experimentation, transhumanism, the replacing of human body parts with bionic parts, transgenderism, the Caitlin Jenner syndrome and anything the atheist can think of, without having the voice of the people heard. The will of the people will be ignored and the voice of the people will be silenced. Atheism will be completely imposed.

  3. None of this is surprising. Carter has always viewed God as being in lockstep with his views, even as those views have changed during his life. For Jimmy Carter Christianity has always been about worshiping a God who, mirable dictum!, always has the same beliefs as James Earl Carter, Jr.

    I don’t know about that. Carter’s vanity generates a certain stubbornness. However, he has in recent years seemed very receptive to the kudos of repellant characters and willing to associate with them in silly enterprises (Mary Robinson, Desmond Tutu). You get the impression that a mess of his vigorous charity work is a means for a man addled by bouts of narcissism to chase accolades. For such a person, antagonism from bien-pensants generates abrasions. What differentiates the young from the old is not what they’ve experienced but what they haven’t, and anyone Carter’s age has lived through several iterations of how homosexuality is treated in law, social relations, and culture (as has anyone your age or mine). You’d think that might generate some resistance to the Latest Thing even if Sacred Scripture did not. Then again, a great many of the old find the vehemently stated opinions of the young a bore; others toady up to them.

    Wendell Berry was a bigger disappointment.

  4. Oh, by the way, you’re now seeing these private revelations (with somewhat more trumpery) offered by evangelical hackademics and religio-entrepreneurs. With the older generation shuffling off (think Jerry Falwell or Charles Colson), evangelical pew-sitters are discovering more rot than they ever knew in their intelligentsia.

  5. Matt 19:4 ….’Have you not read’ [good Jimmy?] are you that ignorant the Master asks ? or are you so blatantly politically expedient to pretend the Christ Himself would contradict His Father , in order to appear complicit with democrat miscreants? really jimmy, have you no shame?…. you are no fool , but an old grinning georgian democrat who recalls to mind the great hypocritical Byrds of Virginia!! …….. jimmy could probably rationalize slavery too!

  6. ” If there is conversion in Carter Christianity, it involves God catching up with the views of Jimmy.”

    This is what happens when narcissism gets religion. It ends in a situation with two gods, and one of them has got to give. When confronted with “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and your neighbor as yourself.” the self-love of narcissism must alter God to be a mirror of the self to accomplish this.

  7. Carter was addle-brained almost 40 years ago when he was wrecking the World in the WH. At 90, he’s far-gone. Here, he’s channeling Satan and calling it Jesus’s opinion. Soon enough he’s see death, judgment and (God help him) Hell. Pathetic.
    Seen on Instapundit: Santa Claus is a democrat; God Almighty is a Regan-Republican (not including losers like all the Bushes and cowards like Boehner, McCain and Romney).

  8. No evil is ever done (or approved of) without first painting it with a gilded halo. It’s been that way since at least Satan’s quoting God’s scripture to Christ in the desert.
    God can never be on a different page than the liberal, for then God would have to be wrong or in need of re-education.
    God help these arrogant people change before judgment time or they’ll spend a lot of time with a mess of other folks who try to convert God to their sinful ways..

  9. It’s a good thing that people are coming out and showing their colors. It clarifies the size and scope of the spiritual and cultural struggle. We begin to see where cultural, media, church, party leaders really stand and what they are made of. Anyone else who wants to step forward— show yourself.

  10. I live my life by God’s law not man’s!!! I wish that God would bring an end to his sinful world and have his final judgement. I guess then we will know what God things of Gay’s and gay married.

  11. I remember reading a commentator talking about the delight on Carter’s face as he was being praised at the Democratic Convention. No adult should ever look that happy over a compliment. It was unseemly. I think Art’s right on the money: he’s a narcissist chasing accolades.

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