Quotes Suitable For Framing: Pope Benedict XVI

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  1. It is one horror to be destroyed by an enemy, it is another, far more horrible, to willfully hand that enemy the means by which they will accomplish their evil.

    We’re not talking here about handing Goliath a sling so that he can fight with David fairly, though with todays moral confusion, I’m certain many of our present leaders would demand that happen..

  2. I’m glad you posted this. Last week, there was a rash of facebook posts bashing any involvement with WWII. The bashing was so bizarre. I felt like I was in the Twilight Zone. The minority of people were saying, “you have no idea what it was like back then, so you can’t use today’s standards to judge it.” I’m so glad I homeschool — no revisionist history. I’m kind of shocked by Catholics who prefer revisionist history.

  3. “I’m kind of shocked by Catholics who prefer revisionist history.”

    Our involvement in WWII shatters the neo-pacifist utopia make believe world that they seek to inhabit. Thus they take refuge in myths and lies.

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