I have always been pretty conservative.  Well, at least since the age of seven when I backed Barry Goldwater in 1964.  In college I often clashed with liberal professors.  I recall one education professor who went off on a leftist rant in class.  I stood it as long as I could and then yelled out, “That is garbage sir, pure garbage!”  The shocked look on my classmates was classic!  He graded my work in the course as an A anyway.  I have to hand it to all the liberal professors that I battled, that none of them downgraded me because of my stances.  Judging from the following at Instapundit, times have changed for the worse:


THEY OUGHT TO BE FIRED: It’s back to school time, and progressive professors at Washington State University are gearing up to suppress speech they personally find “offensive,” such as saying “illegal alien,” using the terms “male” or “female,” or failing to “defer” to the “experiences of people of color”:

In his “Introduction to Multicultural Literature,” for example, professor John Streamas informs students in his syllabus that he expects white students who want “to do well in this class” to “reflect” their “grasp of history and social relations” by “deferring to the experiences of people of color.”

The taxpayer-funded critical studies professor also writes in his syllabus that Glenn Beck is a member of a group of “insensitive whites.”

Streamas, who obtained his Ph.D. at Bowling Green State University, is most notable because he told a student who supports limits on illegal immigration: “You are just a white shitbag.” . . .

A second Washington State faculty member, Selena Lester Breikss, warns students in her “Women & Popular Culture” course this semester that they risk “failure for the semester” if they use the terms “male” or “female.” . . .

“Students will come to recognize how white privilege functions in everyday social structures and institutions,” Breikss adds.

Finally, not to be outdone, Washington State American studies professor Rebecca Fowler similarly warns students that she will lower their grades if they utter the phrase “illegal alien” at any time in her “Introduction to Comparative Ethnic Studies” course.

The taxpayer-funded Fowler proclaims that she bans students from using the phrase “illegal alien” because the Associated Press stylebook “no longer sanctions the term.”

The Associated Press stylebook is purely an advisory publication for professional journalists. It has no force of law whatsoever. . . . Public university students who dare to use the phrase “illegal alien” “will suffer a deduction of one point per incident,” Fowler warns.

Apparently these sensitive little snowflake professors cannot tolerate any disagreement. For their failure to tolerate a diversity of views and engage in actual teaching (rather than proselytizing), they should be terminated for “cause.” Parents and students should avoid this university at all costs, unless/until the University’s administration takes appropriate disciplinary action to ensure that all viewpoints are welcomed, even those that are “offensive.” It’s called “free speech,” and yes, it protects offensive speech, too.


Go here to read the comments from the post by Elizabeth Foley and go here to read the quoted story.  This of course is indoctrination and not education, and all being done at a tax supported institution.  The Left, realizing it cannot win arguments, is increasingly using the power of the State to shut people up.  They are sowing the wind and I guarantee that eventually they will reap the whirlwind.



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  1. This why Trump’s numbers are so large. He’s too rich to care about anyone’s opinion….and its refreshing. He’s the opposite of political correctness though as months go on he might offend so many groups ( short people e.g. via his Rand Paul quip..” I’ve had it up to here ( hand at mid chest ) with you”)….that they’ll be no group left he hasn’t insulted. Or people will just vote for him anyway as a four year vacation from under-disclosing pols.

  2. Free speech for the professors but not for the students, I assume? Is free speech a goal, or a means to an end in academia? Whatever happened to the lifelong search for truth?
    Once that was the purpose of education and now truth has been relegated to being a flexible substance like clay, to be molded or kept locked up in a tin, never to be touched by any except the anointed.

  3. Bill Clinton legalized a million illegal aliens making citizens of them one Saturday afternoon. Even though, the now legal aliens could not read English or the Constitution, they were instructed in how to vote for Bill Clinton, their benefactor, with our tax dollars. The illegal aliens are how Bill Clinton got a second term. and it is possible that Obama is more ruthless than Clinton, either one, Bill or Hillary. If Obama wants to be emperor, who is to stop him? or change the Constitution, who is to stop him? Illegal aliens cannot even read our road signs. So, the tax payers better not complain. Illegal alien has become a dirty word, and taxpayer has become an endangered species.

  4. in 1974 I started college as a 26 year old Freshman on the GI bill. Our freshman chemistry class for science majors had maybe 150 students in it. The grand professor lectured 3 days a week and the TAs taught the other two days and ran the labs. On our first hourly, being nervous as I was new to college, as a jocular tension breaker I wrote JMJ on top of my paper. The TAs graded the papers and I got a good grade but my TA Herb(Jewish so he did not know) said the prof wanted to know what the JMJ was. I told him. Herb never graded any more of my papers, the mighty prof did and he marked the hell out of them. I could tell by Herb’s face that he was ashamed of the prof. I had to work like hell to salvage a B out of the course after a high A on the first hourly. So savagery against Christians by egotistical and atheistic professors is not a new thing for students but perhaps it is now more honestly dishonest. My class was at the University of Maryland.

  5. College? I put up with this excrement in seventh grade…in a matter of speaking. In the last class of the day, the chapter in the textbook we were reading was covering the Olduvai Gorge in Africa, where some of the most ancient pre-human fossils have been found.

    The climate there is very hot and very dry – almost completely unhospitable to human life today. Being a smartass seventh grader, i said I wouldn’t want to live there. The teacher, a Mrs. Dawalt (she was called Daywart because of the massive mole on the side of her chin) asked me what I said and I repeated myself. She gave me a C grade the rest of the year even though I got As and Bs on all my tests, quizzes and homework. You see, I was a racist – according to her.

    Kent State University is a rat’s nest of leftists, with the possible exception of the business school, but that exception was during the Reagan Administration. Now, who knows? I hope my sons grow up to be hockey players or electricians or restore classic cars. Higher education is a multi-billion dollar ripoff.

  6. I was too Catholic in a catholic university. Still got good grades and ultimately it gave me a better education for having to dig deeper to argue my points.

  7. Trump favorite book is the bible.
    If this was the gong show he’d be gone.
    I am not impressed either by politically correct speech nor impolitic speech..
    It’s truth we are after
    Trump = liar
    Hillary = liar

  8. Trump makes me laugh. I wander what type of President he would be if elected into office. I only know him from The Apprentice- a permanent scowl and horrible hair. You can’t get worse than your current…can you?

  9. What to do about those fascists?

    Someday the worm will turn.
    Seven out of ten believe America is headed the wrong way. The rulers do not care about the majority.
    The middle class and its economic power are in sharp decline (burgeoning Obamcare taxes, skyrocketing energy (global warming, war on coal) costs, regulations Dodd-Frank, CFPB, etc.) killing agriculture, banking, commerce, etc.). And, those fascist, philosopher kings want it like that because craven dependents and serfs are easier to control. .
    What are you prepared to do?

  10. Our youngest son has gone back to school in liberal Northern VA to prep for transfer into petroleum engineering. This semester he signed up for Sociology 101as an elective. Since he’s very logical and conservative, my parental advice on taking a “soft science” like soc was ” just regurgitate what your prof tells you or your grade will suffer”. Our older son signed up for a first year English lit course at a CA college. Turned out It was not as advertised as it was all about Black Power. The syllabus came out after the drop date (a sneaky trick which more and more profs are pulling). He told the administration that he felt his personal safety was threatened in that class as a Caucasian minority; he’s a tough kid so it must have been bad. Luckily he was able to drop w/o any financial or academic penalties. He transferred to another state university as a hard science major where he didn’t have to listen to any nutty BS.
    On the other hand my husband on his grad school application to an liberal Ivy League university, stated that he was conservative politically and they should admit him for diversity. He was admitted. We think it was the DOD funded scholarship that they couldn’t resist.

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