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Dennis Prager, a Jew who has ever been a friend of the Church, dishes out some hard truths:


My heart breaks for the millions of Catholics who feel that their beloved Church is being led over a moral and religious cliff by a leftist pope and innumerable other leftists among cardinals, bishops, and parish priests. Though I am not a Catholic, my heart breaks too. The only institutions that can resist the left-wing takeover of contemporary life are religious ones. When they fail, upon which institutions can we depend? 

Tragically, we cannot turn to the contemporary Catholic Church. When the pope keeps a hammer-and-sickle crucifix; when the pope declares free-market capitalism, the one economic system that has lifted masses of people out of poverty, to be largely evil (“the dung of the devil”); when Cuba’s Cardinal Jaime Ortega declares that there are no political prisoners in Cuba; and when the pope issues an encyclical on global warming while the oldest Christian communities in the world are exterminated, it is clear that while one can still turn to individual Catholic priests and lay leaders for moral guidance, one cannot turn to the Church and its pope for moral guidance. On the contrary. One must fight back.

Go here to read the rest at National Review Online.  The same rot that has destroyed the mainline Protestant Churches is now ensconced in the Vatican.  Ironically, I think Pope Francis in many ways is a traditional Catholic, but his politics, which are all of the Left, are driving his papacy, under a rubric of mercy and outreach.  However, his mercy and outreach will not convert the World to the Church but rather the Church to the World.  It is time for faithful Catholics to stand up for our Faith which is being hijacked for ends that have nothing to with Catholicism.


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  1. If that hammer and sickle crucifix does not wake people up, I’m afraid nothing will. The man is a lemon. It’s past time to accept that fact and move on. We have all been fooled by someone in the past. That’s OK. The shame is in willfully ignoring the facts.

  2. I rarely comment, but I very much disagree.
    I don’t really understand that you think Pope Francis’ “politics” are mostly Left – climate change is the one thing I can think of that corresponds closely with mainstream liberals. In his encyclical, he didn’t only talk about climate change (did you read it?), he talks about the Ecology of Life, which includes offenses to human dignity like abortion. He’s also talked about how gender theory is basically “gender ideology”, and is very dangerous. That’s not very Left.
    I’m sure Dennis Prager is a really great guy, but I think he – and you – are oversimplifying things.

  3. His railings against free enterprise, his preference for government solutions to almost all problems, his embrace of socialism, his friendliness with thugs like Evo Morales, and the list could go on at considerable length. If Pope Francis is not of the political Left, then the concept has no meaning.

  4. Agree completely with Dennis Prager. The Catholic Church has become a sociopolitical NGO using government money to further it’s Social Justice (socialist) agenda. It’s goals are directed towards making earth a heaven. Somewhere a long the line many in the clergy lost their faith leaving us with the “devastated vineyard” of Dietrich von Hildebrand. Clearly we are approaching, or actually in, the time of which Christ talked about when He comes again: “when the Son of Man comes, will he find faith on the earth?” Luke 18:8.

  5. if the pope is a-political in this encyclical Laura, and we may take his words to be about religion instead… that religion seems seems to accept a world view and ideas that compete with, and do not complement Catholicism..

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