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Pope Francis is scheduled to say Mass by a huge portrait of Castro’s hangman when he visits Cuba:

Ernesto “El Che” Guevara adopted German economist Karl Marx’s views of religion with pride. He was 39 when he died fighting for his atheist revolution in Bolivia in 1967. But Cuba has been shifting away from the Communist ideals Guevara envisioned.

A sign of this was set to play out Sept. 20th in the Plaza de la Revolucion in Havana. Cubans will celebrate a historic Roman Catholic Mass under the gaze of the iconic image of “El Che.”

The controversial image portrays “El Che” as a hero. The stenciled beret is a sign that  the physician engaged in guerrilla war alongside Fidel Castro. The 118-foot sculptural silhouette was inspired on Cuban officials’ order to place an enlarged photograph by Alberto Korda during a government event.

Go here to read the rest.  PopeWatch is of two minds about this.  On the one hand the Cuban government will treat this as a propaganda coup.  On the other hand if Che had been told back in ’59 that in 2015 a Pope would be saying Mass in Revolution Plaza to a huge cheering throng he would have swallowed his cigar.  From that angle it definitely has a dying Julian the Apostate, “Thou has conquered O’ Galilean”, feel for the Castro regime to it.  We shall see how it plays out.

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  1. What are the chances he would say Mass next to a huge portrait of Joseph Goebbels or Heinrich Himmler? I don’t need to see anything more “play out” with this pope.

  2. I can’t help by see the contrast between this papal tolerance and Obama’s trip to Notre Dame and Georgetown where an image of Christ in a Catholic institution was found intolerable and thus dutifully covered by Obama’s salivating clerics.

    Are we to accept that the corrupt thinking of “Saint Che” will lead us into the promised land?

  3. Another contrast here is , whether these Marists will be booing this pope as the Marxists did JPII in Nicaragua when he came to say mass. If not, why not?

  4. Don L, one answer to your question is that perhaps these Marxists know they have lost, whereas the Sandanistas thought they could still win. These Marxists will become capitalists who sell Che T-shirts and will bide their time for another day, with perhaps different allies.

  5. How would you answer those who say JPII and B16 said mass in the same place with a portrait of Che by their side? I am assuming the reports are saying the presentations of Che for JPII and B16 are equivalent to what PF will have.

  6. To Kyle, did either B XVI or JP II offer up Mass next to a portrait of that murderer Che? Are there photographs? I ask that not as a challenge but as a genuine inquiry – I do not know.

  7. Tom D
    How might they possibly think they have lost?
    They have, with the effective urging of this pope, been free to become a normal nation, recognized by the USA and all the while unabashedly promising not to change their evil ways.
    Not only that, they must be salivating that this pope openly attacks capitalism and seeks nations to (forcefully seize?) and distribute property in the name of (equality)–the very desires of their Marxism?

  8. Paul and Don L, I think they’ve come to realize that they cannot hold on much longer as communists. I think they’ve come to see that the quasi-Marxism of the American intellectual works much better (for now). So I see their recent moves as a kind of fictional surrender. They actually have lost, in the sense that they know the old ways are going to fail. So why not morph into something more ‘acceptable’? I know it can be argued that is not really losing, but I see it as hard to argue that Fidel’s way is passing. The Sandanistas have already made this transition.

    And yes, I agree: the Cuban leadership and the Sandanistas are enemies of the church and will continue to seek her destruction. No doubt about it. I’ve always said: thank God that Lenin and Stalin were puritans, because if they were American-style hedonists the commies might have won the Cold War.

  9. Here is waht Cardinal Joseph Zen Ze-Kium SBD said over 3 years ago in China: “Indeed, the persecution is becoming more real and concrete. On this point there is no improvement from the government. They are employing increasingly dangerous and skilled methods, because they no longer stop at just threatening people, instead they are now leading them into temptation. They do not want to make martyrs, they want to encourage renegades. For the Church this is so much worse. They have the means to test people, good, weak or timid, and reduce them to obedience. Their tools are money, but also prestige, honor or positions in society”.

    Such will also be said in Cuba after it transitions, and in many other countries, perhaps even our own.

  10. Tom D
    If I see your point– a softer name change is the game.

    I would still hold that with Putin able to be so recklessly emboldened, the Chinese getting rich off of us and taking the South China seas for their own playground, while we hardly whimper and keep doing business, our Iran fold, and Obama showing instantly erasable red lines and “flexibility, they are laughing at the once proud West (and Judeo-Christian ideas about man)

  11. If PF says Mass in the Plaza de la Revolucion, then it will be the same place that JPII and B16 did. This plaza has a big, stylized portrait of The Butcher on a building lining one of its sides.
    If I remember, there was also dismay and controversy then, but it also boiled down to “Look who’s dead, look who’s saying Mass and look where the people are looking.” As usual, the Castroites missed the irony due to their smug hubris and lack of perspective.
    This website has some B16 images. Scroll down a bit to see the plaza and portrait.

  12. From what I remember reading, Che was in Bolivia when the CIA cornered him, captured him and killed him. the other thing I remember reading is that Guevara was part of an Argentine family that all hated the United States and that Guevara died like a coward.

    To be blunt, the Castros are failures. Their island is a tropical gulag. Oh, Fidel is wealthy beyond belief, praised by the International Left, has inspired leftist insurrections throughout Latin America, managed to convince the Western capitalist countries to loan him money that he hasn’t paid back, managed to get the UN to ignore his horrid human rights violations, but his puny revolution is a failure. He remains in power because Kennedy backed down to Khruschev and agreed not to get rid of Castro. His is nothing but a cult of personality. The Cuban armed forces would not last a month, maybe not even a week, against the US and everybody knows it.

    Having said that, I’m tired of the Roman Pontiffs going to Cuba. Castro is a criminal and a monster and should be treated exactly like the nutjob in charge of North Korea.

  13. Let’s see whether the leader(s) of this Mass, and the one shortly thereafter in the US where there is confirmation of a form of undercover carnage for profit funded by elected lawmakers, will acknowledge Jesus with reverence to His teaching.
    Churches have covered religious icons with certain flags, in deference to political hotcakes. The world sees a Christian leader holding the hammer and sickle form of crucifix, hears the sound of the name Francisco over and again on loudspeakers, and now will again have the opportunity to mix ‘religion’ and politics.

    Maybe – there could be a teaching aid on the big screens which show Matthew 22:36-40 to spiritually hungry poor souls.
    Teacher, which commandment in the law is the greatest?
    He said to him,
    “You shall love the Lord, your God, with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind.
    This is the greatest and the first commandment..
    The second is like it:
    You shall love your neighbor as yourself.
    The whole law and the prophets depend on these two commandments.”

    Mt. 21:13
    And He said to them:
    “It is written:
    My house shall be a house of prayer, but you are making it a den of thieves.”
    Just mixing politics and religion for a homogenized mindset.

  14. Bluntly, this pontiff is a very stupid man—the most charitable way of putting it, regarding things that he does. Tom D. is right on target: Today’s communists do not want to make martyrs (They know the value of “martyrs” — look at Lenin’s Tomb, look at “useful idiot” US journali John Reed and for God’s sake, look at the murderer and brigand, Che, who is lionized here with PF’s useful acquiescence.):

    The boring murdering goes on by driving people out of the cake-making business, out of the coal- or fracking-business, driving them out of small businesses, even driving them out of harvesting the ocean (cf. Drakes’ Bay Oster Company), a once safe source of income and means.
    In a previous age, these people were called “kulaks.” But that was too messy, too obvious.

  15. Of course the communist regimes will make full use of this. And that is what Francis wants. He keeps helping all the communist regimes in all possible ways. I was shocked by this collection of his relations with the commies: http://denzingerbergoglio-en.com/the-communists-have-stolen-the-flag-the-flag-of-the-poor-is-christian-now-when-they-speak-one-could-say-to-them-but-you-are-christians/
    Put together this way, the only conclusion I can draw is: this guy is rotten.

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