Interesting: Coca-Cola, Ford and Xerox do not Donate to Worse Than Murder, Inc




If you want to get an idea of the hit that Planned Parenthood Worse Than Murder, Inc. is taking from the news that they are trafficking in the corpses of some of their murder victims, look at this story by Matt Archbold at Creative Minority Report:


Planned Parenthood, in the face of a controversy surrounding the videos showing high level officials discussing selling fetal body parts, has been asked to remove the names of several prominent companies from their list of donors on abortion giant’s website.

The Daily Signal:

Representatives from Coca-Cola, Ford Motor Co. and Xerox say they’ve asked Planned Parenthood to remove their names as corporate donors to the embattled organization.

The move follows a Daily Signal report revealing the names of 41 companies that Planned Parenthood listed as donors. That list, which was featured on Planned Parenthood’s website, has since been removed.

But hold on. It actually gets better.

Representatives from Coca-Cola and Ford have confirmed to the Daily Signal that they don’t actually donate to Planned Parenthood. And they haven’t in quite some time.

A representative from Coca-Cola confirmed for The Daily Signal the company does not contribute to Planned Parenthood, nor does it match employee contributions to the organization.

When told that its named appeared on Planned Parenthood’s website, the Coca-Cola representative said, “We’ll ask them to correct the information.”

Other companies voiced similar concerns about Planned Parenthood’s donor list.

“We are making sure that Ford Motor Company is not listed as a Planned Parenthood contributor on their website,” a representative from Ford told The Daily Signal.

“In addition, we do not offer an employee match for charitable contributions,” the Ford representative said. It has been at least 10 years since Ford stopped matching employee gift contributions, the representative added.

So it turns out that Planned Parenthood, besides being baby killers, are also liars. Who’d have thought it, huh?

Update: You know, I thought I was done with this post but then I was thinking about it. You have to believe that Planned Parenthood knew that Coca-Cola and Ford Motor Co. hadn’t given to them in years (if that’s true. who know?). So they kept them on their website as donors because it’s like getting a blurb for the back of your book by famous people.

Go here to read the rest.  Big corporations are getting nervous about supporting Worse Than Murder, Inc., fearful of bad publicity?  Great!  All corporations that Worse Than Murder, Inc claim as donors should immediately be queried about this, especially by stockholders.  If you own a share of stock send off an e-mail to corporate headquarters and let me know their response in the comboxes.


Here is a list touted by Worse Than Murder, Inc for corporations that engaged in matching funds:

A partial list of companies with Corporate Matching Gift Programs includes: AT&T, Alcoa, American Express, Avon Products, Black & Decker, Circuit City, Citibank, Clorox, Coca-Cola, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Fidelity Investments, Ford Motor Company, Gannett, James River Corporation, Merck & Company, Microsoft Corporation, Motorola, Phillip Morris, T. Rowe Price, Prudential Insurance, Safeco Corporation, Sun Microsystems, Sunoco, Vanguard Group, Verizon, Washington Post Company, White & Case.

Go here to view the page.

Worse Than Murder, Inc. has taken down the page.  Austin Ruse at Breitbart gives us the details, and go here to read his post.

Every corporation that gives a dime to Worse Than Murder, Inc. should be questioned at stockholder meetings about why they are in bed with killers of kids.  Pro-lifers should establish informational picket lines in front of corporate headquarters.  Now is the time to strike!

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  1. There are many public service ads on TV for wounded veterans, maltreated animals, battered women, etc. Perhaps these ads are run free of charge by the networks or at a reduced rate. Question: why not run an ad against selling baby parts and late term abortions? I think this would be worth a try by one of the right to life organizations or an all faith religious group.

  2. The real donor list to PP:
    Lucifer M Cool
    Sonny Mengele
    Tainted Tissue corp.
    Havnoheart Traps
    Choice Accessories Ltd.
    M. Sanger Corps.

  3. “Pro lifers should establish informational picket lines in front of corporate headquarters. Now is the time to strike.”


    Your suggestion is going to Eric @ Pro-Life Action League.

  4. Very good Philip. I hosted his old man Joe back during a memorable speaking engagement back in the seventies at the U of I. If he is anything like Joe, he will jump on this with both feet.

  5. Why not do something else along side the shareholder actions, like stop buying these company’s shit.

    Furthermore, the Pro-Life websites should put up a corporate wall of shame. It will come in handy for us to identify what shit we should avoid purchasing.

  6. My husband works for the Australian arm of Avnet (an American company with HQ in Phoenix). One of the products his Technology Products division distributes is Sony Ultrasound Monitors and consumables.

    He has always been clear with his team about abortion clinics that ring up to order monitors or paper – that they direct the calls to him. They are NOT to sell to them. Any suspicion of a sneaky enquiry (and let me tell you that they can be quite sneaky), must be red flagged.

    One day he received a call from a representative from Marie Stopes. Good friends of Obama.,4675,AFAfricaObamaAbortion,00.html

    Anyway, My husband blankly told the lady that Avnet do not supply to organisations that perform abortions.

    She became quite angry and after a tense phone conversation ended it with some profanities directed at my husband- which is a very professional thing to do. Abortionists are the epitome of professionalism.

    The devil gets nasty when denied.
    My husband loves to p&$@? These people off.

    Unfortunately these monsters resort to buying the second-rate, cheap products from China.

    Yay Obama + MS

    You would be surprised and impressed at the number of organisations that do not want to be seen as directly associated with abortion clinics. Not only do they NOT want to flirt with controversy, but abortion is a dirty word. The connotation is negative. It is taboo, secretive and very uncomfortable.

    Except if you are Dr PP, eating your salad and sipping your white wine whilst talking the baby tissue trade.

  7. Sorry one more thing- I use Adobe Photoshop in my line of work. Most people have Microsoft on their computers. Nike is a household name. Pfizer is in most of our medicine cupboards. Every mother uses Johnston and Johnston.

    It is impossible to avoid these brands. You have to be living in a bubble in order to not but these brands.

  8. A minor correction, Don: You don’t have to be a stockholder here. This #PPgate is based upon the efforts of #gamergate which anyone can participate in as spelled out by Vox Day and John C Wright.

    However, I also want to bring to you Catholics another angle of battle I learned from TM Lutas in a discussion board but has since been deleted (thankfully I saved a copy)

    First things first, go to your bishop. He will know where to find Catholic lawyers and Catholic doctors and Catholic medical billers who are the three subject matter experts for a research report to correct the misalignment that sets the pro-life cause on the back foot via the CPT. If he doesn’t, he’ll know the USCCB committee that will be have an adequate rolodex to the task.

    Get the report written and request the AMA add the codes. 90% of the time, CMS, who does the final decision, just does what the AMA suggests. If either say no, you have a platform for a pro-lif e fight that is not on the usual terms and is the Church asking simply for the right to clarity between morally licit procedures and morally illicit procedures. It sets up any opposition to the Church’s position as orwellian and a bit creepy.

    Let’s say that the pro-choicers aren’t stupid and let the code changes go through. At that point you can get data on how many morally illicit abortions were done by simply referring to the codes billed, something that is not easily done at present.

    This will not directly save lives. It will just make the jobs of those saving the unborn easier and the jobs of those trying to confuse the issue and mixing the morally licit with the morally illicit harder. That’s something worth doing.

    Considering some of the lines of defense some are taking on this, what TM suggests is an excellent move to avoid the efforts to obscure the issue.

  9. On Ford Motor Company, I would not be so quick to dismiss it as a donor. It may not donate directly (Ford Motor Company may not) but who knows if some subsidiary or affiliate does, and FMC is just playing a semantic game. AFAIK the Ford Foundation (a separate non-profit entity) still donates, and FMC may still donate to FF.

    Would not surprise me if CC and ExxM have similar arrangements so they can spout plausible deniability.

  10. Thanks Paul P. for the back-story on GE.
    Incredible. And without a doubt a true story.
    Reminds of absolute power corrupting absolutely.

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