PopeWatch: Protest Art?

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  1. Blasphemous art at best.

    The “art” is reminiscent of other blasphemous projects that depicted the Sacred in filth.
    I will not describe them, however they were honored and respected by the band of progressive free thinkers that create their own God, made and fashioned in their image.

  2. My mother’s side of the family was liquidated under Stalin. All gone. Her Ukrainian
    family had clung to their Eastern-rite Catholicism through generations under the Tsars,
    but under the communists, those who hadn’t fled Russia were killed.
    When I think of the horrors people like my mother’s family endured at the hands of the
    communists because they were Ukrainian Catholics, I’m glad they didn’t have to live to
    see this day. The head of the Church they suffered for, spitting on their sacrifices!
    Morales wouldn’t have dared give such a nasty piece of “protest art” to John Paul II,
    for that Pope knew first hand what communism was all about. This pope, on the other
    hand, is just a callous fool.

  3. Christ also understood the work of the money changers–but he reacted properly to the evil that was demeaning His Father’s temple.
    Where is your acts of defending the faith in all this obscurity dear Francis?

  4. The Crucifix is the protest “art”….actually the reality. The symbols of communism, naziism and any other such political ideology should deeply offend any Catholic sensibility. This is not trivial. This does not stand alone as an event in this papacy but rather is emblematic of it. His post hoc comments leave me without need for further commentary but with profound and palpable sadness.

  5. I will be glad when this Pontificate ends. And I hope the successor is not a repeat of this disaster.

  6. It is a symbol of the Body of Christ, the Church, crucified on the crux of Communism, Lucifer is grinning and the feeble Pope is nonplussed.

  7. Well, I wonder how the house conservative Catholics like Shea, Armstrong, Madrid, Akin, and others are going to spin this foolishness?!

  8. The transcript on the Vatican website has the pope comparing it to another sculptor who did Christ crucified on a bomber to show how evil the people sending the bomber were. It’s in Spanish and Italian, and the chrome auto-translate is kind of funky, but that much is clear.
    He also seems to be making a point that the priest who made it was dead before the theology he supported was condemned.

  9. Thanks Foxfier but if that is what the pope is pointing out (priest was dead before the theology he supported was condemned) I say “that’s not good” 🙁
    This priest who could not figure out on his own that Lib. Theo doesn’t work with Catholicism was admired by the pope, I know the pope loves lady poverty but, no need to love poverty of thinking.

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