Internet Hitler Weeps for Planned Parenthood


Steve Hayward at Powerline gives us the dismay of Internet Hitler at the chaos caused to Planned Parenthood Worse Than Murder, Inc. by the undercover videos of The Center for Medical Progress.  Hitler and his colleagues are increasingly, in hindsight, merely unsuccessful vendors of the product of mass murder of one group of people to produce better living for another group.  Worse Than Murder, Inc. has demonstrated how the product can be marketed successfully:

1.  Use euphemisms like products of conception and reproductive rights to hide the reality of the mass slaying of innocents.

2.  Make sure that your chosen victims are voiceless and have zip political influence.

3.  Employ religious bigotry against those who complain of the mass murders.

4.  Define your victims as non-human, so their millions of deaths somehow do not count.

5.  Get the news and entertainment industries on your side, so that your victims will be forgotten as well as murdered, while your organization will be lauded and all criticism of it spiked by friendly “reporters”.

6.  Have a strong political party embrace your cause.

7.  Get the courts on your side so that murder is transformed into a political right.

8.  Call your murderers doctors instead of members of the SS, their moral peers.




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  1. 9. Have bishops claim that a politician’s support for tax rate increases on the richest 20% offsets his support for abortion.

  2. 10. Allow high-profile, pro-infanticide politicians to continue calling themselves Catholic.

  3. 11. Infiltrate elementary schools using “safe sex” as a means to introduce abortion as a safe and acceptable solution if contraceptive’s fail.

  4. One line to be added to Herr Fuurer’s rant.
    “But, then ve must think how many more little lives ve can squeeze into one train….saving fuel and reducing that evil CO2 polluting the Fatherland?”

  5. 12. Siphon “abstinence education” millions from government – state and federal – using entities of, by and for Planned Parenthood, but without the PP name, by touting baby killing, drug abortions, and without-parental-knowledge implanted IUDs as “abstinence plus.” Guy McClung, San Antonio, Texas, once USA now USSA

  6. 12. Keep the Worse than Murder, Inc. doctors and administrators well-supplied with salads and red wine, to further blur the sense of right, wrong, and monstrous wickedness.

  7. Last night the History Channel ran another in its series about the Nazis in WWII. This one featured Auschwitz and the activities of Mengele, and his associates, “medical research” on children, especially identical twins. Like the PPA (Worse than Murder Inc.) videos, it was almost unwatchable, and for the same reasons. How anyone can reconcile their conscience with the diabolical evil of abortion, is beyond my comprehension. Involvement at the death camp drove one of doctors mentioned to suicide. I am sure there were many like that. The thought of it all makes one’s blood run cold. These scenarios are interchangeable, abortion, the death camps, the ISIS killing fields of the present day Middle-East, the Far-East and Africa. All these largely ignored by the mainstream media who avoid shining revealing light on the political heirs of the Third Reich.

  8. Wm P. Walsh, Your comparison is spot on. See this: From Abyssum Abyssum,

    You can add Jill Laffer and the names of the PP women in the latest video to the list below:

    “You can now say these names in one breath: Richards, Koch, Gatter, Neudeck, Clinton, Mandel, Wattleton, Grese, Sanger, Nucatola, Binz, Pelosi, Lachert, Bosel, Waters, and Bothe. Read descriptions of female Nazi concentration overseers, nurses and personnel – monsters like Ilse Koch, Irma Grese, Dorothea Binz, Greta Bosel, Herta Bothe, Hildegard Lachert, Ruth Neudeck, and Maria Mandel – and their actions, particularly those of nurses and doctors; listen to their crimes-against-humanity trial testimony or read it; learn about the acts of utter depravity, torture, sadism, and satanic cruelty they engaged in on a daily basis as the camps; and then remember speeches and recordings you have heard over the years from Faye Wattleton, Margaret Sanger, Cecile Richards, Mary Gatter, Dr. Deborah Nucatola, and politicains like Hilary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, and Maxine Waters. Consider the recent revelations of Planned Parenthood’s harvesting and sale of human body parts; their efforts to carefully crush babies without crushing their organs, and efforts to develop “less crunchy” techniques for insuring that hearts and livers and kidneys are not damaged as babies are cut, crushed and die.”

  9. Ignorance is bliss for the mass murderer supporters. Just keep feeding them homosexuality’s liberation victory celebration’s and coddle them with fashion’s that tickle their attention, then as the Lord said, they we’re unprepared for the bride groom, for their lamp’s were empty of oil.

    Mr. Walsh. The scenarios are indeed interchangeable. The Great and terrible day is coming. Ten thousand years from now or at the last beat of anyone’s heart, the day of judgment comes. Best to keep our lamp’s trimmed and full of oil.

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