Vacation 2015


  Come Sail Away sung by the Chipmunks.  (I know, that was evil of me.)


I am on vacation beginning today with my family until August 2.  My internet connection in the coming week will range from intermittent to non-existent.  I will have posts for each day I am away on the blog, but if something momentous occurs, for example:  Elvis is discovered working at a Big Boy’s in Tulsa, the Pope issues a Bull against blogging as a complete waste of time, or Obama reveals that Area 51 does contain aliens and Joe Biden has accidentally started an intergalactic war with them, I trust that this post will explain why I am not discussing it.

We will begin up in Kenosha, Wisconsin with a visit to my bride’s mother.  We have been doing this since the birth of the twins and it has always been a fun family gathering.  Our new dog will be meeting her new cat so that will probably liven up the proceedings.


My bride, I and our 23 year old and 20 year old “kids” will be taking off for the Gen Con Convention in Indianapolis, a pilgrimage the McClarey clan makes each year to renew our uber-Geek creds.  If any of you are close to Indianapolis and you have never attended, it is worth a drive to see tens of thousands of role players, board gamers and computer gamers in Congress assembled.  If nothing else you will go home reassured as to how comparatively normal you are.  Last year’s attendance was in excess of 56,000 and there are multitudes of gaming related events.


I have been threatened with being tossed in the Klingon jail, a fixture at Gen Con, before but it hasn’t happened yet.  ( I say that every year, and I realize I am tempting fate when I do!  The year before last my daughter bribed the jailers to arrest me, but, being dishonorable QI’yaH, they pocketed her bribe and did not arrest me.)  As long as I mind my manners at the convention, I will be back on-line next Sunday.  If not, I hope I will not be sent to Rura Penthe.

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  1. If your daughter tries to jail you this year tell her; ” By Grabthor’s Hammer, you shall be avenged.”

    Have a good rest.

  2. St. John’s downtown has Reconciliation daily at 11 and Mass daily at 12:10. It’s right across Capitol Ave. from the Convention Center.
    But you probably already knew all that.

  3. Gamer… priests….

    That is ALMOST enough to make me want to move, and I love our head priest.

    I’ll try to get around to at least republishing some of the stuff from Catholic Stand over here. (Better commenters on one hand; takes a lot of rejiggering on the other.)

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