With Horror and Regret

“Political language… is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind.”

George Orwell, Politics and the English Language (1946)




Whatever comes of the revelations about Planned Parenthood and its participation in the traffic in fetal body parts, those revelations will have achieved one thing: they have parted the veil of antiseptic tidiness behind which the abortion industry has for so long operated. The sight of a senior Planned Parenthood official, and a doctor to boot, discussing the market for fetal body parts in between bites of salad and sips of wine was stomach-turning.

That’s because it laid bare the essentially brutal nature of abortion. Let’s be blunt: abortion involves the extraction and killing of a human life, which within a couple of weeks of pregnancy has a beating heart. Five weeks in, its hands and legs begin to grow. It is these tiny creatures, and too often ones that are far more developed, that are pulled from a mother’s womb and crushed with forceps.

Oh, but oh-so-carefully, lest body parts that can be sold are preserved. This gruesome procedure shows the extent to which we, as a people, have been anesthetized by the estimated 55 million—fifty-five million—abortions performed since the Supreme Court discovered a constitutional right to that procedure 42 years ago.

Will we as a nation not someday look upon that decision and what it has done to us, not to mention the 55 million, with horror and regret? One can only hope we will.

Brit Hume

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  1. A friend of mine, very much pro-abortion, contorting herself into all sorts of positions defending this practice. I don’t know how much this will change things.

  2. Brit Hume. A man with a backbone and, hopefully, continuing msm employment.
    If only the Church leaders, and men with popular voices (from entertainment industry) can lend their voices clearly for the young who are the future of what’s left of nations. It’s time for sobriety and reality.

  3. George Orwell wrote that “politics are essentially coercion and deceit.” Keep that in mind when one of them opens his or her yap. Everything politicians say are lies used to deceive you to give them power to steal your property and curtail your rights.

    None of these horrors could be committed if social justice catholics-in-name-only didn’t vote for it, after reading distortions, false equivalencies, exaggerations, omissions, outright lies, not just in the lying media but also in so-called catholic publications like the Jesuits’ “America.”

  4. Please enlighten me-isn’t it a medical truth that to harvest a usable human organ, and more imprtant to Planned Parenthood a salable organ, the human must be alive during harvesting? And to get a salable human organ, don’t you have to have a human? Guy McClung, San Antonio

  5. if these were 6-9 mo.old toddlers being harmed, would our church and we men folk NOT respond in a more decisive, intrusive and final manner?? So the difference is perhaps 10-13 months in age? and we only argue or March once a year?? really?? Why has the USCC not bought air time and shown a Dilatation with Curettage or Partial evacuation of a preborn to the american public? How numb have the consciences of men of good will become?? – we continue to operate as if in a nation of laws[sic] wherein this outrage to our littlest brothers and sisters,hence to ourselves and our God is tolerated ? Will no leader[s] come forward to rally people of action to stop this holocaust of innocents that cries out to Heaven for vengeance?

    Those who do not know must be taught, not punished. We do not hit the blind. We lead them by the hand.” – St Dionysius

    Will mother church not place the entire criminal organization a.k.a. the Democrat party under interdict, to start their education ? How bad is it when the’ Donald’ starts to look like a viable candidate for the Office of President of these united States ??

    Congress will investigate. pseudonym for Nothing will happen; the killing and estrangement of “WE the People ” from the Omnipotent shall continue to widen. …… Liberty, the god that failed will continue to do so at an accelerated pace…

    i fear for my children and grandchildren.
    God is Just or He is nothing.

    morning and night say O Jesus! King of Love, i put my trust in Thy loving mercy.
    Christe, Eleison…..

  6. Atheism gave Charles Darwin not one extra breath. The Breath of Life comes from our God,”their Creator” and endower of all unalienable human rights. While the child is constituting the nation and the human species, his sovereignty is held in trust for him by his Creator, God. “In God we trust.” Defund Planned Parenthood . Not a single penny of my tax dollars is to be used for abortion. Taxation without representation. I was never accorded the freedom and right to voice my opinion and vote against murder incorporated of the unborn.

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