PopeWatch: Trump and the Pope

John Zmirak has a fascinating piece at National Review Online comparing the Pope and Donald Trump:
I don’t have the space or frankly the heart to go into just how crude, how conspiratorial, simplistic, and uncharitable Pope Francis’s recent statements on the causes of poverty really are. For a measured account, see Samuel Gregg’s analysis at the Stream. Like Donald Trump, Pope Francis has grasped some simple truths; he has pointed to real and enduring problems that need to be taken seriously. Also like Trump he has adopted a frankly Manichean stance, looking for villains and exploiters and recklessly casting blame. Instead of sober analyses of economics and immigration, what the pope and The Donald have given us are Huey Long–level rants, which feed the worst impulses of demagogic politicians, and do nothing at all to further the common good. To say so isn’t impious. To say less would frankly be unfaithful — to our country, our church, and even the papacy itself. No less a Catholic than Dante was outraged at the megalomania of the reigning pope of his day, and in The Divine Comedy he pictured that pope in Hell.

Go here to read the rest.  PopeWatch would never have thought of putting together Donald Trump and Pope Francis, but they certainly do share a common liking for the lime light, a talent for demonization of their adversaries and adherents who will resolutely overlook their manifest flaws and a talent for adjusting reality to fit what they believe, rather than the other way round.

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  1. For all his deficiencies, inadequacies and overweening ego, arrogance and hubris, I much prefer Donald Trump over Pope Francis. Trump may be forgiven because of his ignorance of what is truly right. Pope Francis has zero excuse. The photo of him wearing a hammer and sickle medallion, and receiving a hammer and sickle crucifix did it for me.

  2. Excellent article. What Trump does or does not do is far more forgivable as it only effects events in this world. Pope Francis is causing Catholics to lose their faith by his ambiguous moral statements and his criticism of traditional Catholics. Trump is seen as something of a joke. Pope Francis, a wolf in sheep’s clothing, is given a pass due to the respect for his office..

  3. I am very sorry. I’m unsure that either Francisco or The Donald of them is a follower of Jesus Christ.
    From reports I read Trump’s latest wife likely is more catholic than this “conspiratorial, crude, simplistic, and uncharitable” Latin American liberal. As are all liberals, Francisco ain’t at all smart.

  4. My opinion of the Jesuits rested on the lives of saints presented to me as a child. Add to that salutary representations like The Mission and I rather respected the order.

    This papacy invited a re-think, looking at church history, listening to those who know Jesuits, reading articles penned by them, etc. I conclude that too much reflection, coupled with too much academia, uproots a man. There really IS such a thing as “thinking too much.”

    I do not pretend to know enough about the Jesuits to fairly judge them. I certainly hold them in less esteem now though, so much so that, when my son suggested that maybe he was called to be a Jesuit, instead of a diocesan priest, I reflexively dismissed the notion.

  5. I might agree with you if by capitalism you meant free market capitalism. What we have today is corporatism where sectors of the economy are protected from competition and are subsidized. This denies market access to hungry entrepreneurs. Regulations alone can outlaw the choice to live a simple life. Regulations such as building codes that prevent the building of affordable and alternative homes.

  6. That is why it is important to vote in politicians who will get us as close to pure capitalism as possible. Those who wish to pile ever more regulations on business inevitably give rise to crony capitalism as businesses devote ever more resources to buying influence from government.. Additionally the whole concept of bailouts for businesses must be rooted out. Lemon socialism is the worst type of socialism.

  7. I think Donald Trump is saying what plenty of us are feeling. We are tired of people who say they want to fix the massive un-assimilated illegal immigrant problem ( with the disproportionate crime problem) along with bringing the jobs back from Mexico, China, or wherever . We see high African American jobs taken by illegals , and especially teens. The pope has some good points, and quite frankly should take it farther and tell WHY these corporations and their jobs went south … High taxes , over regulation , government intervention and yes greed!! Trump won’t be the nominee but he gives the impression he will really DO something to change the problem we all can see! It takes enforcement of current law against illegals AND those who hire them and pay under table cash!!

  8. Trump is indeed a blowhard with terrible hair and he is a person whose Number One concern is Donald Trump. He can run a business but that’s about it. Like a blind squirrel can occasionally find a nut, Trump is right about illegal immigration.

    The long and short of it is that unions, bad management and government taxation and regulation have chased countless jobs out of the USA. Nobody wants to take responsibility for that.

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