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The Pope, after arriving in Bolivia, stopped to pray at the death site of Luis Espinal, a Jesuit murdered by Bolivian paramilitary forces in 1980.  Espinal is being painted in press reports as a reformer who stood against the military dictatorship in Bolivia.  However, PopeWatch came across this little tidbit:



Father Albo showed a reporter a published photo of a crucified Christ attached to a homemade hammer and sickle, instead of a cross, that Father Espinal kept by his bed.

“He was of the left. This is certain. But he never belonged to any party or pretended to be part of one,” said Father Albo, who said he hopes to present a replica of the hammer and sickle crucifix to the pope.

Father Espinal “gave a lot of importance to the dialogue between Marxists and Christians,” he explained. “It was not pro-Soviet … (it was) the need for the church to be close to the popular sectors. Some understand this, others don’t. To me it is very clear.”


PopeWatch wonders if the Pope would honor a priest who was killed by a leftist government and kept by his bed a photo of a crucified Christ attached to a Swastika.  Communists are every inch as evil as the Nazis were and as antithetical to the teachings of Christ.  Many Jesuits, and others within the Church, seek to ignore these obvious truths.

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  1. Atheism, built upon anti-subsidiarity and the subjugation of people is still evil–no matter whether it’s modeled after the soviets or not.
    South America has the Liberation Theology disease and one prays it isn’t being spread again by the same Jesuit mindset.

  2. Somebody needs to give this Jesuit Latin American Marxist Peronist Pope a copy of Divini Redemptoris and Quod Apostolici Muneris. We need a St Paul to tell Peter, “NO! You are WRONG!” How can we possibly have a Pontiff so abysmally ignorant of Church teachings?

  3. It’s obvious the Catholic Church in Latin America
    has been corrupted by a far-left, Marxist ideology,
    which gave us Pope Francis. Apparently, the president
    of Bolivia considered Francis as a Jesuit disciple of
    Espinal. This picture says much about Francis and the
    Latin American Church.

  4. “That’s not right” It would not be right even as an anti-communist statement, even though that would be honest.

  5. In Europe, the Communist party lost all credibility in 1956. Having disavowed its Arab comrades in Algeria and expelled militants arrested for supporting the FLN, it could no longer claim the mantle of the Party of the Resistance.

    The Party never recovered from its participation in the Republican Front of 1956, which they saw as a “remake” of the Popular Front, and their voting in favour of special civil and military powers to Prime Minister Guy Mollet, permitting him to send reinforcements to Algeria and intensify repression.

    Most of those who had revered it as the « Parti des Soixante-quinze Fusillés » of the 75,000 shot, abandoned it in disgust

  6. For an excellent portrayal of how the Jesuits have changed over the years please see ‘The Jesuits’–the Society of Jesus and the betrayal of the Roman Catholic Church by Malachi Martin, 1987. Now after all the undermining of the Church by many Jesuits over the last 50 years we now have it’s culmination in Pope Francis. God help us all.

  7. In Europe, the Communist party lost all credibility in 1956.
    Except among the 30% of the Italian electorate and the 20% of the French electorate who continued to vote for them. It was not for another 25 years that the French Communists began to demographically implode and not for another 20 years that the Leninist element in the Italian party began to evaporate. And, given an opportunity to cast a ballot for the first time in nearly 50 years, the Portuguese electorate in 1975 gave 12% of their ballots to the collection of ghastly Stalinists in the Portuguese Communist Party and another 7% to a mess of red sects.

  8. PopeWatch wonders if the Pope would honor a priest who was killed by a leftist government and kept by his bed a photo of a crucified Christ attached to a Swastika. Communists are every inch as evil as the Nazis were and as antithetical to the teachings of Christ.

    See Zevedei Barbu on some of the distinctions between Communism and Fascism of that era. Political movements have their intelligentsia (except, oddly enough, the Republican establishment), but neither Nazi nor fascist strains were a peculiar vice of the chatterati and faculties were not and are not shot-through with their sympathizers (at least outside those loci where they ran the skunkworks – the world is filled with suck-ups). Jean Brodie was fictional; Eric Hobsbawm was not. Francis takes his cues from taste-makers.

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