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Rush Limbaugh tends to take a lot of grief from Catholic commenters.  Some of it is deserved, but much of it is not.  When it comes to abortion, he has been one of the major media voices opposing it relentlessly for over a quarter of a century.  When he dies he will have his sins to answer for as we all will.  He will also have tens of millions, who never got to speak in this Vale of Tears, eloquently pleading his case before the Most High.  Here is Limbaugh on the current Planned Parenthood Worse Than Murder, Inc. atrocity:

Well, now we know why the advocates for the right to choose have been so advocating.  Always try to follow the money.  Here are these leftists that want everybody to believe that they don’t care about money, that everything they do is charitable because they’re nice people and they are compassionate and they’re understanding and they’re all for protecting the little people who get trampled on by the big people, and look who is doing the trampling. 

The greatest example of the essence of innocence that I can conjure, a baby in the womb.  I mean, it hasn’t done anything to anybody.  It represents and is new life.  It is the essence of innocence.  It cannot speak for itself.  It cannot protect itself.  It cannot defend itself.  While being the essence of innocence, it is the most vulnerable it will ever be.  And here come the people promising and telling and guaranteeing that they are protecting the rights of the little people, that they protecting the vulnerable, they’re making sure that the little guy, the vulnerable, the powerful, don’t get trampled on by who?  The rich, the powerful.  Usually this means Republicans. 

And yet in another case study of reality, exposing fraud, who actually is trampling over the defenseless, the innocent, the vulnerable?  The very damn people who claim to be their protectors, the protectors of liberty, individual rights, the right to choose, what have you.  The same people who want these body parts for stem cells that have yet to prove worthy of research, worthwhile, any of that.  It is just sick and it is completely and totally unremarked upon in the Drive-By Media. 

Carly Fiorina this morning on her Facebook released a new video responding to this second and latest Planned Parenthood secretly recorded video.


Somebody just asked me, “Rush, how can these people do this?  How can they not know what they’re doing to a baby?”  Ladies and gentlemen, I wish I could answer that for you.  I mean, these are the people that are extracting what they hope are workable, usable body parts. They’re taking great, great care not to crunch, not to crush, so what they extract are actual what they hope usable baby body organs they can sell. 

Now, how a person or the people doing this can then turn around and say that what they’re dealing with is an “unviable tissue mass,” I can only the guess.  I think you have to have the concept of evil. You have to understand it, and you have to acknowledge that it exists.  It’s a real thing.  It’s the same people that say “unviable tissue mass” or it’s actually an illness, pregnancy leads to an illness and so forth.

Every crazy justification they’ve offered for abortion, the very same people doing that are now extracting usable body parts and selling them for profit.  I mean, what are they telling themselves about what they’re doing?  They’re probably lying to themselves about medical research and saving lives.  They probably come up with “one life to save millions.”  It’s probably not hard to imagine the contortions they undergo to justify this. But the clearly think they’re doing a service.

They clearly believe they are serving mankind and medical research.

But to anybody with common decency, it’s just sick.  And it’s something that I dare say the vast majority of people in this country would never, ever dream would happen here.  We went to war to stop people like this before!

Go here to read the rest.  As well as the partisan invective constantly deployed against him, Limbaugh has also come under deserved criticism for his multiple marriages and his egotism.  However, on the foremost moral issue of our time, abortion, he has always battled on the side of the angels.  If all Catholics in this country, clergy and laity, could say the same, legalized abortion in America would be one with Nineveh and Tyre.  Limbaugh’s tireless passion on this issue is a standing rebuke to all too many Catholics.



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  1. I’ve always liked Rush. Even when he had his drug issues and people wanted to discount what he said. I didn’t understand what they meant & they couldn’t understand that “truth is still truth, even if a druggie says it.”

  2. Whatever Rush Lmbaugh’s siins are, I have always liked him as well. I suspect my sins outweigh his, and his efforts for the unborn outweigh mine.
    As for the people of Planned Parenthood, what they are doing is what the Nazis who stood trial at Nuremburg had done.

  3. Dittos. I don’t get to listen to him much, but I like him. My dad liked him as well.
    ” I mean, what are they telling themselves about what they’re doing? They’re probably lying to themselves about medical research and saving lives. They probably come up with “one life to save millions.” It’s probably not hard to imagine the contortions they undergo to justify this.”
    Perhaps, because I haven’t been able to listen in quite some time, I’m misreading Rush here, that he seems a bit mystified about these people in what they are thinking and doing and why they don’t stop and see what they are doing is evil.
    Some years ago, my dad observed that other scientists around him in the chemical industry (but it could have been in other ones as well) would spend years going down a wrong path…and yet even when all the evidence was there that they were wrong, they stayed wrong. Why? Too much life invested in being wrong. Too much ego. I would add too much money made, and hey, those scientists (and likely abortionists as well) have kids to put through college. Where are these “tissues” going anyway? Your local state university, especially if it has some kind of medical school or cadaver lab.
    I had a friend take to Facebook recently trying to justify this, and it seemed to me she was trying to continue to justify to herself her “pro-choice” stance. And it was so sad. I got the impression she knew this was wrong, but gosh, she has spent her life being a feminist and pro-choice. Who wants to wake up one day and realize he has wasted his life-time and energy-into being so very, very wrong?

  4. Ah, the Mengeleites have been exposed for what they really…and so much of the world shrugs.
    What they are selling is “sustainable” parts.
    Meanwhile the friends of the UN say: hey, as long as we can prevent some CO2 from harming the world?

  5. Pope Francis, Cardinal Dolan, Bishop Murphy (LI NY), USCCB, catholic-in-name-only colleges/universities, et al . . . deafening silence.
    Is Rush more Christian than that pope and American catholic elites????
    I’m coming to believe certain black-hearted protestant slanders. The crickets tell me that many so-called Catholics are not Christians.

  6. Yup – peace, justice, mercy and hope that this, too, will pass with the appearance of some other atrocity(s).

    Silence was golden when people were still learning to think.
    In cases, such as infanticide (described in biblical stories with morality interwoven) , self control, miscarriages of justice, and inhumanity – willful murder – silence from ‘men of God’ is an embarrassing atrocity. Moloch has got their tongues, and they’ll yet again waste WYD giving no legacy to those who are truly poor in knowledge of Christianity and the essential narrow gate.

  7. “I’m coming to believe certain black-hearted protestant slanders. The crickets tell me that many so-called Catholics are not Christians.”

    The truth is that so many Christians are not Christians. It is not slanderous to say so, except when seeing motes and not beams.

    If only we really thought about what we mean when we say “I do” to the question “Do you reject Satan?” during the recommitment of our baptismal vows. Over and over it can be maintained that we fail to exercise our moral imaginations, we fail to think about how Evil can grow and reach into our lives. We fail to see life as it is, we sleepwalk through life with our sweet dreams, and we are then surprised when Evil is dug out of it’s dens.

  8. T. Shaw, you’re just “starting” to release “that many so called Catholics are not Christians.?”

    42 years post Roe v Wade, Catholics are still the largest single group to be endorsing with their names and supporting with their votes the only pro-abortion political party supportive of and promoting abortion while being 100% apposed to a Right-to-Life Constitutional Amendment. That support gives the Democratic Party the ELECTORAL POWER to keep abortion legal, and in doing so, supports Planned Parenthood with over !/2 billion $$$$ a year or taxpayer’s money to salvage useable, viable body parts from that “mass of tissue cells” being butchered that somehow has manufactured.

  9. T. S. make that “realize.”

    I fight for the unborn, first of all, because I had a year of embryology in college, including lab work in which I created “new” life by dissecting chick embryos up to x number of hours after conception and re-cultured those slices in which they grew into new complete embryos. Those early cells are called stem cells today. Science does not know, yet, how to “control” their growth.

    But, I returned to the faith of my upbringing after college and Roe v. Wade, to correct the wrong done by that Supreme Court ruling. I knew when life begins. I find myself fighting the U.S. bishops who have all but abandon the unborn in favor of “the poor, and peace, and justices,” I have discovered that the biggest opponent the unborn have are “faithful Catholics” who endorse the pro-abortion Democratic Party. It is a major sin to join the KKK, or the Nazi Party, a mortal sin, with no exonerating conditions. The sin of joining those organizations is against the 5th Commandment, in Catholic teaching. How, then, can joining the Democratic Party NOT be a mortal sin? It’s a mortal sin with no exonerating conditions to join organizations that promote racial and religious discrimination, but it is NOT a sin to join an organization that supports and promotes the murder of innocent unborn babies those Catholics profess to believe are created by God?

    I’m concerned that those Catholics, including the clergy at the highest levels, are going to find themselves being told by Jesus, upon his return, to line up on “is left side.” And they will exclaim how that can be when they did so much for “the poor and strangers.” Needless to say, the bishops have interpreted Mt. 25, 35 for political reasons, for the benefit of the Democratic Party. Read the footnote in the Catholic New American Bible – to learn why those Catholics,, especially the clergy, are risking their salvation.
    And read why Cardinal Bernardine accepted the offer to be the Chairman of the U.S. Bishops’ Pro-life Committee upon the condition that he was going to expand the definition of pro-life “to keep the pro-life movement from falling completely under control of the right wing conservatives who were becoming its dominant sponsors.” (‘Cardinal Bernardin’ sub title “Easing conflicts – and battling for the soul of American Catholics” pages 243, 244; by 30 year long friend Eugene Kennedy. The Cardinal lived 7 years after this book was published and never refuted what the author friend wrote.)

    BTW, Cardinal Bernardin was the “official leader of Chicago Catholics (the largest community of Catholics in the U.S.) and Chicago, is a city run by Mayor and 50 City Council Members called Aldermen; the Mayor and all 50 Alderman are elected Democrats. The Cardinal , and the U.S. bishops, added non sinful, prudential judgement issues to the meaning of “pro-life;” issues that the Church teaching favored liberal Democrat positions.

  10. Oh, I heard Rush’s broadcast the day he talked about PPH. He spent the first hour and a half discussing it while every other talk radio or TV show was talking about Donald Trump and what he was saying.

  11. Rush Limbaugh has always been the greatest defender of Holy Mother Church.
    More so then the well known Cardinals and Bishops that hob nob with the Catholic pro choice friends of PPH.
    He will have those millions of defenseless babies aborted to speak on his behalf.
    He is fearless and certainly not lukewarm, and defends the truth.
    God Bless and protect him.

  12. Limbaugh’s failed marriages and his oxycontin addiction have done nothing to dull his razor sharp mind when it comes to the current political landscape.

    One must understand that Limbaugh is an entertainer who uses politics and his conservative viewpoints to entertain, inform and bring to light that which the Democrat Party and its allies want to remain hidden.

    The Catholic Church in North America treated Vatican II as if an entirely new church was started. Almost everything before it was sent to the dumpster and modernism was embraced. Ugliness was the new norm in church architecture and blandness was the new norm in the liturgy. The Church changed its focus from being with Christ in the next life to being an anti-poverty group – with government subsidies.

    The hierarchy is Democrat and wants to stay that way. This has NOT changed since Vatican II. Thus we have the silence on abortion, artificial birth control and homosexuality. Thus we have the attitude to “let ’em all in” when it comes to immigration, whining about the rarely used death penalty and tacit support for federal government expansion into healthcare.

    Being Catholic isn’t about idolizing our clergy, be it priests, bishops or the Pope. It is about worship of Christ. Church history tells us of the many times the Church leaders screwed things up. Reform will come from the remnant of the laity.

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