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 Seattle Mayor Ed Murray

The Vatican has begun its two day mayor conference, where leftist mayors around the world have been invited to attend a stacked conference at the Vatican:


Dozens of environmentally friendly mayors from around the world are meeting at the Vatican Tuesday to bask in the star power of eco-Pope Francis and commit to reducing global warming and helping the urban poor deal with its effects.

It’s the latest — and perhaps most important — Vatican initiative to keep the momentum alive after Francis released his landmark environment encyclical and as governments head into crucial climate negotiations in Paris in December.

Already, the Vatican has engaged Nobel science laureates, global faith leaders, the U.N. leadership, eco-friendly businesses and even the self-described “secular Jewish feminist” and environmental advocate Naomi Klein to promote Francis’ message that caring for the Earth — and humanity — is an urgent moral imperative.

Now, the pope is turning to mayors, some 60 of whom signed up to attend the two-day meeting at the Vatican. Several belong to the new Carbon Neutral Cities Alliance, whose members have committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by at least 80 percent by 2050 or sooner.

Attending is Gov. Jerry Brown of California, which has enacted the toughest greenhouse gas emissions standards in North America, as well as the mayors of New York City, Boston, Oslo, Vancouver and Boulder, Colorado.

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Leaving aside the Jesuit educated Governor Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown, who is pro-abort and in favor of gay marriage, typical of the left wing loon mayors flocking to the Vatican is the Mayor of Seattle, Ed MurrayOstensibly Catholic, Murray is a “married” homosexual.  He carved a political career for himself in the Washington Legislature by being the champion of gay rights.  He, of course, is also an ardent pro-abort.  Aghast at the idea that a Chick-fil-a might open in Seattle in 2013, he recently has gained headlines by supporting efforts to have Seattle lenders offer Sharia-compliant home loans. (Sharia bans interest.)  (So, aghast at Chick-fil-a and friendly to Sharia groups which, if they came to power, might likely have the mayor enjoying his gay rights as he plummets from the tallest building in Seattle.)

In order to gain momentum for the Pope’s Green Crusade, the powers that be at the Vatican are willing to make common cause with those who mock and attack core aspects of Catholic morality that the Church has held since the time of Christ.  This sends a strong message to all Catholics who fight to preserve those values in a hostile Western World that, as far as the Vatican is concerned:  You are on your own Jack and Jill!

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  1. Using seedy people to help with the message?
    Well our Lord did send forth Judas Iscariot to bring the message to the world, though I’m quite confused about this apparently new hierarchy of sin, where sodomy and selling baby parts is less grave than using an air conditioner when measured on the scoldometer.

  2. If these idiots were serious about and really believed in anthropogenic global warming (AGW), then they would just as ardently support nuclear energy, the ONLY effective means of replacing base-load fossil energy purported to cause AGW. But as it is, Governor Moonbeam and his mayoral nitwit Komrades oppose nuclear energy tooth and nail with as much fervor as they claim to fear AGW.
    It is a freaking game and this Pope is either their architect or their dupe. That photo of him wearing a communist medallion and receiving a communist icon was enough to convince me that while he may be Pope, he is very bad indeed, whether from intrinsic evil or from Argentinian Peronist stupidity is hard to tell.

  3. Hey Don r. Mc- you ‘seldom get angry’ BUT have you, upon long deep reflection, come up with an answer to – What have we done to deserve this ? the last 50 years of Church and American History speak of a punishment for something , but what? What did we do to deserve Barbara Boxer and Streisand? Mahony and Weakland ? Ratzinger resigning? half hearted effort in Viet Nam ? Novus Ordo. cum by ya ? Pelosi, Biden, Barry ? Dinkins? F1? mo udall , behner ? IRS , the V.A . common core?

    we really got on the bad side of someone important?

  4. Evil and mistakes in this Fallen World are never uncommon, and each generation often provides quite a bit of both, as well as examples of good and correct courses of action. The problem is when we do not learn from all of it. That is the most disheartening aspect of the current pontificate. Pope Francis is attempting I think to revive a Vatican II era policy of “engagement with the world”. That such a policy produced largely disastrous results the first go round matters not a whit to the Pope.

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