Where Nero Rules Today, Christ Shall Rule Forever

Vinicius: [as the Christians file into the arena, singing] These people know how to die, Nero. In death you will squeal like a hog!

Quo Vadis (1951)

Something to keep in mind as we confront the various adversaries who seek to destroy the Church.  God is the Lord of History, something that we, and our adversaries, often forget.

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  1. Those great contradictions!
    Death is LIFE.
    Sadness is JOY.
    Loss is ETERNAL GAIN!

    St. Paul has it right.
    We are in search of a city to come.
    One that is everlasting.

  2. Hebrews 13:14
    “We have not here a lasting city, but we seek one that is to come.”

    Bring it on Nero’s of our day.
    Your treacherous laws and deceit will only ensnare yourselves. You have your cities that will crumble under the weight of your own ungodliness, unholiness and underhandedness. Let it be. For it is your Heaven on earth you so blindly make for yourselves. So be it. Settle for the dust. Gain the ashes. We will pray for you.

  3. When (don’t ask) I was in school I was in part taught by De La Salle Christian Brothers. They/we prayed in class. We began each prayer with the teacher, “Let us remember we are in the Holy Presence of God.” We ended each prayer with the teacher reciting, “Live Jesus in our hearts.” We responded, “Forever.”

    Let’s paraphrase William Wallace/Mel Gibson, “They can take our lives and property. They cannot take our God and our hopes for the rewards of eternal life, which infinitely exceed all earthly desires.

  4. Our present successor to St. Peter isn’t nourishing the Christian martyrs in the Arab world, particularly in Syria and Iraq. Nor is he nourishing those in despair over the reign of terror on the partially born and unborn. Our Pope is not feeding Christ’s sheep and the field hospital isn’t serving palatable food. He admonishes us to clean our plates and turn down the air conditioning while Christians and babies are being slaughtered. Our Pope is masquerading as a holy man.

    Thank you, Mr. McClarey, for this clip.

  5. The lions are here now; most are talking, some are eating. Let us pray for the wisdom to know them when they speak and the courage to suffer them when they eat.

  6. “Nero” demonstrates care for the right and wrong, protection of order between good and evil, as much as is revealed by the upending of who is deemed wrong or evil. Well paid by tax dollars oath takers flex muscles with work, unopposed, to do such as reported in the post ‘Rigged Game’ and the Mr. Lively case . Omniscience reigns, though.

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