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Our usual open thread rules apply:  be concise, be charitable and, above all, be amusing.  Contrary to my usual practice I will suggest a possible topic.  Does anyone think that the mullahs are not playing us for fools in regard to the proposed Iran deal?  Does anyone think that the purpose of the Iran deal in the eyes of Obama is to stop Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons, rather than stopping the US from doing anything meaningful about Iran obtaining nuclear weapons?

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  1. Setting aside Mullahs for the moment, the pic reminds me of that great Van Gogh exhibit now at the Sterling and Francine Art Institute in Williamstown mass. It’s worth the trip.

    I have no evidence of Obama’s motives, but his actions and deceitful words cannot but induce rational people to doubt all that he says. I still ponder if Putin isn’t just acting on Obama’s flexibility.

  2. There are three types of demokrats: Those with hatred for Americans and their way of life; those with extreme hatred for America; and those delusional, anti-Constitution idiots (with sh!t for brains} that believe they must rule everybody and every thing, e.g. PC academia, Hillary and Obama.
    It is extremely rare that someone sucks at everything. Obama does. The most dangerous threat to America is the expanding mass of imbeciles that – birds of a feather – vote for losers like Obama and Hillary.

  3. The purpose is to give Iran nukes so the US can never use ground troops anywhere in the Mideast again. This is his view of the world–American military mperialism must be stopped, Lady Liberty shackled. If Iran nukes Israel, well that’s a two-fer.

  4. Government is the name we give to the crimes we commit together.

    Democracy is when 52 million people vote to take money and stuff from 50 million other people.
    Hillary in Leavenworth Prison in ’16! Her security breaches are at least 100,000-times more than retired General Petraeus’ pillow talk. .

  5. Frank Marshall Davis enough said.

    Frank Marshall Davis was a union official turned stationary merchant who was in Stanley Dunham’s circle of friends ca. 1971. Enough said about what?

  6. The Chicago Star’s Frank Marshall Davis.
    Communist Editor and chief.
    Obama’s mentor.

    ( ? )

    Enough said, unless the information I have is incorrect. Do tell.

  7. Dr Who and Vincent Van Gogh:
    Barack Hussein Obama – traitor to the nation, the Manchurian President.
    The mad Mullahs of Iran – enemies of humanity.
    I keep on hoping Dr Who will show up and expose liberals and Islamists as Cybermen and Daleks in disguise, and he will rescue us.
    Sadly that’s science fiction. Reality is so much stranger.

  8. Thank you Phillip, however I acknowledge the well read contributors to tac, including Art Deco. I try to remember to be careful what one reads and believe’s.

    The Blaze wasn’t my resource.

    I was going from memory from a few years ago. Probably the Obama’s America 2016 movie…of which I’m not proud to reveal.

  9. The American Spectator in 2012 painted FMD as communist and editor of rag.
    I recall the source.

    Does it prove anything.
    I have a dislike for him, Obama, and it’s earned based upon his arrogance and overreach. HHS mandate, P.P. tax funding initiatives and his not identifying the unborn as marginalized people.

  10. Little doubt that Frank Marshall Davis was a member of the Communist Party. The Wikipedia editors have insisted on cleansing that from his biography, but the information circulating about his Communist Party membership is too precise to be ignored. He also sold stationary, played checkers, and smoked dope (by some accounts). There are a certain number of knuckleheads knocking about who fancy that he’s the president’s sire, not because there’s any reason to believe he is, but because simply adhering to occam’s razor renders one an indistinct element of the sheeple and not someone in the know.

    My point is (1) that there were indubitably quite a mass of people in the Dunhams; circle of friends. (2) People are not their political views, (3) the Communist Party’s membership rolls contracted by 85% between 1947 and 1972 (i.e. there were a great many more disaffected Communists in 1971 than people with an abiding attachment to Communism), and (4) there is not a great deal of evidence as to what influence Davis might have had on Obama.

    There are a great many people in fora like this who beclown themselves yapping about ‘Marxism’ and ‘cultural Marxism’, but Obama shows little or no evidence of trafficking in systems of social theory or of having any intellectual interests at all. His inclinations are not quite bog standard in the Democratic Party; more bog standard with a tinge of the sort of attitudes (and that’s what they are) traded in by cretins like Victor Navasky. He’s been in office for six years and change. What you see is what you get.

  11. Yes I think they are playing us for fools. I think they underestimate American though ant if we can last through this presidency what looks like a good bet for their side right now, could turn around. After watching both the debates last week I have a great deal of hope – Lots of good candidates who I think will not be played for fools.

  12. In response to the second question, I think our president’s true colors are showing and that they coordinate very well with the colors shown above in Starry Starry Night (at least it looks more green than anything else on my screen)

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