PopeWatch: Really?



PopeWatch hopes this isn’t true:


According to The Hollywood Reporter, the Argentinian Pope, 78, is planning a meeting this fall at the holy site in Rome, Italy, where he hopes to discuss “how the church is perceived by Western media influencers.” THR reports that said influencers include Oprah Winfrey and Matt Damon.

Go here to read the rest.  First lefty politicians and now lefty entertainers.  Anyone care to explain to PopeWatch how this has anything to do with Catholicism?

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  1. It doesn’t. That’s the point. Something tells me that all these lefties with which Francis surrounds himself are less affected by the experience than he is. I see lots of evidence the Vatican is becoming less in the world, and more of the world.

  2. I see it as the Pope’s effort to engage the culture. JP II met with Madonna. We know the outcome of that but such is the life of Christians. We’ll see the outcome of this meeting, particularly if Francis continues to water down the teaching of the Church to make it palatable to its enemies – something that is not Christian.

  3. where he hopes to discuss “how the church is perceived by Western media influencers.”
    with an eye to change hearts and minds from following sensation after sensation to the healthy stability taught by Gospel lessons?
    Expensive, exclusive and sumptuous meetings of sight and sound bites, and cover stories to bring to the ‘world in sin and error pining’.

  4. Maybe he’s loved them part of his life & fawned all over them from afar all these years. And now that he’s someone important, he has the power to meet them in person. After all, if you became the world’s most “powerful” person, wouldn’t you want to meet your idols?

  5. Oprah’s Harpo Productions announces a new reality TV series produced by Matt Damon and starring Pope Francis called “I am Pope.”

  6. Oprah? One of the world’s richest woman, made so by capitalism and…well. I’ll be polite, gender-driven couch-potato sloth. Talk about confusing messages.

  7. Perfectly obvious. Pope Francis is all about show business and aligning the Church to the world. He is aware that this sin and salvation business is not selling and it is time for a little repackaging and image improvement. What better way to pull this off than to bring intrue entertainment specialists to help him make sin respectable. Besides all of this ties in nicely with the surprises Pope Francis plans at the “Family” Synod. God Help us, and help Pope Francis.

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