Line of Grace

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  1. Just one thing- Baron references comedians for publicity. With Hollywood part of his diocese, If he wanted the publicity it would have been better for Baron to have written to Colbert and reprimanded him for his views on abortion. Particular since Colbert uses his public profile to spout his Catholic upbringing and Faith. That’s the game Baron should be playing, so to speak.

  2. St. Colbert… the patron saint for those struggling with conscience formation.

    Lol on the line of Grace. Artwork is priceless.

  3. Thanks to God .. Again and always! Absolutely great communique of truth. Hope Colbert and Fr. Barron read this.
    And Fr Jim and folks at “America” Jesuit magazine too.

  4. Fr. Barron wants to reference Colbert, Well, for Fr. Barron, I want to reference the late Soupy Sales, for Barron deserves a pie in the face for his foolishness!

  5. I wish the fingers on the icon were rearranged: as depicted they signify the Trinity and the Incarnation. Let’s not give Colbert any ideas.

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