Dishonor and War



Austin Bay at Strategy Page explains why the Iranian Arms Deal increases the likelihood of nuclear war in the Middle East:



An Iranian nuclear arms deal?

Arms controllers hailed the post-World War 1 Washington Naval Arms Treaty as the diplomatic instrument to prevent another peace-destroying naval arms race. Yet it came to pass that war erupted, with the warships of signatories Britain, France and the U.S. battling treaty partners Italy and Japan.

Counting battleships is several quanta easier than verifying Iranian compliance with the Obama administration’s dreadful deal. Russia’s Vladimir Putin claims he helped write it. Given its murk and iffiness, I believe him. Vlad’s Crimea and Ukraine crimes demonstrate how little respect he has for deals that seek to curb the desires of authoritarian killers.

Here’s the Real Deal Part 1: It begins with a broken promise. Once upon a time, President Barack Obama vowed to halt Iran’s nuclear weapons quest. Promise made, promise broken. Well, he promised Americans, “If you like your health care plan, you can keep your health care plan.”

Obama warned Syria’s dictator that using chemical weapons was a “red line” — employing deadly gas incurs punitive strikes. Yet Syria killed 1,500 civilians with nerve gas, and nothing happened. Iran noticed Obama’s failure to enforce. Syria is Tehran’s client. Iran supports it financially. Iran’s Lebanese Hezbollah proxies reinforce it militarily.

Real Deal Part 2: Iran will cheat. It always does. The ayatollahs will build nuclear bombs and deploy ballistic missiles capable of targeting London. The ayatollahs need, oh, two-dozen nukes, initially. A dozen will destroy Israel and selected targets on the Arabian Peninsula side of the Persian Gulf. The other warheads will top missiles aimed at London and Paris.

Real Deal Part 3: The deal will ignite a Middle Eastern nuclear arms race. Saudi Arabia will seek nukes to deter Iran. U.S.-delivered NATO nukes ostensibly defend Turkey from Iranian attack, but in the Age of Obama Red Lines, what constitutes an ironclad promise? Obama’s words are perishable products; Ankara may acquire its own deterrent.

Go here to read the rest.

These words that Churchill spoke about the Munich agreement are ringingly true about this present sham:

“You were given the choice between war and dishonor. You chose dishonor, and you will have war.”



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  1. What gets you is that these odious creatures will be able to run the clock out on most of their crimes.

    If we have someone of sense in the White House, this mess will be repudiated in 18 months. A sensible occupant of the White House would have been gaming the best way to destroy their facilities, not manufacturing idiot ‘agreements’ for public relations purposes.

    Get even. The moment he leaves, a law should go into effect which denies him Secret Service protection, denies him any honors like a ‘presidential library’, denies him any publicly funded office staff, and denies him any unfunded pension. Another law should go into effect providing for profound financial penalties for philanthropic corporations (including all higher education institutions) for extending appearance fees to out of state residents which exceed the result of a formula which has as it’s arguments the number of f/t employees of the institution in question and compensation per worker in the economy.

  2. You are being uncharitable and deeply insulting Neville Chamberlain. This is a historic mistake which will have a globally tragic price.

  3. God used Israel’s enemy Assyria to chastise Israel for its sexual immorality and murder.
    God used Judah’s enemy Babylon to chastise Judah for its sexual immoralty and murder.
    Why wouldn’t God who never changes use Iran to chastise America for its sexual immorality and murder?
    Why wouldn’t God have an ultimate sense of irony and allow America’s own machinations to be its punishment?

  4. Likely, Chamberlain was an honorable man and loved his country. He hugely was wrong about Hitler. You cannot conclude the same about Obama or any of his imbecilic worshippers.

  5. And the bishops’ conference grants its “imprimatur” so to speak to ever more “dishonor and war.” You can’t make this up.

    July 14, 2015

    WASHINGTON—The “momentous agreement” reached between the United States and its partners with Iran over Iran’s nuclear program is a “significant achievement” that Congress should support, said the bishop who chairs the Committee on International Justice and Peace of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops. In a July 14 letter to Congress, Bishop Oscar Cantú of Las Cruces, New Mexico, wrote: “It is no small achievement that the United States, the United Kingdom, the Russian Federation, China, Germany and France have reached this agreement with Iran.”

    The deal aims to curb Iran’s development of nuclear weapons while allowing the country to use nuclear energy for peaceful purposes.

    “The United States and its international partners have taken a remarkable step with Iran in reaching this agreement,” wrote Bishop Cantú on behalf of the committee. “We encourage Congress to support these efforts to build bridges that foster peace and greater understanding. In the words of Pope Francis, may the negotiated framework ‘be a definitive step toward a more security and fraternal world,’ a goal we all share.”

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