When a Kiss Is Not Just a Kiss

lesbians_(1)Hattip to commenter Phillip. Further proof that there are some very sick puppies among the powers that be currently at the Vatican:

In a bizarre sequence of events, the German edition of Vatican Radio published a cover photo of two lesbians kissing, with the caption: “Church’s sexual morality is in motion,” only to be removed, then reposted, then removed again.

Veteran Vatican reporter Edward Pentin, who spotted the picture, tweeted that Vatican Radio had opted for a “remarkable choice of photo” in posting the two women kissing.

The Canadian Voxcantoris site, a conservative Catholic blog that follows Church abuses, managed to capture a screen shot of the image before it was taken down, and noted that a year ago a German Bishop, Stephen Ackermann, made comments on Vatican Radio that were similarly accompanied by a photo of two homosexual men kissing in front of a rainbow flag.

The German edition of Vatican Radio is reputed to be among the more heterodox of the language editions, following the trends among the German episcopal hierarchy.

Go here to Breitbart to read the rest.  In case there is any doubt that the Lavender Mafia at the Vatican is alive, well and flourishing under this pontificate.  In the age of Pope Francis the Church is involved in everything, including politics, science, leftism, everything except the defense of basic Catholic morality.  Now if only some gay activists would deny global warming, perhaps Pope Francis would pay some negative attention to them.

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  1. Even under the previous pontificates, the matter would have simmered for two years before anyone was given a pink slip. Recall Auxillary Bp. Reginald Cawcutt (whose ordinary defended him). Now, of course, nothing will happen. Deep corruption.

  2. . Item one for the Pope when before Congress soon should be protection for Christian businesses and justices of the peace that refuse cooperation in gay marriage. He should talk at length on that as primary. No….I know some of you think open borders and warning of the excessive marketing of air conditioners should come first. Try emigrating to the Pope’s Hotel with ten children who whine for air conditioning. Deportation, an intrinsic evil now in Splendor of the Truth sect.80, will reappear in a hurry. As the ex bouncer watches y’all get bounced from the hotel, yell back….” how, Pope Francis, is this in continuity with section 80?”. ” Continuity…schmontinuity”, he’ll yell, ” but I will accompany you twelve to the border of Vatican City on your way out.”
    Seriously….protection of free speech vis a vis the gay wave should be primary. If he makes immigration primary, someone should ask him from Congress why Latin American Catholic countries were for years being deserted by millions for this most capitalists of countries….and at the 80% risk of being raped in transit in Mexico according to Ann Coulter and a Mexican pundit on the issue.

  3. Souls are under threat of complete devastation and we hear this:

    Pope Francis: “Who am I to judge?”
    Cardinal Dolan: “Bravo!”
    Fr. Barron: “We just need to engage them in winsome discussions.”

    Within the Church is a true apostasy. And moral decadence.

  4. What is going on? Recall the report given to PF which had been commissioned during the papacy of Benedict which covered the lavender mafia issue. Recall a couple years ago when PF referenced a gay lobby within the Curia (which seems to be a constant target of PF). Recall more recently his appointment of Bishop Barros in Chile which many in Chile considered scandalous. Recall his appointment of an open homosexual, Msgr Ricca, to the Vatican Bank. I’m not sure I want to try to make sense of all this. Perhaps it’s caused by global warming.

  5. And I forgot….the appointment of Timothy Radcliffe to the Pope’s council for peace and justice. This is nuts.

  6. I am very sorry. I need to assign a portion of the culpability to Pope Benedict for quitting and so allowing evil to advance.

  7. My wager is that Francis will use allegations of sexual misconduct to humiliate and remove people impeding his agenda. I refuse to believe he is at all concerned with the issue per se.

  8. Back to that field hospital mentioned – the doctors on staff may be upending the part about doing no harm or they are using as anesthesia a practice of desensitizing of the faithful .

  9. I don’t care what lesbians and sodomites do so long as they do it in private in the closet out of public view and away from my children.

  10. I am so horrified of the descent of the modern world into decadence that I hope God does something soon. I look forward to God’s intervention, even punishment if that is what it will take for the world to change…………………….God help us.

  11. Alan,
    God’s perspective is in centuries. He allowed the Jews to be slaves 400 years and allowed the Canaanites to commit awful sins for 400 years plus after He spoke to Abraham:
    Gen. 15:13
    * Then the LORD said to Abram: Know for certain that your descendants will reside as aliens in a land not their own, where they shall be enslaved and oppressed for four hundred years.f
    But I will bring judgment on the nation they must serve, and after this they will go out with great wealth.
    You, however, will go to your ancestors in peace; you will be buried at a ripe old age.
    In the fourth generation* your descendants will return here, for the wickedness of the Amorites is not yet complete.”

    When their sin was complete, God brought the herem massacres against them….so awful to Pope Benedict that he argued against God really having done it in sect.42 of Verbum Domini. Benedict was wrong as he was on the death penalty change which will get thousands killed going forward in the name of “mercy.”…once again….that word.

  12. It is time for massive cleansing of the Vatican. Catholics from all countries should organize a March to Rome and throw this clique of pink prelates in the Tiber.

  13. Please dear Jesus put a end to all this craziness. I am so sorry for the way your treated and the fact that so many people don’t respect your word. I will continue to devote my life to you and only you.

  14. The headline is more shocking than the photo: “Church’s morality is in motion.” IOW, changing. Clearly these sort of things are being planted and dropped here and there, first in the most receptive audiences, as a lead up to the Synod and the CHANGE in DOCTRINE.

    The Pope himself asked for prayers for the Synod so that God a could bring good out of “something scandalous and impure.” Why is this pope so sympathetic to homosexuals? Homosexuals are not particularly sympathetic to the Church.

    Seeing that “homosexual ORIENTATION” (something foreign heretofore to Church teaching, and still undetermined by science, medicine or psychology) is now on the agenda, it’s almost a done deal. The use of the word “orientation” is radical, folks, do you see that? A few Synods down the road will have homosexual “BEHAVIOR” and so on. The Church is following the same course as society, and has since WAY BEFORE the spuriously blamed Vatican II.

  15. Marriage is a Sacrament designed by GOD and given to Jesus Christ, (Genesis 2-24) For this reason a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife and they shall become one flesh. So marriage has always been and always will be the union of one man and one women in a holy sacramental bond. This is the way God has designed what marriage is and no one and I mean no one has the right to change it. Man and a women are the only ones who can co-create human life. Two men can not make a baby together nor can two women make a baby together God said One Man and One Women. THE Catholic church the priest, bishops and Pope better get their act together and do it fast or they will be losing a lot of faithful followers and a lot of money from your weekly collections and Bishop Appeals and other collection you take up.

  16. “… headline is more shocking than the photo: “Church’s morality is in motion.” I’ve been thinking the same thing CaroleJ. And the different teaching that goes on in different parts of the world under different groups of bishops. What about being ONE.

  17. What about being ONE.
    Anzlyne, the trend forming, in HQ not defending what Jesus taught plainly to clear up these headlines etc., is a kind of betrayal that will result in a convenient and diversionary class of ‘conservative Catholics’ to become the focus as pesky to provide relief to promoters of rampant heresy.

  18. CaroleJ, Homosexual orientation is a condition of being a human being. Homosexual behavior, especially sodomy, is a free will act of the individual. Homosexual orientation may be attributed to our Creator. Homosexual behavior, especially sodomy is a free will choice to act against one’s best interest, against one’s immortal soul. Atheists believe that the immortal human soul dies with the human body. This is true of animals. Human souls are immortal and live forever after creation by God instantaneously at the time of procreation. The devil is not an atheist. The devil has a relationship with God. A relationship with God is called religion. Religious freedom must be preserved for the time when the atheist finds the TRUTH. Sodomy is not sexual intercourse. Sodomy does not constitute marriage but is assault and battery of the partner. No crime may be given consent without dire consequences. The secular world says that sodomy is sexual intercourse and constitutes marriage. The Catholic world says that sodomy is not sexual intercourse and therefore is not sinful. Sodomy is unnatural and precludes any constitutional posterity. Sodomy is abuse of the human body.

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