It’s The People Not the Guns


Or as my Father’s favorite Western, Shane, put it:


Shane: A gun is a tool, Marian; no better or no worse than any other tool: an axe, a shovel or anything. A gun is as good or as bad as the man using it. Remember that.”


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  1. The homicide rate in non-metropolitan counties in New York was (last I checked) 1.14 per 100,000. Hunting is a major past-time in those counties. The thing is, though, the sort of people who hunt and shoot sporting clays and get a pistol license because their work requires schlepping through underground parking garages are not Democratic Party clients. Actually undertaking effective measures to improve public order is despised by this crew. The whole point is to manufacture diversions and transfer attention and blame on subcultures you cannot suborn and who do not respond to your cultural signals.

    The father of one of the murdered reporters is already offering his services to the gun control cause, so we’re all compelled to ask a grieving man what he has in mind as Vester Flanagan had no history which would have precluded him from owning a pistol and the pistol itself was unremarkable. In Franklin County, Va., the frequency of homicide is about 20% below national means (and almost certainly is predominantly a phenomenon in domestic disputes), the frequency of forcible rape about 55% below national means, and the frequency of robbery is 95% below national means. Not exactly Dodge City.

  2. SWHC…Smith and Wesson stock has a two day bull run of over 11% perhaps and will do good for awhile due to big earnings beat and forecast combined.. Does the Vatican hold it…:)
    what with Pope Francis’ weapons merchants remarks a month or so ago. I don’t know…his hotel has air conditioning while his encyclical denounced pressure marketing of same. They, SWHC, have a weighted barrel .357 revolver
    that’s always calling to me like a siren but …for my neighbor’s sake, a 20 gauge shotgun with low velocity self defense shells is worse on the criminal and safer on the neighbors as to wall penetration of several houses in a miss. There’s also a neighbor safe .223 that fragments. Has the Pope ever had a man come through his front window? I have. Fortunately I thrive in that situation….doing five straight minutes of fast boxing combinations non stop to Santana daily.
    It’s like jogging with the top half of your body and few thugs can do five straight minutes of non stop punching. But a 20 gauge is better if he enters with his own Smith and Wesson.

  3. Wouldn’t it be great if someone picked up a Democrat and used her to bash someone’s brains in? and then we would ban Democrats and have “Democrat free” zones? never mind that the basher was a registered Democrat on mind-altering drugs. And no more knee jerk Democrats on full auto.Guy Mcclung, San Antonio

  4. Bill–I’ve got the expensive “home defense” rounds for my CC revolver, too. Well, the first load– if I have to hunker down and reload, not so much, but if that happens I’m unlikely to be firing in a way that it can pass through walls!


    I’m still in a bit of whiplash– somehow this one didn’t hit as much of what media I do watch, so last I heard the murderer was supposed to be an angry redneck, with the implication that he was angry at the reporter because she was pretty.
    Find out yesterday that he’s a homosexual and black, with the motive being that he was a “grievance collector” — held grudges about EVERYTHING, even if it wasn’t actually a slight.

  5. Foxfier,
    I envy all concealed carry. New Jersey is the worst and no one except criminals and detectives have concealed carry. I understand that it’s the most densely populated state but they should permit tactical knives by license since no innocent bystander gets hit by a knife. There’s almost no knife you can carry in N.J. The key in the cities is to avoid certain neighborhoods as you would avoid a ricin shower and after dark…why go out …since 80% of the violence happens then. Our fire chief’s ( black) son ( Jersey City) was murdered by blacks at night in a robbery and in same month, a black man was murdered after a fender bender in front of his family…both unsolved….both moron actors probably on the welfare dole living with mom.

  6. My husband turned down a job he would’ve loved– with good pay– because it would require us to live there; at the same time, he’s applied for jobs on the Mexican border in areas known for Mexican gang activity.
    He knows more about gun laws and the gang risks– especially international ones– than I do, so I figure that’s all I’ve got to know about New Jersey’s laws.

  7. . He was correct. If you get a flat tire at night in the wrong neighborhood in JC even if you live in an affluent area, your goose is cooked sauteed and roasted….because you have no right to carry in N.J. Only the thugs do. Funny story….I told one of the rappers from Mobb Deep in our NY affluent area that we were moving down to J.C. He squinted and mumbled…” watch out down there brother…be careful”. And their music is strictly for the thugs he was warning about. But I grew up here and my parents’ vibe is here while they are in Heaven I believe…and I like that vibe. One day I hope we live on a sailboat and follow the temperature along the Atlantic.

  8. We left NJ fifty years ago. Their gun laws make no sense. It’s a case of ideology over logic. I think it was Cicero who said, “Fury will find its weapon”.


    Nelson Shields IV was killed perfectly at random due to his white skin. His father’s reaction to that was to give up his work at duPont and spend the rest of his life agitating against pistols. At least Sarah Brady’s agitation was induced by guns in the hands of a man who belonged in an asylum. Shields’ work has the hallmarks of a man substituting a socially acceptable object for an unacceptable one.

  10. I think gun-control has become an idée fixe among the people of the Left. No correct statistical or logical argument seems to penetrate their argle-bargle on the subject. The only efficacious strategy is to keep their hands away from the levers of political power.

  11. I think gun-control has become an idée fixe among the people of the Left.

    Again, it shifts the blame away from an unacceptable target (slum hoodlums) to an acceptable set (manufacturers and ordinary people, especially non metropolitan populations). It shifts the means from the unacceptable (police officers surveying and detaining slum hoodlums, courts and prisons punishing them) to acceptable means (civil servants refusing permits). For a bourgeois like Obama, a certain sort of self-aggrandizement is ever at work. In this case, it is professional people like himself acting to lower the status of one set of cultural competitors in order to avoid lowering the status of their slum clientele (whose ‘plight’ provides employment and status for those in their social circle).

    Look at the dismay among academics (Bernard Harcourt), politicians (Bilge de Blasio), and judges (Shira Sheindlin) over the success the Giuliani and Bloomberg administrations had in New York City (an 87% reduction in homicide rates). The point is never to accomplish anything real and broadly recognized as good. The point is to aggrandize your sense of self. North of 97% of the homicides which take place in this country could be accomplished with a double-barreled shot-gun. The prevalence of pistols contributes to homicide rates, but we have a pretty good idea that its an unimportant vector.

  12. In NY, only the criminals and police are armed. After Sandy Hook, Capo Cuomo shoved through a law banning high magazine (sic) capacities and certain “assault weapons.” CT did a similar boondoggle. Guess how many CT and NY citizens now are criminals. It comes to a couple of million.
    The disconnected, execrable liars aren’t against guns. It’s people control they want. They want Americans disarmed to make safe the state’s final assault on liberty and property. The police will need all the guns they can carry when they come to disarm us.
    Go figure. They say that Trump cannot deport 11,000,000 criminals, invaders and looters. But the so-called progressives plan to forcibly disarm 83,000,0000 law-abiding Americans.
    Any idiot could be a liberal. All one need do is memorize inane one-liners on equality (translated quotas/preferences, gay privileges, welfare) women’s health care (translated contraception and abortion), fundamental transformation (translated irreparable damage), global warming (translated crony socialism), guns, racism (translated gimme everything), war on women, etc.
    Fun fact. When Algore was born there were 7,000 polar bears. Today, there are 26,000.

  13. There are any number of ways of killing people, other than shooting.

    Of the 61 cases of homicide recorded in Scotland for 2013-2014,
    23 were by sharp instrument, mainly knives,
    10 by hitting or kicking,
    7 by strangulation/asphyxiation,
    5 by blunt instrument
    2 by fire-raising.
    2 by shooting.
    1 poisoning.
    11 other and unknown.

    In 43 of the 61 cases (70%), victim and accused were known to each other as friends, acquaintances, partners or ex-partners.
    There were some 88 accused; 37 were under the influence of alcohol, 2 under the influence of drugs and 7 were both.

  14. Pretend for a moment that you don’t believe in God. People are just animals, albeit highly evolved apes. Pretend that your are among an elite of the most intelligent of these by nature naked but smart apes. You are the natural leader of the species. What to do? Dare you let them run free? No. They are animals. Bring forth the muzzle and chains. It explains a great deal.

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