PopeWatch: No Trump-Pope Ticket in 2016




From the only reliable source of Catholic news on the net, Eye of the Tiber:



Close to a week after presidential nominee Donald Trump called Mexicans “rapists” and “disease carriers,” the 69-year-old business mogul has now decided not to ask Pope Francis to run as his vice presidential nominee after learning that the Pontiff speaks Spanish.

“Mr. Trump has decided that, though the Pope is not Mexican, he still represents a threat to the U.S. because Argentina and Mexico are practically the same thing, if you know what I’m saying,” a Trump advisor told EOTT this morning. “Citizens of both countries speak the same language, and they speak it fast, and traffic drugs, and rape people.”

The advisor also added that, outside the facts stated above, and the fact that the “might-as-well-be-Mexican Pope,” stands for nearly the complete opposite of everything Trump does, the Pope would have been a perfect running mate.

“Mr. Trump would like me to express the fact that he is nevertheless excited to meet with the Pope when he visits the U.S., and just hopes that [Francis] does not take advantage of the American people’s hospitality by taking one of their jobs while he’s here.”


When contacted about this, the Pope said, “I have no political ambitions.  Besides, I would be scared that Trump’s toupee would fall off his head and injure me.  What, he doesn’t wear a toupee?  That is his real hair?  I will remember him in my prayers.”

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  1. Heh, why would any South American leader, of any sort, do such a silly thing as run for office in the USA when they already have control of our government by proxy?
    A few more trainloads of illegals and anchor babies and Al Gore will win on American idol, doing the Macarena.

  2. Never happen. Francisco isn’t a natural-born American. However, he could not be worse for us than is Obama.

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