Actor James Woods Tweets on Planned Parenthood


Belying the usual Hollywood love for Planned Parenthood, actor James Wood is on fire regarding the Nazi Planned Parenthood sale of the corpses of their victims:


  1. James Woods@RealJamesWoods 4h4 hours ago
  2. Cruel irony: SCOTUS used “privacy” as basis for legalized abortion. Now when PP sells fetal body parts, it sells your DNA with it. Oops…



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  1. So, for the past 40-plus years the catholic Liberals in the USCCB have said it’s okay to vote democrat as long as you’re voting for them b/c of peace, justice and socialism. So much b@!!$#I+.

    Pretty sure you aren’t getting into Heaven because you vote democrat.
    In a recent $3.5 million US government scientific study it was determined that one in there democrats are equally as evil and vicious as the other two.
    Those people make Hitler look like a choir boy.

  2. The scale of Lady Justice is broken (tocbf – too old can’t be fixed – just check with purveyors of court justice who aren’t offended by that image in their presence) .
    If it weren’t broken, JW’s tweet on one side and forty years of ‘c’atholic teaching and the current .gov on the other would be indicative of how much imbalance it tolerates. Speaking of tolerance, the latest breaking news from .gov is that rape in prison is intolerable. More diversion from murder and murder for profit, which is apparently tolerable to .gov.

  3. And WE the people fund P.P. ( Murder Inc.) to the tune of $500 M a year. Lifesite blog.

    WE the people have crossed the line.

    We will suffer much. We will be made an example of to the nation’s that have eyes to see. This is not conjecture. This is a reality that awaits a nation who has sodomised and killed their own children.

    Call it the cost of disobedience.
    A price for innocent baby parts.

  4. “We the people” can only do so much. I would defund PP today if I had the power. I don’t. I can’t call a press conference or use the power of the pulpit. I know someone who can. Nothing. Silence. The bishops are not pro-life. That’s how far gone are shepherds are. The truth hurts.

  5. Father of seven.

    Many Bishops are empty tin cans.
    They have provided a false Catholic identity.
    That identity is slaughtering the Innocent’s.

  6. This is so terrible it makes these people no better then Hitler who killed all those innocent Jews!!!
    May each and everyone of them burn in the ever lasting fires of hell!!!!!!!! The Supreme Justices won’t be so supreme when they come face to face with their maker. I wish I could see the justice the lord hands down on them on judgement day!!!!! Between same sex marriage and killing babies I think the catholic church better start growing a backbone or you won’t have any Good catholic seating in your pews. So sad that we can’t count on the priest, bishops and pope to lead us and stand up for what God ask of us.

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